Monday, June 8, 2020

Mattresses, Mattresses, Mattresses

I'm late to the hop, but what else is new? I'm just short of having to wish a belated happy 7th to the Ten Things of Thankful. My thankfuls this week are mostly mattress related.

1. I am thankful that my husband and I were able to make a trip to Oklahoma City last weekend to visit our son and his fiance. They are moving into a smaller apartment, so we rented a little U-haul trailer and hauled back a mattress and box springs and a few other items they wouldn't have room for in their new place. 

2. I'm thankful that bringing that mattress home was the catalyst we needed to deploy the Great Mattress Swap that was born when my dad got adjustable beds at both his house and the lake house and no longer needed his queen sized mattress sets. We wanted to put them in our kids' bedrooms, so every bed in our house was queen sized and all took the same size bedding (I'm lazy), but hadn't wanted to do it badly enough to go to the effort to move them. 

3. My husband and I (and we aren't spring chickens, people) moved my son's mattress and box spring into our house, carried my son's old, full size set (plus the heavy wood headboard and footboard, side rails, and slats) down a flight of stairs WITH A TURN IN THEM and loaded them in the U-haul, then delivered them to a friend who wanted them and unloaded all of it into her garage. While we had the U-haul, we picked up the queen mattress and box spring from my dad's house, carried them down a flight of stairs (no turn this time, thank GOD) and into the U-haul and brought them home. If you're keeping score, at this point, I had two mattress and box spring sets in my living room.) We also had to carry one mattress and box spring up those infernal stairs to my son's room. A few days later (and after the U-haul was returned), we carried a wood futon and the queen size futon mattress down the stairs with the turn in them ("Pivot! Pivot!") and stuffed them into the back of our Sequoia, took them to the lake house, unloaded and set up the futon and set up my dad's old mattress in the dorm-style kids' room there, moved a set of twin beds with heavy, antique frames to the basement, and feel no remorse that we still have a mattress and box spring in our living room because we are TOO OLD AND TOO FREAKING TIRED TO CARRY IT UP THE DAMN STAIRS WITH THE DAMN TURN IN THEM. Hopefully, we'll get it done before the weekend.

4. I felt badly that we couldn't help my son and his fiance move into their new apartment, because they wouldn't have access to it until the day after we left, but I'm not going to lie, I'm also a little (a lot) thankful for this, because I'm pretty done playing moving man.

5. Throughout all this, I didn't break a fingernail! 

6. I'm also thankful that my husband and I both agree that we are NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN OURSELVES. We're either living here until we die or will pay someone to move our crap after this.

7. The cats are pretty grateful that we got them each a queen sized bed....

8. I didn't take a single picture when we were in OKC, but I did get the link to Kyle and Lillian's engagement photos, and I'm going to share one of those now:

Photo cred: Payton Marie Photography

9. This has nothing to do with moving mattresses, but I had a TWO HOUR telephone conversation with my good friend and former TToT co-host Christine. We hadn't talked in AGES, and it was delightful to catch up.

10. Most important thankful this week: I'm thankful for Kristi of Thankful Me for taking the helm of the Ten Things of Thankful a few years ago and leading us to what is now our 7th anniversary. It's a big task, and how she fits it in with everything else she does in life, I'll never know. Thank you, cousin Kristi!

Go forth and be thankful!

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  1. Well, cousin Dyanne, that was a very sweet thing to say! :-)
    I'm glad you got to have a nice conversation with Christine.
    Having moved not too many years ago, I think your description of moving those mattresses up the stairs (with a turn!) gave me a bit of PTSD. Like you and your husband, John and I reached a similar conclusion about moving ever again. Either we stay here, or hire someone to do the heavy work! I bet the cats are happy about the big beds, though! :-)
    Thank you for linking up! The party is still going; you're not late!

  2. This really is a family affair. LOL
    I am amazed that you were even able to make it to this celebration with all that moving and lifting! Good for you not breaking a fingernail through it all.
    Wow! A two hour telephone conversation, but I totally get it. Being able to reconnect that way after a long absence is a real treat.
    That is a cute engagement photo! Congratulations to them both.

  3. A two-hour convo is almost as amazing as you not breaking a fingernail playing moving person! UGH to the moving, for college kids. I know I have that to look forward to but also? So glad that my last move had people doing the lifting (but they did suck and broke too much stuff so...). I'm glad TToT is seven. I've missed you.

  4. I sympathize with your mattress saga. We likely have a few more moving days ahead of us with our girls as they transition from college to real life over the next few years although I definitely see a time in the near future where we leave the moving job to the professionals. It gets harder every year and can't say that I enjoy it.

    Congrats on your son's engagement. Great photo! Weekends In Maine