Sunday, October 2, 2016

Homecoming And Gang Stuff And A Couple Other Things

It's not that I haven't been thankful lately, because I surely have. And it's not that I haven't had any stories to tell, because I've had some of those, too. But I've been so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open when I finally get home at night, and I haven't even turned ON my laptop, let alone read or wrote anything. My brain is simply exhausted, that overwhelming tiredness that puts you on the verge of bringing out your inner two year old and lying down on the floor and crying into the carpet, arms and legs pounding the floor as you do. Ordinarily, I don't consider my day to be complete until I have watched Seth Meyers deliver his monologue, but since preschool started, I consider it a victory when I make it until the 9:00 news.

1. You may already know that I help a local photographer part time with shoots. but right after school started, I began working in the studio office a few afternoons a week. I haven't worked in an office situation since the College Boy turned two, and let me just tell you, my office skills are rusty at best. It makes me feel feel really stupid most of the time, but I am hopeful that I'm not too old of a dog to learn a few new tricks.

2. We are nearing the end of Emma's very last volleyball season. While I do enjoy watching her play, I won't miss sitting on bleachers for hours and hours and HOURS. Yesterday, we spent about 11 hours on wooden bleachers. Eleven. Hours.

3. Backtracking two weeks (I KNOW! I KNOW! I HAVE TOTALLY DROPPED THE BALL ON THIS 10 THINGS OF THANKFUL LATELY!), one of my mom's dear friends from my childhood decided while at my mom's memorial service to host a get together for the old "113th Street Gang." We spent a delightful afternoon at Betty's house, three of my "other mothers" and their daughters, all more like family than friends, and I never wanted the day to end. My mom would have loved being there, and she would have loved knowing we were all together, remembering her, reliving old days, and talking about the future. In fact, I believe my mom was watching us from Heaven, smiling and happy while she drank a cup of coffee and ate a couple ginger snaps.

The 113th Street Gang

4. Emma was nominated for Homecoming queen a few weeks ago. She has been nominated to be an attendant every year of high school but never got it, but she was cool with that, because all she wanted was to be nominated for queen her senior year, so she could wear a pretty dress out onto the football field. She got her wish!

5. We finally, FINALLY found a dress for Homecoming. We only had two weeks' notice that she was a candidate, and I told her flat out that I wasn't spending $500 for a dress she was going to wear for only an hour or two. She had a pretty specific vision of a sparkly dress that would look good under the lights, but it was impossible to find one. We looked at stores, she haunted a local Facebook page where girls buy and sell their prom dresses and other formals, and she also spent hours going through every Instagram account of every girl she even REMOTELY knew who might have a dress she could buy or borrow. Her perseverance finally paid off, and she purchased a dress from a girl who wore it two years ago to prom. 

6. Small problem with the dress Emma bought; it was a wee little bit too big and there was no time for alterations. It was kind of stretchy, so it wasn't as noticeable that it was loose in the fanny department, but the cups stood out away from her chest about 2 inches and you could look straight down and see her, well, boobs. We got very, very creative, and with suggestions from my sewing friend Janet, we stuffed, sewed, taped, pinned, elasticized, spackled, hot glue gunned, and stapled that dress onto her. I gave her escort instructions to take hold of the back of it and yank it up if he saw it sliding down in the back, and I was delighted and touched to see that he did, indeed, keep it in place for her. Thanks, Noah. You literally had her back on this one! (And by default, her front!)

Emma and her escort

7. No, she didn't win, but there was no sadness over that. Every girl on the court was a friend of hers, and she didn't care if she won or not. She had a wonderful time in her sparkly dress and that's all that mattered to her. 

Emma - Homecoming 2016

8. I'm also thankful for Kaitlyn, one of my preschool moms who is also a hair stylist and who made time in her very busy Friday to put Emma's hair up for the event. Emma had never had an up-do before, and she looked so much like a princess that it almost made me cry.

Isn't her hair PRETTY?

9. My in-laws live here in town, and they are very good about coming to Emma's volleyball games and concerts, and they came to the homecoming game as well (and our stadium is old, old, old, NOT handicapped accessible, and miserable for people to climb into whether you are up in years or not). To make the night even better, my dad came down and attended as well, and also stayed the night and went to the first part of the volleyball tournament Saturday morning. I know my mom was smiling about that one!

10. I've been holding out on this one, but I finally got myself that birthday present:

Meet Nora Pearl

Ten Things of Thankful

 Your hosts


  1. Emma always looks like a princess she is just gorgeous. Im mean, shes no Nora Pearl but who is? Glad to hear your Dad is out and about. Be sure to get some rest for yourself!

    1. Thank you so much! Nora Pearl LOVES the dress. I have it hanging in my closet right now and every time I open the door, she dashes in and starts messing with it.

  2. hey! I'm a dog person (yeah, I know, no kidding) but her ears! is that an indication of becoming huge cat in maturity? (large paws on puppies is a pretty reliable indicator of future size).

