Tuesday, April 26, 2016

V is for Vase (2016 Version)

Is it obvious to anyone else that I'm about over doing Pinterest challenges? Today, it's another easy project that I honestly didn't think would work anyway. I also forgot that LAST year, I ALSO did V is for Vase, but I don't even care.

Here's the pin:


Supplies needed were a glass jar, chalky paint, acrylic paint, and twine. I had everything except the chalky paint, so yay. Here's what you do:

Paint the outside of the jar with the chalky paint.

If you use a wide mouth job, you can stick your hand inside for ease of painting. 

Don't forget the bottom edge.

Dry it upside down. (Duh!)

Notice that one coat really isn't sufficient.  Read in the directions that the pinner added a second coat, even though she said one coat looked fine, and she did it only a few minutes after painting the FIRST coat, because the chalky paint dries really fast.

Believe her and start the second coat after about fifteen minutes.

Find out that the paint was most certainly NOT dry and make a goobered up part on the jar. make a mental note to turn that part towards the back.

Add the second coat a few HOURS later.

Just to be REALLY REALLY SAFE, don't paint on the face until the next day.

Apply Alene's Tacky Glue around the mouth of the jar and wrap it with twine.

Cute. Springy. Eastery.



  1. Cute. Would be an easy way to decorate for Easter. You could even do other designs and colors for different holidays.

    Weekends in Maine

    1. I wanted to make a chick, but the store was out of yellow chalky paint.

  2. Youve done valiently well with pintrest ing for the whole month.

  3. I'd be afraid water from the flowers would get on that paint and cause it all to run. How about a couple coats of something or other. Not that I am ever going to make a jar vase. Although I do have a cupboard full of jars that need to have something done with them.

    Almost done! Did you do the same vase last year? I bet not.

    Finding Eliza

    1. Well, I never thought about it getting wet and running. I don't know what a varnishy coat would look like on the chalky paint. Silk flowers all the way, then!
      I forgot that I did a vase for "V" last year until it was too late to turn back. That one was a painting technique with Elmer's glue and food coloring on clear glass to make it look like depression glass. It did not work so well.