Friday, July 12, 2019

I Said Yes to the Request and Other Thankfuls

"Ohana" means "family." And when a member of your family asks for help, you help. In this case, it's a member of my blog family and, through the miracle of genealogy research, also my cousin: Kristi, the reigning queen of the Ten Things of Thankful. She asked me if I would be interested in co-hosting the hop again. (I was a co-host for several years, starting in 2013.) So here I am, and here are my thankfuls!

Dual uses for objects. To you and me, it's a dishpan. To Lewis, it's a bed.

Lewis curled up and dead asleep in a dishpan.

All the car titles have been located! Three of them were AWOL, and my husband was in a panic, as we are wanting to sell two old, surplus vehicles (minivans, very old, should have sold YEARS ago, but instead, we let them set around and depreciate further, because that's how we roll). Guess who had custody of them? Mmmhmm, my husband. They were in his briefcase. If I had gotten my hands on them sooner, they would have been in a file folder marked "car titles", but where would the fun be in that?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it was still in the upper 80s at 9:00 last night when I baked them, and yes, the kitchen heated up pretty good, but come on, homemade chocolate chip cookies!

Mexican food, specifically, really tasty tamales. At one point during the meal, I inhaled a tiny, little crumb of masa and nearly died, but as you can see, I didn't. Double thankful there.

Summer vacation.

The Curly Girl Method is WORKING! My hair is healthier than its ever been (in spite of being dyed) and the curls are POPPIN'!

Taken about a month apart. Hair is actually the same
color in both photos, but the lighting is very different.

I don't care much for reality tv shows, but my husband enjoys them, and from the bits and pieces of episodes I have seen, I can say my life may be pretty dull, but by golly, at least I'm normal!

Podcasts. I listen to them at the gym and while driving long distances. Some of my favorites are This American Life, The Moth, and Snap Judgment. If you have any favorites, drop them in the comments.

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  1. I am so glad you said yes to co-hosting again!

    At least you know where Lewis is, and he's not leaping off of tall furniture items.

    Isn't it nice when you finally find whatever important thing it is you are looking for? Good luck with the sales.

    The food sounds yummy, and I'm glad you didn't die, too.

    Summer vacation--yes. This morning we are going to go white-water rafting. I'm excited and nervous all at once, but it's summer vacation, so this is what we're doing.

    Your hair looks great!

    I haven't jumped on the podcast craze yet, so I don't have any podcasts suggestions. I can, however, recommend the TV show Relative Race. It's a feel-good show and I think you and your husband would love it! Teams take DNA tests, then travel all over the US to find relatives. Seasons 4 and 5 have been my favorites so far, but they are all good!

    1. Happy to help!
      It's only a problem when the roof is leaking and the dishpan that goes under the drip is full of Lewis.
      Don't you love when your husband tears the house apart because "someone" put something where he can't find it, only to find out HE was the "someone" or is that just MY husband...?
      I love good tamales! I hate slimy ones.
      We have been SO LAZY this summer! White water rafting?! My biggest fears all wrapped up in one activity! Hope you enjoy it!
      THANKS! The curls are definitely improving!
      You would really enjoy The Moth. They are first person stories, told with no notes before a live audience. They have Moth events all across the country, plus you can call and pitch a story to them. One of these days, I'm going to submit one! We will have to try the Relative Race!

    2. (no, not that anyone's saying... Dyanne was one of the original co-hostinae?!.... that would make her.... in blog-years,* 207!)

      *blog-years 1 year equals 17 for the first two, then 8 years for the next three, finally 9 years for every year after

    3. Your math skills are astounding. I wasn't original - I came on a couple of months into it. But I grew on you, didn't I?

  2. Yay for you co-hosting!!! Still love your hair.

    1. Thanks! It forces me to be a better participant! :)
      Aaaaand thanks! I'm still getting used to it!

  3. It's wonderful that you are cohosting, and i'm glad you didn't choke to death, too!

    1. Thanks! I loved being a co-host all those years ago! And yeah, I'd rather not have my death certificate read "choked on tamale crumb"!

    2. well, sure there are actually 'ten'... 10 things in a Ten Things of Thankful post...provided you're using the Dewey-Lewey method of counting ('we gotta go now')

    3. I didn't even number mine this week. Are there 10?

  4. What a nice variety of thankfuls! Glad no death by crumb! That would be pretty crumby...

  5. oh! this is where we're supposed to leave our comments!
    sometimes, when you're taking a test and you want to get through it before you remember how much you forgot, answers get a little misplaced.
    Hey! Dyanne! Co-host (no, nothing like Regis and Kathy Lee... more like Bill Nye and Noomi Rapace, don't ya think?)

  6. Thanks for taking the Co-Host gig, sis! Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best no matter how hot it is - that's what that cold glass of milk is for :D
    The curls look good on you and the length is perfect :)

    1. I'm glad I took on the gig. Hopefully, we can get back to some big numbers of participants again, although it did take five-ever to get them all read! I prefer chocolate chip cookie DOUGH to the finished product, but even so, this was a particularly good batch of cookies. And thanks! I am enjoying the curls and watching them progress with the right combination of products on them. I'm hoping to grow it out just a bit longer, but not much. Want to be able to pull it up on top of my head to sleep!