Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Wicked List of Thankfuls

I have a cat sprawled across my arms as I try to write this week's Ten Things of Thankful, so I shall make them brief, as I can't reach anything beyond the actual alphabet portion of my keyboard:

1. I'm pretty sure my A to Z Challenge shall be a Pinterest Challenge once again. Please send me your ideas, especially if you've got any good ones for some of those more troublesome letters.

2. My daughter and I went to Springfield to see Wicked with my daughter's friend and her mother. I knew very little about the play, other than it was about the witches from Wizard of Oz. Wow! Those girls had some pipes, and I loved the way they tied the play to the Wizard of Oz. If you're a fan of musicals, go see it, if you ever have a chance. 

Silly girls.

3. I might, MIGHT, have forgotten to put my contacts in Sunday morning before we went to see Wicked. I didn't realize it until I was halfway across town to pick up our friends (my eyes have improved, a product of old age, but I'm still restricted on my driver's license - oops!). I didn't want to make us late to the play, as we had to drive over an hour to get to Springfield, so I decided to forge on and make the best of it. Our theater seats were in the rafters, so I don't think it would have made a huge difference as far as seeing the stage, but the drive home in the dark would have been a little less intense if I'd had them in. Bottom line: we made it! I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was weaving around quite a bit as I drove, but that had nothing to do with the fact that I couldn't see and everything to do with the 30 mph winds that were hammering us the entire way home.

It was a looooong way down to the stage.

4. That one's worth two. Fight me if you disagree.

5. We had Valentine parties at preschool this week. Both days went without a hitch, other than there were (a) parties with (b) too many adults in the room and (c) an overwhelming assortment of snacks.

6. Each child makes and brings a Valentine box to school for valentine delivery. I made a pig box the first year I taught, and fifteen years later, I'm still using it. This year, though, my pig inspired not one, but TWO of my boys to make pig boxes, too. How cute is that?!

The three little pigs.

7. Three cats in the same room with no hissing!

The boys on the couch in peaceful harmony
while Ruby keeps a respectful distance.

8. My daughter and I were in Springfield again today, and we filled our bellies with pho. Oh, my stars, it was good!

Eating pho is a different experience when you
aren't eating it outside in 90+ degree weather.

9. We also splurged on Hurt's Donuts. 

10. And the reason we celebrated with pho and donuts? WE FINALLY GOT A PROM DRESS! After nearly two and a half hours of trying on dresses, she found The One. It will have to be altered a little bit, as she is (sit back and let this wash over you) a size 00, and the dress was a GIGANTIC size 2. And a shout out to Alyssa at Norman's Bridal for the one-on-one attention and her infinite patience. 

Did you have the equivalent of FINALLY finding the right prom dress this week? Link up your thankfuls with us, this week and every week!

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  1. so…(in photo #1) is that you on the left? my own eyes are not what they used to me, but, I'll go with you on the left.

    oh, yeah…. FRIST

    1. FRIST!
      Bless you and your old eyes, Clark! That's my daughter's friend on the left. If only I really looked like a 16 year old!

  2. Hmmm. I always thought if a person was a size 0, it meant they weren't there. Apparently I was wrong, she looks stunning. Wicked is one of my favorite shows; we saw it with Lea Michele from Glee in it. Yes, some pipes. Good luck with the challenge. I'm not sure I'm up to recipe-ing this year, still thinking about it.

    1. I was BORN bigger than a size 0.
      Emma would have LOVED seeing Lea Michele in Wicked! She used to say she wanted to meet three people in the world: President Obama, Mother Theresa, and Lea Michele!
      Send me Pinterest Challenge ideas!

  3. good luck with the challenge - i loved the donut or bagel forehead...cracked me up.

    yay on the dress - size 00 i was that size once i also was 17 and did not fit in any teen size jeans so I get her hardship LOL

    the dress and daughter are stunning

    i am sure you are both relieved.

    pho dying to try it - one day I will

    have a great week :)

    1. Feel free to forward ideas from Pinterest to me for the Challenge. It takes a Village. (Sarah Summerlin found the bagel head pin for me last year.)
      She wears sweats a lot, so I didn't realize how really small she is until we tried on dresses.
      You must eat pho. Get it with the rare eye of round (the meat cooks in the bowl of hot broth - I hate rare meat, so this was important to me when I started to freak out about the rare meat...)

