Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Zany: A Six Sentence Story

She laughed too loudly and too often, throwing her head back, one hand held lightly against her throat for maximum effect. When "Splish Splash" came on the jukebox, she leapt up from her stool at the end of the bar and acted out the song, her gestures wild as she wiggled and shook her body to the music. The men standing around her cheered her on, further energizing her, and one of the two women sitting at a nearby table with their husbands leaned over to the other and announced loudly, "If you have to try that hard to be zany and fun, there's definitely something wrong with you." 

The dancing woman's eyes darted to the women, and as the song ended, she laughingly excused herself to visit the ladies room. Passing the table with the two couples, she paused, then turned to the women and said, "By the way, there's not a thing wrong with me. Ask your husbands, they'll tell you," and with a wink to the red-faced men, she sashayed out of the room.

Linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge's Blog for Six Sentence Stories with the prompt "zany"


  1. Can you say scottian female, lol. Excellent Six!!
    Glad you linked up, Sis :D

  2. hows this for weird, when I wrote on the facebook (as I do each Thursday to try and drum up visits) I kinda pictured this Six

    but, then again, I am blessed with a solid appreciation of a certain Doctrine... lol

  3. I am with Girlie on this...Scottian at least. Good job as always. This was a tricky cue.

    1. It was! I had another idea, but I just couldn't work it out. I was about to give up when this scenario popped into my head. Thank you!

  4. I guess the husbands are gonna be in for a tough time. Nice six.

  5. Ouch! She played that well, she does certainly own the room.

  6. I remember that song and it had a way of getting the young people out on the floor at the noon dance hops, while some of the older teachers probably wondered "What is the world coming to?"
    Good Zany SSS!

  7. A sweet six about not giving a hoot and enjoying yourself (with an added dash of poison for her critics). I love the lead chracter. Splish Splash is a fun song too.
    Ford, TVTA.