    1. Large ears, long tail = good mouser. I hope we don't have to test her on that.

  3. Nora Pearl is so, so cute!
    My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I read your post and kept insisting that Emma must be someone famous. Emma certainly looks like a star!

    1. And she has FUR!
      What a sweet thing for your daughter to say! Tell her thank you! She had so much fun that night!

  4. Emma's dress is spectacular. I'm so glad her senior year has been a wonderful experience. It's been an exhausting time for you. Don't forget to take care of YOU

    1. That dress was exactly what she was hoping for! There have been a lot of not so good things about senior year, but all in all, she's having a good time. I'm hoping I get caught up on rest some time before Christmas...

  5. I am delighted to see you back among us, I suspected the beginning of the school year was wearing you out. I've totally enjoyed the photos of Nora Pearl on FB though. She is adorable and by the size of those ears she has to grow into, she is going to be able to hold her own with the boys!

    Emma was drop dead gorgeous in that sparkly gown, it looked like it was just meant for her. I'm delighted it stayed in place and that she had a wonderful time. Precious memories she will keep forever!

    I loved the "old gang" party that you attended, I am certain your mother was right there in the midst of you enjoying every minute of it. What a lovely way to share memories and love!

    I'm sure your new office hours will be running smoothly in no time, thought I have to say I am loving the no ringing phones at home! Have a beautiful October in such a pretty place!

    1. Thanks, Josie! I can't believe how very tired I've been! I think cooler weather will help, too, because the heat and humidity we've been having sucks the life out of you. Nora Pearl is a hot mess, but we love her!
      I'm so happy Emma found a dress she loved and it didn't cost an arm and a leg! Thank you for your kind words!
      That party was THE BEST! I look forward to doing it again. Those are people who have literally known me since birth and aren't even related to me!
      I hate answering the phone at the office, because I'm pretty positive I won't be able to help whoever is on the line! Enjoy your retirement!

  6. welcome back - i get the falling asleep by 9 on the couch (well I do- almost every night)

    Earlier this year the company I work for sold to this huge, huge corporation although during the beginning part of the integration was calmer - we are now full speed ahead - lots of early starts, and late nights, many meetings (how do people do these conferences without falling asleep?) oh and quite a few tutorials and learning new systems- plus I am still working on the regular stuff...whew I feel for you - it's definitely a long day for you! Hang in there it gets better - I'm sure - I hope.

    Emma is such a pretty girl - congrats on the nomination and her dress was gorgeous.
    We had our Homecoming last weekend - Amelia was on the middle school cheering squad, and James went to the game with friends; as freshmen they did not attend the dance.

    OMG Nora Pearl is so adorable - how did you come up with her name? So so cute.

    Hang in there, get some extra rest!

    I am certain your mom is always near watching over everyone - sounds like it was a lovely afternoon.


    1. Thanks! I sure do miss Seth Meyers these days, though!
      My attention span is SO short that I can't imagine having to pay attention for all those meetings and conferences you had to attend!
      I tried a LOT of names on her before I decided on Nora Pearl. I call her Ruby a lot, but less and less as I get more used to her!
      I do like to think my mom is enjoying watching over us.

  7. Dear Nora Pearl - she's so adorable, and I hope I might be able to adopt her as my online kitten again (I have an online-Ruby shaped hole in my heart still). SO glad you have her :)

    Sorry you've been so tired, though, my Dyannedilion! I hope things change soon so that you're not pushed to your limits all the time. I know what you mean about not even being able to bear the thought of opening the laptop and I'm glad you've been prioritising looking after yourself.

    The party looks like GREAT fun and your mom was definitely there, partaking and enjoying. I think every time we remember someone we've loved and lost, their legend lives on in our hearts, and I reckon God passes the message on.

    You're never too old to learn. Promise :)

    1. You definitely may adopt Nora Pearl as your on-line kitten! No allergies that way! And I, too, still have a Ruby-shaped hole in my heart and always will. There will never be another Ruby.
      Once volleyball season is over, life will be quieter! Only two more weeks!
      My mom would have been all about that party! That was a room full of some of her very favorite people in the whole world!
      Let's hope you're right!

  8. That dress is fabulous and Emma looks gorgeous in it.

    Your new birthday present looks so adorable, I hope you have many happy years with her :)

    1. Thank you so much! She had such a great night!
      Miss Nora Pearl is adorable and rotten!

  9. I too find the start of the school year to be overwhelming and I don't even teach! There's just always so much happening. Plus, add another job to the mix and forget it. Hope things settle down a bit for you.

    Your daughter is beautiful. Glad she had a great time at homecoming.

    Love, love, love the new kitty.


    1. We're a month into the school year now, so I'm hoping we're close to having our routines down in both classes (wishful thinking).
      Thank you so much! She really looked like a princess!
      Me, too, unless she's biting my nose!

  10. What a great birthday present to yourself. Nora Pearl is adorable! Is there a story to her name?

    Your get together with your "other mothers" and friends sounds wonderful. When we lost my mom a number of years ago, the best salve for our wounded hearts was to be able to talk about her. It sounds like your friends provided just what was needed.