  4. I was once a size 2. I remember the days fondly. But in those grunge-y days, figure-flattering clothing was not really the thing. I wore teeny tank tops with oversize overalls and no bra.
    I will be sure to come up with absurd ideas for you.
    I had pho this week, too, and thought of you the whole time.
    I'm glad you made it home safe.

    1. Emma wears sweats a LOT, so I don't realize how small she really is, unless it's volleyball season and she's wearing spandex.
      I'm counting on you to forward those pins!
      We need to eat pho together!
      Me, too. I told Emma that it was probably best not to mention that I was driving without contacts the whole time.

  5. M or C....marshmallow catapult...i saw it last year on pintrest and wanted to make it but never got to it.

  6. Yay for no hissing.
    I have never been to a musical of any kind, but I hope to see one one of these days.

    1. The boys get along MOST of the time. Pete hates Ruby and usually hisses whenever she's in the room. Secretly, I think he is actually TERRIFIED of her.
      Oh, you love music so much, you need to go to a musical!

  7. Wicked is one of my favorite musicals! I'm glad you had a choice to enjoy it. Hurray for finding a prom dress! I look forward to your pinterest posts again. I used a pinterest hint the other day--did you know that hand sanitizer takes ink stains out of fabric? It really worked!

    1. Wicked was so good! I really want to see it again; I know I missed some things without my (ahem) contacts. BIG hurray for finding that dress! The consultant we worked with called prom dress shopping a competitive sport. And I did not know that hand sanitizer would take ink stains out of fabric, but I do have one for you: you can take a dry erase marker and use it to erase permanent marker off hard surfaces.

  8. Awwwh well done for finally getting the prom dress! That's awesome. Glad you got to celebrate. The piggy boxes are WAY cute, and honestly I'd never heard of valentine's boxes (or bags) until this weekend and T was talking about them for school this week! Still looking forward to hearing about (but not seeing *sob*) what he makes.

    Huzzah for you being safe. Live theatre is usually awesome, and I've heard lots of good things about Wicked :)

    1. Glad the prom dress can be crossed off our list. I have never had kids make a pig valentine box before, and I've used that same box every year that I've been there, so was actually touched that both boys made one.
      Some day, I hope to take Emma to NY so she can see a real Broadway musical on real Broadway. It's quite an experience!

  9. I love the cats' picture! It is a story on its own.

    1. It really is a story! We don't get a lot of peace and harmony from them.

  10. My mom told me she was going to see Wicked with my sister and 8 year old niece. I about spewed my water when she told me, seeing as how I read the book, and it was faaaaaar from being appropriate for a little girl. We looked it up and found that the play was drastically changed from the book. Phew.
    Prom dresses already? When is prom? My oldest has said he probably won't go. I'll be sad if he doesn't.
    I'm gonna have to try pho sometime...

    1. I didn't know it was a book. I'm going to have to read it.
      Prom dresses already. Besides the fact that they go fast, Emma has either a show choir competition or rehearsal for the spring musical every weekend from now until prom. Phoenix should go. Hey, can he be one of Emma's backup dates?
      Gotta eat the pho. We should do it together.

  11. I wonder how the sizing of clothes has changed over the years. The smallest size I ever remember seeing on the racks when I was young was a six, not that it was a fit for me. LOL I've never eaten Pho. It looks delicious. The invasion of the pig boxes on Valentines Day is so cute.

    1. I remember wearing a size 1 when I was in 6th grade and shopping for an Easter dress when I didn't want a "baby" dress anymore. I did not stay a 1 for long!
      Pho is delicious! It's a rich broth with noodles and some onions and then they drop raw, paper thin slices of eye of round in it after ladling it into a bowl. You poke it under with a chopstick and it cooks through and is very tender. They serve bean sprouts and cilantro and basil and jalapeno slices to put in it before eating, and I also like Sriracha sauce in mine.
      I love our three little pigs!

  12. I remember the days when I couldn't find clothing because I was a size 0. That was a long time ago. I remember my stepmother making my senior prom gown and being stunned at the smallness of my waist measurement. Not so much the case anymore. :D
    Emma's gown is beautiful! Love the color!
    Three cats in one room with no hissing? That's kind of amazing. How did you manage that? Send notes, please.