Friday, October 7, 2016

Yes, I Said BABOON

I'm having some sort of debacle with my computer, and I can't figure out what's wrong. When I go to any Blogger post, mine or anyone else's, and some Wordpress posts, and a few other sites, instead of a padlock icon (by the way, I always kind of thought that was a little pocketbook instead of a padlock) followed by "https" in the url, I get a little grey exclamation point inside a little circle, and I don't know why and I WANT IT TO STOP. 

Someone help.

That is definitely not on my list of Ten Things of Thankful for this week, but it will be NEXT week if someone will tell me how fix it. Here's my list for THIS week:

1. I've got my tiny writing buddy helping me (i.e., lying so I have to hold my arms at a funny angle as I type and I'm getting a cramp in my right shoulder because of it but I'm willing to put up with it because my tiny writing buddy just fell asleep so deeply that her head clunked onto her arms and it didn't even wake her up. 

Nora Pearl in supervisory mode.

2. A sleeping kitten means a quiet kitten, and all bodies living in this house, be they two- or four-legged, are grateful for a little peace and quiet when Nora is sleeping. 

3. I thought the back of my hand was bleeding just a minute ago, but upon closer examination, I found that it was just the remnants of a mark from a Sharpie, so that was nice.

4. I went to a Goodwill thrift store today when I had half an hour to kill and found two pairs of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and a sweater for me, plus a Hawaiian shirt for the College Boy and spent less than $20. You know what the key to finding stuff in a thrift store is? Low to no expectations, which is precisely what I had when I walked in the place and look how well I did!

5. I seem to have been a little overzealous last spring when I purged what appears to be most of my winter wardrobe (hence another reason #4 is on the list), because this morning, I was searching under my bed for warm clothes and only found winter pajamas stored there, but that's okay, because the real thankful here is that we have cool enough weather that I NEEDED something warm today! Yay for October weather!

6. My husband decided to take today off, so I did the same, and he and I had a play day. 

7. After a brief stop at his office in Springfield (and the reason I had a half hour to kill in #4), we went to Silver Dollar City, an 1880s theme park a little less than 2 hours away from us, with no whiny kids.

Suspension bridge

8. I visited for a few minutes with one of my mom's old friends from when she taught school before she got married. This woman and her family come to Silver Dollar City every fall during the Craft Festival and demonstrate sorghum making at the park. When I saw her last year, I told her my mom was not in good health, so she was not too surprised when I told her my sweet mama passed away this summer. Doris gave me a big compliment when she told her family how much I reminded her of my mom.

9. My husband wanted to see the Wild West Show that was featured at this year's Craft Festival, so I humored him and agreed, and boy, am I glad, because one of the segments was SO WORTH IT. It was a trained dog act, and that part was rather ho hum, but they brought out a miniature stage coach with the little dogs in it pulled by a ginormous dog and DRIVEN BY A BABOON WEARING WESTERN CLOTHES. At one point, and I kid you not, the baboon pulled two six-shooters out of holsters and waved them around. Made. My. Day.'

Stagecoach + dogs + baboon = HILARIOUS

10. A baboon. In western clothes. With six-shooters.

The College Boy is home this weekend, and we're all going up to visit my dad while my husband volunteers at an Oktoberfest (for work, not because he wants to). We're going to take Nora Pearl with us, and tomorrow evening we (not Nora) are going out to dinner at one of my dad's favorite places, a restaurant in a little town of a few hundred people about 40 miles from where he lives. The food is homemade and delicious, and when they needed to add more seating, they turned an old grain bin into a dining room. Top that, city slickers!

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A baboon, people. 

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. I needed this light-hearted post this week! I'll say this: I have never seen a baboon with six-shooters until this post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the photo of Nora Pearl curled up asleep, she looks so cute :)

    A baboon with six-shooters driving a stagecoach?! You couldn't make it up - I'd love to see it :) :)

  3. A baboon - i read the post because of the title - and thinking as i'm reading; what about the baboon finally a baboon, on a stagecoach, in western clothes and with 6 shooters - hahahaha

    Nora Pearl is so so cute - a bag full of clothes for under 20 is always a welcome....

    you spoke about that restaurant last year sounds like a great place enjoy!!!


  4. that is not something that anyone would dream of making up*, much less have as a Grat Item on a bloghop read by people all around the globe.
    but since the opposite of the truism, 'if there are no photos, it didn't happen' is that: '(frightening" pictures are worth a thousand words', I will thank you for reassuring me that mankind is, indeed, god's greatest work.

    * I refuse to think about the kind of people who think up the idea of the act in the first place

  5. Here's to kittens and play days. Baboons are cool too. Such a fun thankful post!

  6. My cat loves to sleep on me too while I'm working on my computer. It does make it more challenging to type, but is so sweet. Your kitty is adorable! I also love that your red sharpie not being blood made your ten things list.


  7. I totally love this. <3 Cat Two likes to curl up on my desk between me and the keyboard to help me write, which of course makes it impossible to do so. He's an insistent little bugger, too. If I move him, he hops right back up. Cats are funny. And cute. And annoying. And cute.
    Glad you weren't bleeding.
    Is the computer working now?
    Zilla and I are in a similar place with cool weather clothing - did a great purge this summer and oops! Now we need stuff.

  8. Goodwill shopping and having a play day sounds so fun. That baboon driving the stagecoach is hilarious! Little Nora looks so cute.