Sunday, May 8, 2022

Springy Spring

This is a week where I thought we might need to build an ark. Like 8 inches of rain or so in a week's time. Creeks and rivers out of their banks. Roads closed. Stupid people driving through water on a closed road and needing rescue. You know, normal life in the Ozarks. 

Today, though, the sun is shining. SHINING! I'm sitting on the couch at the lake house, and the morning sun is streaming in through the window with such intensity that I risk getting a migraine from it, but I hate to close the blinds to it. I WILL close them, because I hate migraines more than I hate blocking the sun, but you get the point.

Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for the week:

1. If our roof leaked through all this rain, it didn't do it enough to make it into the inner sanctum.

2. Basement stayed dry, too.

3. No severe weather - whew!

4. The number of ants in my kitchen has declined slightly. Not sure if this is the beginning of the end or if they are regrouping for another attack.

5. I upped my brownie game again. Forget the Hershey's Symphony bar inside the brownies, for I found a gigantic Heath bar that is wayyyyyy better tucked under the batter!

6. My friends Nikki and Julie have joined me at the lake house this weekend. We are doing a lot of eating and talking and laughing.

This is an indication of how much rain we've had. 
Seven of ten flood gates open. Lake levels 
rising. Makes a pretty pic, though!

7. My dad and husband are also at the lake house and are very patiently putting up with us.

8. My hair is finally long enough to put in a messy bun/ponytail and not look like a fluffy little knob on top of my head.

9. I have determined that I should leave the cutting of my hair to a professional. We'll see how long I adhere to that.

10. My body, my choice, and I will fight to continue that as long as I need to.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms and like-a-moms out there! 

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  1. Amen to #10 and yes, I say that as a Christian (and former pro-life supporter). The Christian fundamentalist anti-choice folk are taking the matter far too far! I am so sorry to hear of the flooding in your area, but so glad your basement and inner sanctum stayed dry.

    1. The rivers are still pretty full, but no more closed roads!

      I'm planning to attend the women's march for reproductive rights on Saturday wearing my Roe v. Wade shirt, and I will remember your support when I am there!

  2. The weekend at the lake house sounds exciting.

    As for #4, the ants we saw in our kitchen last year disappeared immediately after we put everything that seemed to attract them in sealed containers. Since then, we haven't seen any ants in our house.

    1. I think we are going to have to give in and have an exterminator come and spray for the ants, both outside and inside. I dropped a tiny crumb of cake in my bedroom, and in less than 20 minutes, I looked down and saw over a hundred ants swarming over it! (I didn't even know I'd dropped the crumb until I saw the ants!)

  3. Happy Mother's Day! May you have no more such floody weeks.

    1. Thanks, Mimi, and right back at you! And I'll take that wish for no more floody weeks, as they can be scary at worst and messy and annoying at best!

  4. How fun to have friends join you at the lake house for the weekend. Glad that things stayed dry in the inner sanctum, and hopefully elsewhere in the house too AND that you stayed safe as you had to travel in any flooded areas.

    1. When Kristi and John came to visit, there had been flooding, and they got to see the flood gates open on the dam. We had such a wonderful visit that weekend! It's always good to have friends visit (and don't forget, you have an open invitation to come, too!)