Sunday, July 7, 2019

Happy 4th and Other Thankfuls

It's hot and muggy in the Ozarks, not unlike probably 3/4 of the country. But shouldn't it be that way for the 4th of July? In 1972, when my family moved to the house I lived in from 7th-12th grade, there was a crazy cold snap on the 4th. We had a 4th of July party at our house (we had a perfect view of a large fireworks display from our backyard), and everyone wore sweatshirts and huddled inside the house around the fireplace most of the night. I could maybe use a day like that about now.

Spending as much time as possible sitting
here, reading, napping, and watching
boats go by.

Moving on. If it isn't one kitten, it's another. Finn is part goat. He hopped and jumped his way on top of the armoire in our bedroom this week. I wasn't thrilled, since he was over 6 feet off the floor, but I thought he would come down the same way he went up (mostly via a recliner that has been sitting awkwardly in our room since March when we replaced it with another chair). I went in the bathroom to work on my hair (Curly Girl Method = many, many minutes working on the hair). My husband was sitting in the replacement recliner, facing the armoire. Over the noise of the hairdryer, I heard a TREMENDOUS crash and ran into the bedroom. My husband was calmly sitting in his chair. 

Me: What happened?!

Him: Oh, Finn fell off the armoire, I guess.

Finn fell. Off the back. Of the armoire. I called his name and got no response. This is a VERY OLD piece of furniture, and over the years, one of the boards that runs vertically along the back of it fell off and just kind of leans back there. It has made a terrific secret entrance to the armoire, where we store our linens, quilts, blankets, etc. (old house, no linen closet), and several of our cats have taken advantage of this over the years and will hide in there and sleep. I opened the door and called Finn's name, and finally his little face peeked up behind the bottom shelf. I reached through the opening and pulled him out. His eyes were black and he was pretty shaken up. He came in the bathroom with me and laid low for an hour or so and licked his shoulder and side, then bounced up and was good as new. I'm thinking he probably hit the board and mostly slid down, but I can't be sure, because I wasn't in the room, and the one who was DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE.

So, Thankful #1 is Finn is fine, although down a life. 

Finn before.

Finn after, protecting the catnip carrot

2. That old chair that has been sitting in my room since March and which allowed Finn to gain access to the top of the armoire? Gone! I had to take it apart and try to drag it downstairs by myself first, but my husband did get up and help me when he saw I wasn't going to quit, and we loaded it in the back of the van and I dropped it off at the Salvation Army. 

3. Finn found a brown recluse spider in the bathroom the evening before his Big Fall. It was under a rug in front of the sink, and it ran into a crack between the vanity and the floor before I could get it (note to self: caulk between the vanity and floor). Finn spent a very happy time trying to coax the spider back out, but to no avail, and he eventually gave up. The next morning, I saw the spider and squashed and disposed of him. I knew Finn was going to be okay after the Big Fall when he stopped licking his shoulder to peer under the edge of the vanity and look for the spider. It will be interesting to see how long he remembers that there was once a spider there and he almost (not) got it....

4. I have had tremendous success with a fruit fly trap in the kitchen at the lake house. I'm on my second trap and have caught close to 20 of the little suckers, and I may have decimated the herd.

5. Our neighbors across the street at the lake house have a 4th of July party at their house. Okay, a 3rd of July party, because the big fireworks display at the Branson Landing is on the 3rd, but my husband, dad and I enjoyed hanging out over there, eating grilled brats and hot dogs and all the side dishes everyone brought, and visiting with neighbors.

6. Everyone from the party came to our house and sat on our dock to watch the fireworks. It was a great show and we had ringside seats without having to deal with the crowds at the Landing.

7. More fireworks on the 4th, this time from Kamp Kanakuk, across the lake. Ringside seats once again with several of our neighbors joining us.

8. Summer food. Grilled burgers and chicken. Watermelon. Brisket on the smoker. Strawberry pie. Fresh green beans and new taters. Corn on the cob. Ahhh!

Strawberry pie with shortbread crust

9. A belated thankful for Kristi, our host and my dear cousin 😜, not only for her hosting duties, but also for the sweet TToT post-it notes that she sent me! 

10. I was today year's old when I found out you can include emojis in a post. Watch out!

Happy summer! Happy thankfuls!

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Finn just wanted to make sure there was enough excitement for the 4th, I guess. Glad he survived his fall and the close encounter with the spider.

    It sounds like you had a great 4th with neighbors, and that pie looks delicious!

    Wanna be a co-host with your dear cousin? ;-) (I don't know how to insert emojis into comments.)

    1. Bless his heart, Finn is sweet and cute but he dumb. Today, he jumped from the bathroom sink to the top shelf of the open linen closet at the lake house, then couldn't figure out how to get down.
      The 4th was very nice! Not giant-flag-unfurling-over-a-canyon nice, but Ozark nice :)
      What do you need me to do?

  2. Oh my. Finn is keeping you active, young and strong. Glad he is okay. He would have a hay day in a barn piled high with hay bales. LOL
    You mentioning how you got rid of the chair reminded me of how the junk man disposed of a very old heavy sofa in our loft for us. He used an electric saw and some other tools to get it into small enough pieces to carry down the stairs.
    I'm just seeing if I know how to put an emoji in a comment here. 😏I did it! I had not tried that on the blog.
    Yeah for getting the recluse spider and so many of those pesky little fruit flies.
    It sounds like you had wonderful celebrations on the 3rd and 4th and lots of yummy food to go along.

    1. Finn walks in a room looking around to see what he can get into. Can't imagine him in a barn full of hay bales!
      Thankfully, we didn't have to chop up the chair! The nice thing about recliners is the back pulls off!
      Hmmm. I don't know how to put an emoji in the comments! You're one up on me!

  3. Finn is such a daredevil! Brave and silly all in one! 😝😹🙈

    1. Finn is SUCH a goof!
      Hey, you can put emojis in your comments, too! I don't know how to do that!

  4. The secret power of cats lies in the power of levitation*
    'A cold day in July' that actually was an expression my mother used to use and you can't imagine how excited I was the first time we actually had such a day.

    *First Rule of levitation, 'Always do it in the dark, behind something or when the humans close their eyes in preparation of screaming'

    1. We could use a cold day in July. Walking outside feels more like you're walking through chest-deep water.
      Finn can jump straight up in the air about two feet if you scare him just right. That's close to levitation.