Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is for Doughnut Waffle

I pretty much thought I was all that, because I had my first two A to Z Challenge posts written two weeks before the Challenge began. Then "D" came along, and I realized I had absolutely NOTHING.

I had ideas. There was a necklace I was going to try, but I couldn't find the materials, and I'd waited too long to order them online. Then I thought I'd do a decoupage project, but I couldn't find anything around the house I was willing to commit to a life of being decoupaged by a rank amateur. 

Scrolling through Pinterest last night, I found it:


Doughnuts? Good.

Waffles? Good.

Doughnut Waffles? DELIGHTFUL!

Naturally, I didn't have all the ingredients. (My husband has said repeatedly that I should have my own show on the Food Network where I try to cook stuff without reading through the entire recipe first, since I do it so often.)

These little waffley bites are coated with a maple glaze, and I needed REAL maple syrup. We use the NOT real maple syrup at our house, so after I got out of a meeting at 8:00 last night, I stopped at the Neighborhood Market for maple syrup, where I found out WHY we use the not-real stuff; it was $8.98 for a bottle!

Once home, I fired up the waffle iron and mixed the ingredients: sugar, salt, baking powder, flour, egg, butter, vanilla and milk. The directions specifically said to "whisk" the ingredients together, and it said the batter would be thick, but it was rather like whisking cement, and it gave me a bad feeling, but I checked the pictures included with the recipe, and it showed a batter that looked closer to dough in consistency.

My whisk will never be the same again.

I used a cookie dough scoop to blop the dough batter doughbatter onto the waffle iron and made the glaze of melted butter, powdered sugar, liquid gold pure maple syrup and a little bit of milk, and I will tell you right now that it was so good, I would have eaten every drop with a spoon.

Blogs of doughbatter.

They LOOK like the picture....

As soon as the little wafflettes came off the waffle iron and were cool enough to touch comfortably (I took them off with my fingers, which is probably stupid), I dipped them in the glaze. 

Mmmmmaple glaze.

I tried the first one.

The glaze hitting my tongue was heavenly. Then I bit into the doughnut waffle. Daffle? Doughwaffle? 

It *cough cough* was a little *cough cough* dry.

I coated BOTH sides of the doughnut waffle with glaze.

Still very dry. Heavy. And chewy, but not in a good way. And, with the exception of the glaze, not very sweet.

I added a little more milk to the doughbatter.

No change in taste or texture.

When I had made them all, I offered a few of them to my husband.

He cheerfully took a bite, started to chew, and then chewed slower and slower. 

"It's kind of...dry," he said, trying to be nice.

"Yeah, that's what I thought, too. But the GLAZE is delicious!"

"It's not enough to help these," said my husband (as he managed to choke down all three of them).

I took them to preschool the next morning and asked for honest opinions. Every critique was the same.

"They're kind of dry," and "They're not sweet enough."

My friend Melissa said it best.

"They don't taste like a waffle OR a doughnut. I'd rather have a waffle or a doughnut."

Yep, that about sums it up.

Pinterest fail.

"D" is for dammit, those were disappointing!


  1. Bummer. It sounded genius! Though that glaze sounds absolutely to die for. So hang on to that recipe.

    And pure maple syrup is sooo worth it. It doesn't get that super sticky thick mess. Plus, they just claimed pure maple syrup as a superfood, packed with antioxidants great for metabolism. Can't say the same thing about that fake high fructose corn syrup stuff. :) And the flavor. Yum. Worth every penny.

    1. I always thought I didn't like maple. Come to find out, I don't like maple FLAVORING. The real stuff is delish! I think the glaze on regular ol' waffles would be really good.
      Have you ever seen the Pinterest thing where you cook canned cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron? Don't. They're like cinnamon hockey pucks.

    2. I have not and I will take your word for it! Glad you have found the liquid gold and all of it glory!

  2. I don't know why, but the color of the dough displays as green on my phone, and at first I thought you were still trying to use up avocado! Too bad this was a pinterest fail--it sounded so good!

    1. No. More. Avocado! My countertop is hunter green. Maybe that affected the color somehow?
      It DID sound good, didn't it? The glaze was to-die-for, though!

  3. Lol! That is funny! Great post! I'm almost always an epic fail at cooking. Loved the way you described it. They sounded wonderful in the beginning. Your husband: bless his heart! :)

    Fun post. Glad I stopped by...

    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Michele! I loved watching everyone's face that tried them, because they were really trying hard to say something nice, and instead the waffles were so dry they couldn't talk!

  4. AW Man! That sounded really good. Real Liquid Gold is great for my metabolism, or so they say. I'm pretty bummed these were a fail, because I know someone who could have whipped some right up!

    I'm guessing that 8 o'clock meeting was a Pinterest Anonymous thing, yeah? Thought so...

    1. That glaze on regular waffles would be sooooo good!

      WORSE than PA. It was a show choir booster club meeting.

  5. My mom says if i had a cooking show it would be called the half-assed chef.

    1. Perfect title! Maybe the Food Channel would give us a show! We could be like the anti-Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger!

  6. I'm laughing at Zoe's comment. Those Pinterest ideas look fab in the pictures. Maybe you could put the maple glaze on something else. That part's a win. Val from My Virtual Vineyard

    1. They could have been used as sidewalk pavers. But that glaze! That glaze!

  7. aww they looked really good and yummy. i know maple syrup is very pricey. I usually buy the maple syrup because in a strange way i think its healthier, being that it comes from one source.

    so for presentation it was a win and for delivery not so much:)

    1. Just make waffles and be done with it!
      I've heard something about pure maple syrup being one of those "superfoods" whatever that means. It would surely be better for you than processed maple flavored syrup, which I have never cared for anyway.
      That pretty much sums it up!

  8. Found your maple glaze and it sounds delicious. Sorry the waffles weren't quite as successful, but maybe you can use the glaze on something else next time? I love that your husband ate three of them while complaining that they were dry.

    Weekends In Maine

    1. The glaze! Oh, the glaze!
      And yeah, my husband's a real trouper....