Sunday, February 18, 2018

I Got Candy From A Boy And Other Thankfuls

As I started organizing (hah!) thoughts of thankfuls in my head for this week's Ten Things of Thankful, I was positive Valentine's Day had been the previous week. Nope. This one. And here's how it started:

Monday was Valentine party day for my MWF preschool class. I got dressed that morning in black leggings and a sweater and shortish black boots. I came out of my closet and stood in front of my husband IN BROAD DAYLIGHT and asked if I looked all right, since it was party day and there would be parents visiting. He said I did. I mentioned that my right heel felt a little funny as compared to the left one, and he said "Is there something stuck inside your shoe?" I said nothing other than my foot and then I left for work.

I was getting the classroom ready for the day and told my assistant teacher that my right heel had felt funny all morning. She looked down at my feet, told me to turn around, then announced that I was wearing TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS. 

My husband looked RIGHT AT ME that morning and didn't notice a thing. I immediately texted him to say he obviously never really looked at me when I asked him to that morning, and as a result, he needed to bring me a boot so that I would match by the time the parents got there later that morning.

Thankfully, he had not left for work yet, and he was able to bring me a boot, and NO, I DON'T CARE WHICH ONE, JUST BRING ME A DAMN BOOT.

No wonder the right one felt funny,

That was Thankful #1. Here are the rest:

2. My daughter came home for the weekend (she was feeling a little homesick, even though we had just been down to Arkansas to visit her the weekend before), and we had a pleasant, relaxed weekend; however, the freezing rain we got while she was home forced her to stay an extra day and not go back to school until Monday afternoon. Fortunately, the professors in both of the classes she had to miss excused her absence because of the weather.

3. Two days of Valentine parties over and done with, plus I got chocolate from several students and now have it safely tucked away for me, me, ME!

4. This picture, drawn by a five year old boy on a box of chocolates:

It says I love you, followed by a picture of me.

5. Priceline. I got a $100+ hotel room for $53 a night. 

6. I had a message last week from one of the counselors at the high school saying Emma had a scholarship that hadn't been picked up yet and it expired on March 1. I didn't know what she was talking about, but when I reached her, I found out that there was, indeed, a $1,000 scholarship for Emma from the Joplin Schools Foundation. I had no idea she had received this scholarship, and when I called Emma to get some information the school needed to process it, I asked her if she even knew she had received it, and she said Oh, yeah, I knew that. WHAAAT?! I'm very thankful to the counselor for following up on it with us. Every little bit helps!

7. The Winter Olympics. Aren't they fun?

8. Our big ol' boy Pete has had a rough couple of months which led to him having surgery on his arm for a puncture wound. Life finally seemed to be back to normal for him; that is, until the other night when my husband took a step back while in the kitchen directly onto Pete's tail, and when Pete took off after my husband moved his foot, there was a rather large tuft of fur left on the kitchen floor. Now poor Petey has a two inch long bald spot on his tail. A BALD SPOT. I'm thankful (and I'm sure Pete would concur) that my husband didn't land square on Pete's tail and only caught fur, or else we'd have a cat with a tail in a splint right now.

Poor, poor Pete!

9. This picture of my brother, which makes me laugh:

1958-ish. Family friend in background.

10. Spring is near! 

Daffodils popped up this weekend and
already have a bud!

My heart has been so heavy since the latest mass shooting, this time at a high school in Florida. Maybe this time, something will finally be done to bring an end to these. Persist. Resist. Be the change.

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  1. What a way to end my reading of the TTOT posts (to date) this week. I got off with a good laugh with your #1. I don't have a lot of shoes, but I have confused some dark sock colors before, thinking I was wearing one color that went perfectly well with whatever pair of pants I was wearing only to discover when I was in better lighting, I'd selected the wrong pair. Poor Pete! Imagining his tail needing to be put in a splint if it had broken. . . .do they even do that? Your brother looks quite pleased with himself, and the little girl in the background was probably about ready to giggle. What a great deal on Priceline. You had lots of things to be thankful for this week. May the next week be wonderful too.

