Sunday, April 7, 2019

There's A Spring In My Step

We're on the downhill side of the school year, and that last quarter goes by FAST. We're finishing up our alphabet books in pre-k this week, plus we have to squeeze in butterflies and plants and Easter and Mother's Day and graduation in the next six weeks. When you realize I have one class for three mornings a week and the other for only two mornings a week, you might sense the urgency of getting it all squeezed in.

Somehow, though, I managed to write a Six Sentence Story (it's been a LONG time since I made it to that hop!) AND make more bitty bundt cakes. And went to Fayetteville for the reception held for the recipients of Journalism School scholarships. Here's my recipient:

Recipient of the Wanda A. Belzung Scholarship
right here!

And here are the rest of my Ten Things of Thankful:

2. It might, MIGHT finally be spring. Shhh! Don't scare it away!

3. Violets that pop up in the yard at the lake house. They are one of my favorite flowers and remind me of childhood, when we had violets and lilies of the valley that grew in our front flower bed. 

I love how delicate violets are.

4. This amazing sunset:

The pictures don't do it justice.

The pink glow on the water is what
alerted me to this beautiful sight.

5. Prom pictures flooding my Facebook feed. Love looking at the happy faces and seeing the outfits!

6. Open windows and a light breeze.

7. Kittens. Even when they are wreaking havoc.

8. This bad boy still works like a champ. My mom bought it at TG&Y in the early 1970s, and today, I used it to make beef stew.

You don't need bells and whistles with a crockpot.
All you REALLY need is off and on.

9. Thrift stores. If you go in with no expectations, you're more likely to find a treasure.

Anyone in the market for a toaster?
I've got a lead on one (or 15).

10. Preschool artwork. This is probably my favorite piece ever, in 18 years of teaching preschool, made by the happiest kid I think I've ever had in class, and it makes me smile every time I look at it: 

It's a yak. For "Y" week.
A very happy-go-lucky yak.

Be thankful always.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Oh, that Yak. I love it!
    So many toasters, and they probably all work, but were given up for one that would hold four pieces of bread, or thick bagels, or extra large pieces of bread, etc.
    We used to have lilies of the valley growing in a front flower bed too. . .another time, another place. Beautiful little plants.
    Something scared our spring away and brought heavy enough rains to cause flooding in some parts of the valley. Oh well, spring will return. It always does.

    1. That yak is amazing! This kid marches to the beat of his own drum!
      The thrift store had a lot of stuff that seems to have come from a hotel. Toasters, irons, plates, bedding. I went in hoping to find a child-sized wooden chair and walked out with professional weight half sheet pans and pizza pans!

  2. Spring keeps playing peek-a-boo with winter here. Today, it's gorgeous and supposed to be around 70. Wednesday and Thursdays highs are predicted in the 40's and snow is in the forecast (10-20 inches in the mountains, as well as some not-yet-called number for the valleys).

    That sunset is so beautiful! And the yak--oh the yak! I could see that yak as a popular animated character.

    1. Except for the snow, we've had the same kind of weather. Come on, spring!
      Truly the most amazing sunset I think I've ever seen.
      And the yak! I think it's my spirit animal