Monday, June 3, 2019

Interesting Finds And Other Thankfuls

Here I am, late to the thankful party again, but here's the list:

1. My daughter went on her first plane ride this week and lived to tell about it. She drove to Florida with a close friend whose parents moved down this year, stayed for a week, then flew back. She flew Allegiant Airlines, where every. single. thing. is billed separately, including paying extra for a window seat for her, then finding out she took a Dramamine before the flight and slept the entire way AND NEVER LOOKED OUT THE DAMN WINDOW. At least she didn't panic or throw up, so there's that.

2. More storms this week, although none severe enough to spawn tornadoes.

3. The flooding is just dreadful in Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. It's hard to find thankfuls at times like this, but they are there, in the volunteers and the agencies who turn out to help in droves. 

4. My husband has been deployed to Little Rock to lead the fundraising team there for the Red Cross. He's very good at what he does, and while I miss having him home, I know he's doing a lot to help disaster victims.

5. My daughter and I watched the first season of "Dead To Me" this week on Netflix, and you should do the same. Christina Applegate is amazing! Netflix is so fun!

6. I spent the weekend with my dad. It's auction season, and we hit one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Saturday's auction was pretty big, part business items from a place that worked on cars, part household items; in other words, something for everybody!  I really, really, REALLY wanted the Janet Lennon paper dolls, but they went higher than I was willing to go. That's okay, though, because I got some other fun stuff:

I guess it's a little planter. Old. Not as big as my hand.

Politically incorrect salt and pepper shakers.

Anyone remember the nightlight I made
in 2018 A to Z Challenge...?

Then I found something FABULOUS. Little frogs, see? 

Front view.

Aaaand side view.

Cute, right? I thought they were salt and pepper shakers when I first saw them, then THIS happened when I turned them over:

And they even have bellybuttons....

Here's what makes the frogs SO UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY COOL TO ME (as if they weren't cool enough on their own):

See these turtles that belonged to my Grandma?
They were a gift from her brother.


7. Auctions are great people watching places. At the one Saturday, there was a guy wearing a filthy, torn, oil-stained t-shirt with what appeared to be the Mountain Dew logo on it  I tried to get a picture of it, but I couldn't get a clear shot, so I'll just have to tell you that instead of "Mountain Dew" it said "Mount And Do Me." Isn't that sweet? 

8. Some of you might remember that, when the opportunity presents itself, I take photos of butt cracks (no children - adults only). I don't sit in bleachers for hours at a time at volleyball games anymore, so I don't have as much of a chance to get a shot, but that was remedied this weekend. Twice.

All morning. He bent over to look at
auction items all morning. Bonus:
the Mount And Do Me guy is in the
upper right of the photo!

Sunday's auction. Same. Guy.
He and his Biker Grandma partner
were at the same auctions as us
 both days, and both days, he blessed
 us with views of his butt crack.

9. Not all video games are a bad thing, and sometimes, they can even be educational! All that Tetris I used to play? Yeah, well, no one can pack a car like I can! I got a small deep freeze, a 6 foot tall antique cabinet, a vintage rolling cart, a two wheeler, a steer head (don't ask), four vises, and a propane heater in the back of the ol' mini van.

10. It's time for the big reveal. I did a little something with my hair the other day. I had grown weary of covering my grey roots every 3-4 weeks, so I got my whole damn head dyed silver with dark hair woven into it. The hope is that my grey will grow out and mingle seamlessly with the new color. I'm still getting used to it and often don't recognize myself in reflections, but it's growing on me. The dark parts are SOOOO much darker than my natural hair color (the non-grey parts of my natural hair color, that is), PLUS I'm using the Curly Girl Method to make my curls healthier, but I'd be ever so thankful if you look at the photo and don't tell me I appear to have aged 20 years overnight.

Keep on being thankful.



  1. What a fun post of thankfuls!!

  2. I do remember that night light...

  3. You're not late--I'm late! I didn't do much blogging over the weekend, and then we got home so early in the morning yesterday I couldn't really think straight, but excuses excuses. I love reading your posts!

    I've flown Allegiant once, but didn't spend the big bucks for a window seat. :-) The tickets seem so cheap, until you start adding in all the separate charges.

    Hopefully the weather will dry out and behave soon.

    Can you believe I've never been to an auction? You certainly have developed a niche collection. Is the doll going to meet the same fate as the one from the Pinterest project?

    Tetris does come in handy! You said not to ask, so I won't, but I'm hoping the steer head makes another TToT so the unasked question will be answered. I haven't played the video game Tetris in years, but I did go to a pinball museum over the weekend. Shock of all shocks, I even got to enter my initials in one machine!

    Aged in reverse, I'd say!

    1. Thanks, Kristi! Yeah, Allegiant is cheap in theory only. I flew them once, and carry on was free but you had to pay to check your luggage. Then the overhead bins got too full, so they asked for volunteers to check their bags for free. Shoot, I'd rather check it anyway and not have to drag it around as much, so I took advantage of that! Now, they charge $30 to check one bag and $20 to carry on!

      I wish you could come visit some time just so we could go to an auction! They are such fun! And yes, I believe the doll may be repurposed....

      Oh, the steer head. I swear, I can't turn my back on him for a MINUTE!

      I'll take the aged in reverse compliment! Many thanks!