Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Some things that have made me go hmmmm....

I delete a lot of pictures like these from the camera roll on my phone. How do I (a) not notice my camera is on and (b) that I took a picture or three or four?

This is a house in the middle of a town. It's a town that is barely hanging on to being a town, and I find it oddly fascinating. The sun was obviously at a bad angle for a picture, but I kind of like the way it turned out. The entire house is covered with vines, and those vines are probably the only thing holding it up. 

I was playing with a Snapchat filter, and I think I want to dye my hair purple. What say you?

How, HOW does a kitten bite a USB charger so hard that it bends? HOW? We THOUGHT we had a kitten, but I'm beginning to think he's a puppy. Bad boy, Lewis!

The other one is no saint. This is Finn, who has tucked himself into the back of the recliner. Not smart, Finn, not smart, but then, he isn't going to be the cat equivalent of a rocket scientist anyway.

Why? Just why? I can't think of any other acceptable option, but apparently SOMEONE has been creative.

So at my job at the photo studio, I was handing a customer a photo order through this window (pictured below, on the left). Just as I passed it through the window, it slipped out of my hands and fell STRAIGHT DOWN THAT CRACK THAT YOU SEE ON THE RIGHT. I have worked here for several years, and I never even NOTICED a crack just past the window. (You can't see it when you stand on the office side of the window, and you hardly see it from the lobby. You CAN see it by standing on tiptoe, sticking your head out the window, and looking down, which I did to get the picture.) On the other side of the window, against the wall, is a large, heavy shelf loaded with pottery and photo albums. I had to get down on my hands and knees with a giant feather duster on a stick (first thing I found) after moving a large, heavy framed photograph on a large, heavy stand and poked around behind the large, heavy shelving unit until I was able to snag the bag with the photos in it and gently ease it out. Good times.

Does anyone else have to remove kittens from the bathtub, the shower, the sink, every time, and I do mean EVERY TIME they turn on the water to use said bathtub or shower or sink? And aren't cats supposed to dislike water? And if so, why do I have three cats (two kittens and a cat) that are fascinated with water, still or moving, and don't mind getting practically soaked? I kid you not, I have to move a kitten out of the way to spit every time I brush my teeth. And you can't turn on the water quietly enough that they won't hear you and come running.

Why, just why (volume 2)?

Hmmmm. Just hmmmm....


  1. I really like the house picture,
    I can see you rockin' the purple,
    Ignoring the cats. (They're my version of you and coffee - sorry! Can we still be friends?)

    1. We can still be friends. I think we are some kind of weird soul mates.

  2. That house! I think you are right; it is held up by vines.
    No cats here, but I think my daughter's cats also have a fascination with water.
    I didn't realize you worked at the photo studio. Good job retrieving the pictures!

    1. There's no other explanation for that house to be standing!
      Those silly cats all come running as soon as a faucet is turned on.
      I've been working at the studio for about three years. I handle orders, payments, and also do work on photos using photoshop. And sometimes, I drop stuff....