Sunday, May 8, 2016

Thankfuls Plus A Challenge From Ruby

This marks the first week with no Ruby in the house. It's the start of a new normal that isn't normal at all, and I don't like it one bit, which leads me to my list of thankfuls for this week.

1. Pete and Fletcher would like to express their thankful to be the only cats in the house once again. Harsh, I know, but Pete was actually terrified of her, thinly veiling it as hating her, and Fletcher tolerated her but longed for the days when he was the ONLY cat in the house. They are ALL OVER ME, and it's not because they feel bad for me; they are thrilled to regain lap space. 

2. I got to snuggle a little bitty baby this week. He was maybe two months old, and chubby cheeked and sleepy and smelled delicious. It was good for my soul.

3. At our high school's International Thespian Society banquet, the kids dress in costumes. This year's theme was "decades." (Last year, it was musical theater, and my daughter dressed as a character from Matilda, the Musical.) I am thankful that probably seven or eight years ago, I had the foresight to pick up a vintage 1980s prom dress at a rummage sale and tuck it away, in case Emma ever needed to dress in, well, a 1980s prom dress.

4. Not only did she look DARLING, she came home with the Best Actress award! Pretty nice fete for only a junior!

5. Emma wants me to write about her part in the spring musical, and with Ruby and the A to Z Challenge, I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I'm thankful she actually WANTS to be included in the blog.

6. The A to Z Challenge is OVER. It was fun, but stick a fork in me!

7. Two more Mondays for this school year!

8. My husband would have probably cheerfully strangled me twice this week (twice that I know of, anyway) and didn't. The first time was last Friday evening, when I forgot I had to work Saturday morning at my picture taking side gig, and we were on our way to spend the weekend at the lake house and bury Ruby while we were there. Oops. The second time was yesterday morning when we were almost to the gates at Silver Dollar City and I realized that, while I had my and Emma's season passes, my husband's was still in an envelope in my room at the lake house. He dropped us off (not cheerfully AT ALL), drove back to the house, got the pass, then headed back and got stuck in traffic. What would be a 20 minute trip each way with no traffic turned into a two HOUR round trip. Oops again. Fortunately, by the time he got there, he had cooled off considerably.

Me at Silver Dollar City in 1965. My cousin
Cynthia is behind me.

9. I cannot express how thankful I am for the kindness of so, so many friends during Ruby's sudden illness and death. I have received the sweetest, kindest notes and messages and gestures, and each and every one means the world to me. Ruby was a special kitty; there will never be another like her.  This leads me to...

10. ...a very special note and gesture that I received from my high school friend Ruth. She was a year older than me in school, and she was beautiful and talented (still is) and one of the nicest people I've ever known. Having recently lost a beloved cat herself, she knew exactly what I was going through with the sudden loss of Ruby, so in honor of my Ruby girl, she and her husband made a donation of cat food to their local humane society. I was absolutely overcome by their caring gesture, and it made me want to do something, too.

In remembrance of my sweet Ruby, and for hungry, homeless animals in shelters everywhere, I have personally declared Wednesday, May 11, as For Love of Ruby day, and I would like to encourage you to purchase a bag or two of cat or dog food (we are all about diversity) and donate it to your local animal shelter. Take a picture and post it on Twitter or Facebook, tag me, and also use #ForLoveOfRuby in your post. Help my heart heal by helping other animals waiting for their forever homes. 

Our linky thingy didn't work this week, so link your posts directly to the Ten Things of Thankful Facebook page.


  1. wonderful suggestion... I'm on it - not sure if I can get done on Wednesday but for sure over the weekend.

    wonderful thankfuls - hope you have a wonderful mother's day and lovely week ahead

    as for me I am band from the kitchen - stuck in the family room until breakfast is ready

    it is 12:30 - soon i know something smells good. :)

  2. "For the Love of Ruby" Day--what a good idea! I'm going to share this with my daughter, and see if she can help get the word out, too.

  3. "For the Love of Ruby" Day--what a good idea! I'm going to share this with my daughter, and see if she can help get the word out, too.

  4. I'm sorry for your loss. A day in honor of beloved Ruby that will help animal shelters is a wonderful tribute to your dear pet. Glad your lap is still full of cat. :)

  5. Sounds like a grand idea. Might I say bunny food might be an appropriate choice as well? Many bunnies hit the shelters about this timeframe following Easter.

  6. Great idea, Dyanne. And Ruth!
    Congratulations Emma!! The 80s were the BEST, and not just for the fashion.
    Oh how I would have wanted to hurt you if I were your husband. You are lucky to have such a patient, understanding husband. :)
    I just realized last night that my 8th grader only has 10 days left of school. Daggum this year went fast!

  7. Congratulations to Emma. Christine is right, the 80s were awesome.
    Dyanne, I have frequently done things like the season pass oops and it drives my Husband insane. But he still loves me and I'm thankful for that. :D
    We are definitely in the pet food game. Rottens aren't due for food until next week, but I'll take a trip to the pet store special just for Ruby. Absolutely.

  8. Wow, Emma did BRILLIANTLY! Good for her.

    I'm so glad you had some thankfuls this week, even in a new normal you don't like. Well done to your husband for keeping his cool - I nearly lost mine this week when a 10 minute journey over doubled because of silly traffic. And HOORAY for your A-Z completing.

    I love the idea of helping animal shelters ForLoveofRuby - what a wonderful idea :D

  9. Congrats Emma!!! I got the rubester covered those old boys