Sunday, May 22, 2016

Rain And Summer And More

Long week. Long, Week. Looooooong weeeeeeeek. 

That's not necessarily a negative; it's just an observation. Here are my Ten Things of Thankful for this week:

1. It rained and rained and rained this week. While I'd rather have my rainfall spread out over a matter of weeks or months, it's been pretty dry here, and I guess anything that whittles down the precipitation deficit is a good thing.

2. No severe weather, though.

3. School is OVER! Hello, summer vacation! I have BIG PLANS for you!

4. #ForLoveOfRuby continues with donations to local animal shelters by my friend (since junior high) Melody and her daughter Brianna, and by my blog friends Lisa and Eunice (better known as Tigermouse) for their donations. Also thank you to Kristi's daughter for spreading the word among her cat-loving friends in California. I'll never actually know how many people made donations in Ruby's memory, but I am forever humbled by everyone's generosity.

5. My friend Cathy sent me a picture of a kitten needing a home. OHMYGOODNESS! What a face! I haven't said yes, but I haven't ruled it out yet, so I must be healing.

6. I finally found my mattress pad! (Seriously, how does one lose a queen sized mattress pad in the first place?) I then was able to take the electric mattress pad off the bed and put the regular one on and summer could commence to summering. 

7. Know what happens as soon as you decide it's warm enough to take the electric mattress pad off the bed? It turns cold and rainy (see #1, above). Lucky for me, I now have two VERY LARGE cats who have taken to sleeping at my feet now that Ruby's gone, plus I have a warm, fuzzy blanket (gift from my LA work friends when I had my bilateral mastectomy four years ago) that is always at the ready, and I put that blanket into service (with no complaints from the two big lugs at the foot of the bed).

8. Preschool graduation went off without a hitch, as in no one cried, no one threw up (although I was a little uneasy about that one, as one of my students, in fact, DID throw up the day before; as a side note, she was very proud of herself that she made it to the bathroom and didn't break Miss Dyanne's #1 rule of Don't Throw Up In Miss Dyanne's Classroom) and no one wet their pants.

9. My parents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week. We will OFFICIALLY celebrate their anniversary, along with my mother's 84th birthday, over Memorial Day weekend at the lake house.

10. I got my hair cut. I got A LOT of my hair cut. I think I like it.

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Joplin tornado, when an EF-5 tornado tore through the center of town, destroying or damaging nearly one-third of the town and killing 161 people. The world came to our rescue, and there can never be enough thankfuls for the thousands of volunteer hours as a result. We will never forget.

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  1. I want to know what your BIG PLANS are!
    (Just as a little correction, I am in California, my daughter is in Washington, and I think her cat friends are all over the place--who knows just how far #ForLoveofRuby has gone?!)

  2. Whenever you mention the tornado, the only think I can think of is merchandise from the 'adult' store scattered everywhere.

    PS - That kitten has a very sweet face.

  3. the kitten is adorable is it a he or her....

    wow summer begun awesome - 60 years my parents too... have a great time at the lake house...

    i remember driving home from work when i heard about the tornado-I prayed for everyone there; i felt so bad...

    so fast forward to when i found your blog and i thought wow i remember that

    then i know this is so weird and probably so not right

    a couple of years ago or last year my knuckle brains family was watching this reality show about a father and daughter team that goes to peoples homes that are haunted -

    yup there was a family in Joplin featured and mentioned that after the tornado strange things were felt in their home....supposedly a spirit was trapped in a mirror.

    i think you may find this a bit hysterical and ironic too.

    Yes i got suckered in watching the show because well i was thinking really all that devastation and you had a ghost.

    you can't make this stuff up. LOL

    oh the haircut is gorgeous...

  4. Yay summer break!!! What big plans do you have, and most importantly, do any of them include Indiana?
    Love the haircut!!
    Congratulations to your parents!!

  5. Happy anniversary to your parents. 60 years together is amazing.
    That kitten is gorgeous! So cute. Say yes.

  6. I love your hair cut. It is young and sassy. So, I am saying it is perfect for you.
    I gotta also say if that does not look like a Dyanne cat, then I just don't know what does. I will be looking for photos of the two of you in next week's post because I totally think it is on!

  7. Your haircut is adorable. Easy and sassy - the best kind. The weather has been rainy all around I think. I took my sandals out of the attic a couple of weeks ago and still have not been able to wear them. Let summer come a'summerin" Happy Birthday to Mom and Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad.

  8. OMG! That kitten looks so adorable you've just got to say yes! Ruby will never be forgotten but he/she will help with the heart-healing - and it's as if Ruby has sent him/her to you.

    Love the new haircut, it really suits you - and Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad :)

  9. I love that you celebrate no pee and no puke. I totally get that. Your haircut is awesome. I love it! Sassy is definitely the word.
    Get the cat - Ruby sent her. I know it. The boys will deal.

  10. Big summer vacation plans...I am intrigued. Sounds exciting, whatever they are.
    Any graduation without vomit is a plus.