Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Week That Wasn't A Total Loss

It's been quite a week at work. Covid is knocking at our door. We are stuffing towels in the cracks and hammering boards across it, and leaning against it, but Covid is pushing hard from the other side. We are armed with masks, soap, and hand sanitizer. Let's hope our stronghold doesn't fail.

These are the times finding thankfuls is most important. It's easy when life's highway is smooth. When the road is rocky and full of potholes and dead armadillos, we have to search harder. But they exist. They always exist. Here are Ten Things of Thankful to prove it:

1. The week went by really fast. 

2. I had a long visit on the phone with my Person. I was supposed to get to see her this weekend, and that didn't end up panning out, but the long phone conversation helped a little.

3. I scored some cute clothes at Red Racks during a half price sale.

4. My husband and I went to a local conservation area to take a walk. It's in the middle of nowhere with a small lake (or big pond) and with a lodge built by the WPA. We were the only ones there, and it was quite peaceful.

5. Part two of the walk: the last time I was at this park was when the med school student was in about 4th grade for a field trip. I had charge of a group of kids, and the teachers had activity centers all around the grounds (including catch and release fishing and identifying trees). Our group was walking around the small lake/big pond when one of the kids pointed out a GINORMOUS black snake on a tree limb that was hanging over the water. As we walked, I found out there were MANY tree limbs with ginormous black snakes draped over them, and I was afraid I was going to faint dead away by the time we made it around the pond. I can state that there were no snakes on our walk last weekend, and for that, I am SOOOO grateful.

My husband is leading the way because (a) snake 
potential and (b) I was annoying him by singing
the Lumberjack Song from Monty Python

6. I know there is a very real risk of obliterating these from the planet by my very mentioning of them, given the Grape Propel Fiasco that continues to this day, but peach Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars are making my mouth and tummy very happy. It's like eating a frozen peach without the yucky parts, like the fuzz, the hard, stringy stuff around the pit, and the slippery texture. Side note: I also love peach Propel water, but it only comes in bottles and not in packets. Side note #2: my husband says I don't love peaches, I love peach flavoring.


7. Speaking of grape propel, one of my wonderful preschool mamas sent me a little gift today with her son's birthday cupcakes: GRAPE PROPEL PACKETS!!! WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS IT NOW?! Yeah, still her son's, but how thoughtful is that?! 

8. We played in a big pile of leaves at school this week. There were leaves in hair, leaves in clothes, leaves in shoes, leaves in diapers, and it was totally worth it! And no, there's nothing wrong with your eyes. I blurred the video (keeping those sweet babies safe!).

9. My poor, old iPhone 6S+ is still hanging in there. It takes hours to charge it, because the pie hole spits out the charger, and it's given to seizures where it vibrates violently for no reason and sometimes completely blacks out, but every day it holds on to life is another day when we don't have an iPhone payment to make. 

10. One of my daughter's roommates tested positive for Covid. The roommate's symptoms have been mild, and my daughter has both tested negative AND not had any symptoms. Cautiously optimistic here.

See? Ten thankfuls in a week that might have otherwise been chalked up as a loss, had I not sat down and listed them. You can do it, too. Link up with us below!

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  1. The walk sounded lovely and I am so glad it was this time. The image in my mind of the big black snakes hanging from the branches when you visited there years ago sounds awful.
    I am so sorry about your daughter's roommate getting COVID-19. Hopefully your daughter won't get it too, or if she does her case will also be a mild case.
    Those kids looked like they were having so much fun. All the fallen leaves around here are so soggy from the downpours of rain.
    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    1. It was such a beautiful morning for a walk - without snakes! Emma is still laying low until she can get tested again and then come home for Thanksgiving. They are getting the whole week off this year.
      The kids had SO MUCH FUN with the leaves! I got some awfully cute photos, too.

  2. #1. I hear ya! Looked at my wall calendar at work this week. Decided instead of beach scenes, it should have speeding trains on it 🤣
    I've got no problem visualizing the 2 of you on that walk, lol.
    Excellent! I so need new clothes.
    Glad Emma is well and fingers crossed stays that way.
    What's a childhood without leaf piles? 😀

    1. It's seldom a bad thing when a week goes by quickly, unless it's a vacation week!
      He was really digging the Lumberjack song!
      I don't always have that much good luck shopping for clothes at a thrift store.
      I have to get tested this week. Fingers big time crossed!
      Can you imagine not knowing the feeling of leaves down your shirt and the delicious smell of crushed leaves?!

  3. snakes? err ok, in movies and, if broad daylight, on the path up ahead (no moving unless to immediately disappear in the underbrush
    snakes in trees?? lol! ayyy-frickin-yeee

    I remember the leaf pile thing from childhood (I'm so old, when we were done playing in them, we got to watch adults light them on fire along the side of the street)
    damn, things is different

    1. Snakes in trees. It's a horror story. People on float trips (do they even DO that where you are?) have been known to experience a black snake dropping from a branch and into the canoe. I would die on the spot if that happened (and it's one of MANY reasons I don't canoe - need to write a post about the main reason).
      Sad news: groundskeeping came and sucked up all the leaves. Glad we had fun while we could!

  4. I love the Outshine Lime bars. I didn't realize they made a peach flavor too. So good!

    I sympathize with your Dad. I'm still using an iPhone 6S too and I feel exactly the same way - the longer I can hold off the longer without a phone payment.

    Sorry about your daughter's roommate. I hope she is doing okay. Glad your daughter tested negative and is symptom free.

    1. I saw them for the first time when I was looking for Yasso bars. I will have to try them all!
      Oh, my almost 86 year old dad has an iphone 10. He dropped the 8 into the lake. He can only use the phone as a, well, phone. No texting. No surfing the web. No navigation tools. Occasional use of the camera when he can find it. I'm the one with the piece of crap 6
      Roommate has recovered. Daughter tested negative again this week, so looks like she dodged it!

  5. Maybe we'll all have plastic bubbles we navigate in. Wouldn't that be a hoot!