Sunday, February 11, 2018

I'll Be Even More Thankful When Winter Is Over!

Have I mentioned that I hate winter? Because I do. Winter should end on December 26, and we should then have a delightfully long spring, with blooming flowers and budding trees and green grass and open windows to let the light breeze dance inside and stir the curtains. 

I say this with great longing, because we are currently immobilized by black ice. For those of you not living in the weather armpit of the nation, black ice is invisible ice covering roads and parking lots and driveways and sidewalks and anything else you might want to walk, drive or step on outside. It was caused by freezing temperatures coupled with misty weather, and it is more treacherous than snow on the roads, because, well, it's invisible and surfaces only look like they are damp or barely wet. And they are far more than that. When the state Department of Transportation salt trucks are sliding off the roads, then that's slick.

It's kind of a bummer that this forced imprisonment didn't happen on a weekday, because we all know that I LOVE getting a snow day, but our preschool Valentine's Day parties are this week, and I want to get them over with enjoy them as scheduled.

On to this week's Ten Things of Thankful!

1. Emma came home for the weekend, and we have had an enjoyable, lazy weekend (we can't go anywhere anyway, but that's not the only reason). 

2. I forgot I had sheets in the washing machine for a week, and when I found them this afternoon, I made the happy discovery that they had not soured and could be put directly into the dryer. 

3. My husband is not a sports fanatic, and I'm thankful for that. I dated a guy once who had an ENTIRE BEDROOM in his house filled with sports memorabilia, mostly baseball. Posters, signed pictures, bobble head dolls, LIFE SIZED CARDBOARD STAND-UPS. (It should have been a clue that there was no future here, but in actuality, I had to be hit over the head a couple of more times before I finally conceded that point.) It's not that my husband doesn't enjoy sports, but he doesn't live and breathe it, and he usually only watches play-offs and bowl game kinds of stuff.

4. That being said, my husband is tickled pink about the Olympics! He is especially into curling and has researched how it is played and strategy and all that. It's cute. I like watching him get silly excited about it (and it will go away and not resurface for four years).

5. I'm thankful for biscuits. More on that later this week.

Flaky, homemade buttermilk biscuits.
They rose sky high, I tell you. Sky high!

6. I used my Movie Pass and went with several friends to see "The Greatest Showman" for the fourth time. Have you seen it yet? It's everything you ever want, it's everything you ever need, and it's here right in front of you. THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW!

7. I had a six month check-up with my oncologist, and blood work, etc., were all aok. Woot! Woot!

8. My husband got me a sweet pair of blue tooth headphones for Christmas, and I LOVE being able to use them at the gym. I always set my phone on the elliptical machine, and I was really bad about stepping off of the machine with my earbuds still plugged into both the phone and my ears, thus yanking my phone off its perch. 

9. I got to hold an itty bitty baby goat this week. It was three days old, a triplet, and (this is a fun factoid that you may or may not know) mama goat only has two teats, so she gave this little baby the boot (or the hoof). Her owner brought her to work with him at the church where our preschool is held because she had to be bottle fed. If she stayed just that size, I'd want a goat.

She has the same coloring as Nora!

She didn't smell goaty. I assume
that won't last long.

10. Leftover biscuits. Going to have one right now.

How was your week? Did you look for the thankfuls?

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Ten Things of Thankful


  1. Woo-hoo! Lucky 7's! Congrats on the clean bill :D
    A triple W! Cute baby goat but damn, just because you only have 2, doesn't mean you kick out one of the kids (no pun intended). Sweet picture :)
    Black ice is frightening indeed. I hate it. Rather drive in a blizzard (tiny one) than on black ice. Nice you got some girl time in this weekend :D
    Biscuits. They look delish! Could polish off the pan in a mere 24 hours.

    1. Thank you! And mama goat was kind of old and I guess she'd just had enough.
      I love when idiots with 4 wheel drive think they can drive on ice and find they were very, very wrong. Snow >>> ice
      Biscuits = life

  2. Woot! Woot! indeed. Excellent #7
    Curling! Aiiyee! I tried to convince Phyllis that women's curling is the sport of the future! Whats not to like? (I will leave all the other comments, quips, asides and jokes right where they belong, not on the screen.)
    Ice is simply unworkable for cars and feet...unless you're an Olympic curler the magic.

