Sunday, February 28, 2016

Daffodils! Already! And More Thankfuls

I hate wind. It can be really hot or really cold or really rainy and I can deal with it, but when you throw in really windy, then I'm done. Wind messes with my sinuses and gives me an ear ache. 

Today has been windy, as in blow-the-car-door-shut-while-you're-standing-between-it-and-the-car windy. As in Dyanne-stays-in-the-house-and-enjoys-the-sunshine-from-the-comfort-of-her-chair windy. And she also writes her Ten Things of Thankful:

1. Spring in February. It ain't fittin'. It jes' ain't fittin'. (Prize to the first person who knows what movie that's from and who said it.) But it's still so very nice not to have had a horribly cold winter, because I really hate the cold.

2. The daffodils are up! The daffodils are up!

One bloom, many buds.

3. I'm getting excited about the A to Z Challenge! I didn't do a big theme-reveal, but if you didn't already know it, my theme this year, once again, will be Pinterest challenges. If you would like to submit Pinterest pins for me to try, please send them to me, especially if you can come up with one for "X". And "V". And "I". "K". "L"....

4. My new athletic shoes arrived, so no excuses for not going to the gym anymore. Is that really a thankful?

5. I finally caved to the fact that just because you spent a lot of money on shampoo that you (meaning your daughter) thought would be the BEST for your hair because it was sulfate-free, it is okay to give it away (or throw it away if no one else wants it) when you discover it never seems to completely wash out and leaves your hair feeling rather gummy, especially the part just above the nape of your neck, where your hair is the thickest (or mine is, anyway). 

6. I am thankful for sulfates in shampoo, whatever they are. 

7. I went out to dinner and to a movie with two friends on Friday night. We laughed. We talked. We ate. It was good for my soul.

8. I sat on bleachers for over eight hours yesterday afternoon and evening at a show choir competition and was able to get up and walk afterwards with minimal lurching.

One of her friends took this last night.

9. I only hurt myself once this week, and that was when I was holding a sad four year old on my lap at school and thought I could reach up and get the flag for the Pledge of Allegience without getting out of my chair, resulting in a muscle spasm in my lower back. It was preventable, I suppose, by I still stand by my decision of cuddling that little girl when she needed it.

10. Daffodils. Seriously. 

Less than 24 hours later, BOOM!

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  1. HOLLAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! I GOT FRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE wind. In theory. When I don't care about my hair.
    We found our first crocus today!!!
    Gone With The Wind. That's my guess. I'm so tempted to look it up. It's so familiar. GWTW is my guess.

  3. Frankly my... Gone With the Wind but i was beat good answer Miss Sarah ... :( wind messes my hair and i get earaches too i like it from inside my house... lovely daffodils :)

    1. Someone who understands my pain! When we lived at the beach in Ventura, it was always, always windy. I had to wear these little ear covers when I went to the beach when the weather was cool at all, especially when riding a bike.

  4. I still haven't seen Gone With The Wind, and really had no clue what to guess. 'Something Southern' was as close as I was ever going to get.

    HOORAY for your daffodils! May many many more follow them, and LOTS of warmer weather, and LESS WIND!

    V. Vegan-something-lovely-like-maybe-pie

  5. Gone with the Wind. Pretty sure it was Mammy.

    1. Did you do that on purpose, referencing that particular movie on such a windy day?
      It was ridiculously windy today. Normally, I don't like such a strong wind unless I'm inside listening to it rattle the windows, but today, I was OK with it. I'll take 65 and sun and wind over 35 and no wind. At least in February I will.
      I hate that feeling of hair not feeling clean after washing it.
      Now that I am of a certain age, and with so many kids now participating in so many sports that require my butt to be on a stadium bleacher, I broke down and bought a stadium bleacher seat. The kind that has a back on it. Best investment I ever made. Seriously.

    2. If only I were that clever!
      As much as I hate cold, I'll take cold and still over warm and windy.
      I guess you don't want the prize shampoo, huh?
      Okay, these were actual seats, but they were just molded plastic and my butt was numb after that long.

  6. The one that speaks to me is being able to walk without lurching after sitting so long. Do you have a big girl chair in your classroom? About two years before I retired I started using a big girl chair. It was the beginning of the end.

    1. I have a big girl chair. I used to sit in a kid chair at circle time, but the floor is carpeted, and it always annoyed me that I could scoot the chair around while sitting in it and always wished for a rolly chair. Then I got a used rolly chair a couple of years ago. I'm having a blast with it!

  7. I love Gone with the Wind, but not so much do I love being nearly blown off my feet by wind.
    What movie did you see?
    Love flowers, meaning spring. Bring them on.
    Hope you have a lovely week.

    1. Exactly! Movie - yes. Weather - no.
      We saw How To Be Single. Chick Flick.
      I'm waiting for the hyacinths to come up, because they smell so lovely!
      Thanks, Kerry! You, too!

  8. damn! 8 hours on a bleacher? I probably couldn't do it, never mind be all rumpled up when trying to walk away from it.
    I don't believe I've actually seen the movie (GWTW)

    1. I'm still amazed I sat there that long and didn't have to get up and go to the bathroom. That should have been a thankful all its own!

  9. Scrolling scrolling not reading and skipping comments to say the line is from Gone With the Wind.
    Back to reading...

  10. OK, I also hate wind and I love love love daffodils. See? Destined to be friends.
    I love that you held your little student. I think I probably never felt that way about my students. Maybe that's why I left. Of course they were teenagers, so, whole different world in so many ways.
    Anyway. New athletic shoes are definitely cool but I can't say mine motivate me to exercise. I'm the pink bird in that picture. :D

    1. Just another of the many reasons we're friends, Lisa!
      She was soooo sad. One of those rough mornings that little ones have sometimes, and she melted my heart.
      I still haven't actually exercised, but I did wear the shoes to the store and they didn't hurt my heel, so there's that.
      You are NOT the pink bird. That's me.