    1. I've had several people ask me why I had two pairs of boots that were so similar, to which I answer because they were cheap and comfortable! So far, I haven't messed up on the socks, but I'm sure that's coming.
      Yeah, I don't think they splint a cat's tail, but it made me snicker to imagine it!
      My brother not only grew into those shoes, he surpassed them by quite a lot!
      Priceline has always been good to me!
      Hope you have a great week, too, Pat!

  2. I see two boots. They're black. That makes them the same.

  3. Ha, ha. I had an identical pair of shoes, one pair black, one brown, and yes, I did, I wore them to work. Amazing when you get into the light what you find. Yay, for that scholarship! Woot, woot! Any found extra is always appreciated. Spring is coming, it really is! Persist, Resist, Insist!

    1. I KNEW the heel felt funny....
      So glad to get that scholarship! I have trouble wrapping my head around just how expensive college is.
      Amen, sister!

  4. Oh, man. How infuriating! But kinda funny :) Men! Can we really count on them for fashion advice?...NO!
    Nice to have an extra day with Emma I'm sure but how about that most excellent surprise scholarship. Yay!
    Poor Pete! At least he won't be able to see his bald spot, not really lol.
    I don't know how, but I mangaged to not eat any chocolate this year at Valentine's. Aren't little kids the best :D
    Daffodils! I love them. They are definately a sign of impending spring.

    1. Ordinarily, my husband is pretty good with fashion advice. NOT THIS TIME. Later in the week, I asked him if it looked funny that I was wearing a knit shirt that hung down longer than the flannel shirt I was wearing over it, and as he was saying it didn't, I said YOU LET ME WEAR TWO DIFFERENT BOOTS TO WORK.
      It's nice getting a little bit of chocolate at Valentine's Day and hiding it from myself (and especially anyone else in the house) and having a piece or two every now and then.
      Freezing rain is currently falling outside, and now I'm feeling a little pessimistic that spring will ever come.

  5. In fairness, my husband once got a chipped front tooth (a boyhood injury) fixed and I didn't notice it for months--and wouldn't have noticed it then had he not said something about it.

    I'm grateful you share the heartache and the "Resist. Persist. Be the Change" remedy. I second that!

    Lorrie at

    1. My husband shaved off a goatee and after three weeks of me not noticing, he finally pointed it out.
      I believe it will happen. I hope it is sooner rather than later.

  6. Nice list of thankfuls. The boot story is funny. Poor Pete, I hope he heals quickly.

  7. The Olympics aren't really my thing and I kind of grow tired of hearing about them all over the news for most of February, but I understand the pride in one's country and its athletes. Here in Canada, a figure skating pair named Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir did quite well I hear.

    Chocolate until spring can get here, but here we've had lots of rain because of unseasonably mild temperatures and flooding. I don't see why flooding in February is preferable to snow for so many people. Still, those daffodils are lovely.

    I don't know what to say really about what happened in Florida. It is hard to understand.

    Hope you've had a good week. I'm sure seeing photos from children puts a whole lot of things in perspective, for you, working with young children like you do.

    Yay for that little bit of extra money to help pay for your daughter's education and for understanding professors.

    1. I love to watch figure skating. I have ZERO skill in the skating department, so I find it mesmerizing.
      We've had nonstop rain this week, some of it freezing, some the regular kind. If it had been snow, we'd have many feet of it. Hoping the daffodils recover from the cold and the wet and pop open soon.
      I love when my kids draw pictures of me. They are so young, mostly it will be a head with arms and legs attached directly to it!

    So glad spring is finally putting in an appearance for you there. We are set to go back to sub-zero and maybe snow next week. YUCK!

    So glad you got the boots sorted in time for meeting all the parents! Nightmare!!!

  9. Spring feels like it's getting nearer here too. We hit the high sixties yesterday which never happens in Maine in February. Love the valentines day note on the box of chocolates. How cute!

    1. We always have fickle weather in this part of Missouri; it was 70 the other day here, then by the next morning, we had freezing rain. Sigh.