Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Thumb: A Six Sentence Story

Dolores trudged up the stairs, pausing on the landing to catch her breath before climbing the rest of the way up and continuing down the dingy hallway to her apartment. She thought she heard a slight rustle as the door swung open, and she quickly flipped on the single, dangling lightbulb; seeing nothing amiss, she closed the door and sagged into the only seat in the room other than the single bed in the corner, a tattered chair with stuffing poking out and a spring that had to be negotiated carefully when sitting, and she kicked off her worn shoes.

"Oh, how I wish life were easier," Dolores sighed as she closed her eyes and laid her head back into the too-soft chair, but no sooner had she begun to relax, bone by bone, when a voice, a tiny voice, but one filled with strength, said, "I can grant you that wish."

Dolores's eyes popped open and searched the room, finally landing on a the figure of a mouse, a very small mouse, not any bigger than her thumb, that clambered onto the arm of her chair, and Dolores rubbed her eyes, fixed them on the mouse, and stuttered, "D-d-did you just say something?"

"I can make your life easier," said the little mouse, reaching out a minuscule paw and clutching her finger with its infinitesimal claws.

"Come with me," said the mouse, and, bewildered, Dolores stood up, the weariness leaving her body as she felt the mouse pulling her, and they flew out a narrow crack in the window and disappeared into the night sky.

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  1. Yay! Was hoping someone would write a fairy tale Six! Nice :)

    1. Thanks! It took me longer to draw the illustration than it did to write the story!

  2. This has so many possibilities! Have you thought about doing other illustrations and turning this into a little children's book? The illustration is perfect. I love it.

  3. I'm in total agreement with the others...
    engaging and very visual (I had an apartment like the one in your Six, could totally picture).
    Hey, this generation will totally respond to a Children's Book of Sixes!

  4. Yes, I agree 100% with the others. You could make several children's books from this. LOVE IT!!

  5. i know this is the pot talking to the kettle, but I want this to go on...

  6. nice...keep it going. I want the next chapter.

  7. That was very, very heart warming. I felt like a child again. Great illustration also.