Monday, May 25, 2020

Thankful For Found Items

Why did Blogger develop a "new" Blogger  (which I HATE, by the way) and still only offer seven very basic fonts? I would change to Wordpress or something, but I wouldn't even know where to start to do that, and who's to say I would actually like it any better? All I can say is there are enough changes in the world right now, and having Blogger throw their hat in the ring was really not necessary.

I'm NOT thankful for the Blogger changes, but I have other things for which to be thankful, so on with this week's Ten Things of Thankful:

Four day work weeks. I am working Tuesday through Friday this summer, and let me say, I could get used to that.

When your day off is Monday, and Monday is a holiday, then you get Tuesday off, too.

I lost a checkbook this week, and I thought my name was mud, but after frantically searching for it, calling the bank and reporting that it was either lost or stolen out of my car, my husband found it that evening in the outside pocket of my lunchbox. In all honesty, I didn't even realize the lunchbox HAD an outside pocket, so I surely don't remember sticking the checkbook there, although I did check the INSIDE of the lunchbox several times, hoping the checkbook would miraculously appear. What a relief that it was found!

I'm thankful for the poor customer service guy at the bank when I called. I was pretty sure I was going to burst a blood vessel in my brain in my panic over the checkbook being AWOL, and he was very patient with me and even waived the fee to have the checks stopped until I either found the checkbook or someone tried to pass the checks.

On May 22, another anniversary of the Joplin tornado passed (9 years now, although it sometimes seems like yesterday). We haven't had anything more severe than thunderstorms and hail so far this year. It's highly unusual that we haven't had a tornado warning yet this spring, but I'm cool with that.

I'm thankful for barbecue chicken breasts on the grill.

I'm thankful my husband already had the chicken on the grill when a veritable monsoon came through. He hunkered under the deck and managed to stay reasonably dry, the lid was on the grill so the fire didn't go out, and the chicken didn't burn while he was unable to tend to it.

That last one counts as three thankfuls.

Okay, this is really weird, and the takeaway here is that the house isn't haunted, so that's the thankful. My husband and I spent the holiday weekend at the lake house. Not long after we arrived, I went into the laundry room and found a piece of paper lying on top of the washing machine. No one has been here since we left two weeks ago, and I had no recollection of putting a piece of paper there (of course, I didn't remember where I put a checkbook earlier in the week), Then when I unfolded the paper, I saw that it was a charge slip. Remember the kind that was filled out by hand, then the clerk put your credit card in a small machine, laid the slip on top of it, and slid a roller over it to make an imprint of the card on the strip? THAT kind of charge slip. It was signed by me with my maiden name and the phone number I grew up with, and when I looked closer, I saw that it was dated January 8, 1979. The hair on my arms was literally standing up, I was so freaked out. It was my mom's birthday (she passed away almost 4 years ago), and I had about decided she was behind it, just doing something to mess with me, when I remembered that I had found some old jeans and overalls from when I was in high school at my dad's house a couple of weeks ago and had brought them to the lake house to show my daughter and see if she would like them. This credit card slip must have been in the bottom of the old Casual Corner shopping bag that they had been stored in and fallen out when I emptied the bag to wash the clothes. Mystery solved, Scooby! My mother may or may not have been behind it, but she sure would have enjoyed me trying to piece that puzzle together!

Look at the price for that blouse.
Look at the price for that blouse!

Stay home if you can. Wear a mask if you go out. Shop local. Wash your hands. Don't get haunted.

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  1. Blogger changed? I must not be very observant. Anyway, I understand frustration with technology changes. Inlinkz used to be compatible with screen readers, and apparently it isn't anymore. That's only a minor inconvenience for me, but really frustrating for bloggers who depend on that technology.
    I loved your receipt story! The detail! ("Remember the kind that was filled out by hand, then the clerk put your credit card in a small machine, laid the slip on top of it, and slid a roller over it to make an imprint of the card on the strip"--I don't think my kids would remember that.) I'm glad you figured out what had happened, and I'm willing to give your mom the credit! :-)

    1. Blogger started defaulting to the new format, but you can change it back to the old one, which I did. Because the new one SUCKS.
      My daughter had no idea the reason the numbers on a card are raised is to use them in an old credit card machine. I think they've mostly phased out the raised letters on cards now, though.

  2. I remember seeing a message that soon Blogger would be changing and I had the option to change, but I didn't. Now I am wondering if after a while they switch you to the new system.
    Yeah for your husband finding your checkbook. All those hidden pockets can make for so much confusion. I remember coming to my Mom's rescue more than once, until I finally got her a different purse, one with less pockets. When one is trying quickly to find the missing item, it is so easy to think you have already checked a certain pocket too.
    Yes, I think it is just fine to give your mom credit, especially since this happened on her birthday!

    1. Blogger is definitely going to force this new system on me, and I will not be happy.
      I was sure I left the check book in the car and it was the one time I didn't lock the car overnight. I hate to have to admit that I lost it myself!
      I really think my mom was behind it!

  3. While a logical explanation exists for discovering the credit card slip, I think there's something special in the fact that it was dated on your mother's birthday. What a nice connection to her memory.

    Also, did your daughter want the vintage jeans? My friend recently posted about how her girls are fighting over who gets her old college little sister sweatshirt. Retro is in.

    Weekends In Maine

    1. My daughter LOVES the jeans, but she's wayyyy smaller than I ever was, and I was tall and slim in high school! She wears a size 2 or 4. The jeans were a 9, I think. But she's still happy to have them! She can definitely wear the overalls (should I even tell her wearing a tubetop under the overalls was a "thing" when I was in high school?!).

  4. Glad for no haunting and for angel visits! Nice thankfuls!

    1. Thanks! I was really freaked out about that charge slip until I finally solved the mystery!