Sunday, July 12, 2020

Tiptoe Through The Thankfuls

Life is weird.

I don't like weird.

I feel as though I'm walking on eggshells, tippy-toeing around a virus I can't see or feel or hear. 

I've also had a job change (non-Covid related) that went into effect this week. I'm now teaching in a 2-3 year old class rather than the toddler class. There are some, let's say, lively children in there, and it is difficult.

I am struggling with life.

And it's hard for this Pollyanna.

What do we say at the TToT during times like this?

Find. The. Thankfuls.

1. I have a mask-making addiction, which either led to, or came from, a fabric buying addiction. Kind of a which came first, the chicken or the egg sitch. It keeps my hands busy, and I don't snack this way. That's worked in my favor.

2. Still rocking the long fingernails, thanks to the Covid forcing me to keep my fingers out of my mouth.

3. I'm having Propel issues. In my thankfuls a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I loved the Propel packets that I could add to my own water, preferably grape flavored. This mention caused some kind of curse to befall the Propel company, and there isn't a packet of grape Propel to be found, including on Amazon, which had been my primary source. I had to switch flavors, and while it's not plentiful, I am now enjoying a second flavor. I fear mentioning it and having the same thing happen to it that happened to the grape, so I will just say it's peewee flawberry and leave it at that.

4. I'm really thankful the toilet paper shortage seems to be mostly over, because drinking all that peewee flawberry water in great quantities necessitates the use of quite a bit of toilet paper. #itsagirlthing

5. The City Council revisited a mask ordinance this week, after voting it down the week before, and THIS time, common sense prevailed and we now have a mask ordinance. Hopefully, all the anti-maskers will fulfill their threats of "I'm taking my business to a town where they don't require masks!" and shop elsewhere. 

6. I'm thankful for roasted broccoli. 

7. And watermelon season.

8. My new class of littles is beginning to understand about sitting (reasonably) still and quiet for Circle Time. They do love the activities and songs we are doing, so maybe the learning curve won't be as steep as it seems currently.

9. Because I work at a university-affiliated child development center, I have college students who work in my classroom. I love them and appreciate them more than they can know.

10. Hamilton on Disney+. That is all.

Stay well, my friends, stay well.

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  1. So glad to see you! I'm sorry that life has been rough lately. Let's just pretend that it is last October and you are playing tour guide for John and me. That was SO MUCH FUN! Someday, when COVID is all done, you can come here and I'll return the favor. And maybe by then, grape Propel will be available again, too!

    I imagine your busy class of littles will settle down soon. Good luck, and hang in there!

    1. We had SO MUCH FUN last October, didn't we? It seems a lifetime ago. I am definitely coming to see you when all this stupid covid stuff is over, with or without grape propel!
      The third day I was with my new littles, I went to the bathroom and cried. The next day was better. Maybe there's hope!

  2. Yeah for college students to help. In a classroom of 2-3 year olds, the more hands helping the better, but what a challenge that must be during a time of COVID-19.
    I agree that roasted broccoli is soooo good!
    I haven't bought a watermelon yet this summer. Our fridge is so full of other items from our weekly box of local veggies and fruits, there is little room for much else. Unfortunately watermelons are not grown in our part of the state. With just the two of us, a watermelon doesn't get eaten quickly. :(
    Hoping for a less stressful week ahead for you.

    1. I wouldn't survive without my college students! One of them is literally my right arm! I only have her until Christmas, then she does her student teaching and graduates, and I am going to be so sad!
      Missouri is (or at least used to be) the #1 producer of watermelons, mostly down in the bootheel. Northeast Arkansas grows a lot, too. I cut them up, de-seed if seeded, and store the little bite-sized pieces in the fridge. My husband doesn't eat it, so I get it all to myself unless I'm at the lake with my dad!
      Thanks, Pat! I'm hoping for improvement this week!

  3. Oh boy! I'm sure that with your positive attitude and sense of humor you will rock the littles class. Do they have to wear masks?

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I hope you're right! They don't wear masks. Children under 6 aren't expected to here.

  4. We watched Hamilton on Disney + too. It was amazing. Mask making sounds like a great hobby right now and a good outlet for your fabric addiction! Weekends In Maine

    1. In some ways, watching on tv was probably better than seeing it at the theater, thanks to the close ups. I never would have been able to see, for example, King George's eyes from the cheap seats in the upper, upper balcony IF I could have even afforded those! Not giving up completely, though; when the shows start touring again, I will continue to try to win the Hamilton lottery and get $10 tickets!