    1. I think I want some of those shoes the curlers wear, or I should say one of the shoes, because it seems one is for sliding and one for traction, and that traction shoe could come in real handy around here.

  3. So glad to see you back here again this week!
    The Pacific Northwest gets black ice occasionally, and you are right--it is scary stuff.
    I might need to get a movie pass, but even without one, I have seen The Greatest Showman three times. It is really good! Here's a piece of trivia you probably don't know: the singer who voiced Jenny Lind's songs is the niece of one of John's good high school friends and college roommate.

    Congrats on the good health report!

    Goats are so much fun! My family had goats when I was in high school. One year, our doe had triplets, but I was at college by then, so I missed bottle-feeding duty.

    1. Thanks, Kristi!
      Great fun fact! That song is absolutely haunting.
      Maybe I should get some goats and make cheese.

  4. Let's hear it for AOK blood work and check-ups! Yippee! Wonderful news.
    Forgetting laundry in the washer...around here that is just how laundry is done. No biggie!
    Hope your daughter made it safely back to school. This time last night it appeared we were going to have those slick roads too, but we dodged most of it.
    Enjoy your Valentine's parties. You do preschool. I'll do middle school. hmmm...which of us is likely to have more drama? I wonder!

    1. Thank you!
      Just another thing you and I have in common :)
      Emma made it back fine. The good thing about winter weather around here is it never lasts long.
      I can only imagine the level of drama in a middle school on Valentine's Day!

  5. Those biscuits look yummy. I hope you're going to post the recipe for this wanna be southern girl. I was supposed to go with friends to see The Greatest Showman, but that was the stomach flu day, so I missed it. My hub is not much of a sport watcher at all. He likes watching skiing in the Olympics, but he would much prefer being spry enough to do it, like back in his heydays. I love the picture you paint of Christmas, then flowers. I'm in. I've experienced black ice before and it is downright scary. Glad you had a nice weekend with Emma and your bloodwork is good.

    1. I'll send you the biscuit recipe. GO SEE GREATEST SHOWMAN. It needs to be seen (at least for the first time) on the big screen. My husband has been setting his alarm to wake up at 4 am and watch curling. WHO IS THIS MAN?!

  6. Every positive bloodwork report is something to list at the top of one of these thankful lists, for sure. Congrats.

    I loved having a winter wonderland on my birthday this past weekend, but then yesterday was rain and then freezing, resulting in that slick ice stuff that makes me tentative in my steps while outside. I can see myself going down far easier than I'd like.

    I do love your description of spring though. I enjoy snow while remembering your wording for the perfect spring weather, hopefully on its way.

    1. Thanks, Kerry! I know you know how good it feels to get positive reports from the doctor.
      With low vision, I'm sure it would be very hazardous to venture out when it's icy. Be safe out there!

  7. Oh, biscuits! They look so good. Yes, if animals would stay small, many of them would make great pets. Love your list!

    1. Thank you! And yes, can you imagine miniature, housebroken animals as pets? Like little giraffes and little sheep? Hmmm, maybe that's the makings of a movie!

  8. Great list of thankfuls, especially the good Dr. visit.

  9. Yeah for great results of your tests!
    Oh, that little goat! FYI - the goat smell is usually just associated with one of the sexes.
    Those biscuits look amazing. You must have had really fresh baking powder. I do so little baking these days that I almost have to check the baking powder to see if the date on the container is too old.
    Sorry about the freezing rain stuff. That is not good and absolutely treacherous to drive in.

    1. Thank you! And yes, the goat owner said billy goats are the stinky ones.
      My baking powder actually was not fresh, but the the dough gets folded over and folded over, like you would Danish dough, and that helped.

  10. Thanks to your previous post, I picked up a Movie Pass myself. I'll have to add the Greatest Showman to my list.

    Congrats on your six month checkup results - that's wonderful news! I have a close friend going through treatment for breast cancer and she is finishing up her last week of radiation next week. There will be lots of celebrating.


    1. Isn't the Movie Pass da bomb? We only have one movie theater in town, so we also have a rewards card for it, and we are racking up points!
      Tell your friend I'm thinking about her and wishing her the very best.