Sunday, December 20, 2015

Ten Things of Kittyful Thanks

A kittyful collection of thankfuls for this week's Ten Things of Thankful:

Kitties and boxes.
Fletcher can't resist a box. 

Same box, full of Pete.

Ruby's turn.

Kitties and Christmas trees (especially when the kitty is being picturesque and not climbing, getting stuck in, or knocking over the tree).

Fat kitties.


Sleepy kitties.

Precious princess....

Fat AND sleepy kitties.

I need a bigger lap.

Clean kitties.

Washing what he can reach....

1. Derail train. 2. Wash belly.

Fake kitties (really, you NEED to get the kitty collector app).

Kittylicious! How's your week? Got some thankfuls up your sleeve?

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  1. …as every experienced blogger will tell you, 'Claim FRIST, grasshopper, then come back and kill 'em with a great Comment.'

    ah Ruby and the… (was looking for some kind of Jack and the Beanstalk parallel construction…. but, damn! nothin)….

    you know the cool thing about the TToT? there are more people than I can count on one hand who might be thinking at this point, "yeah, and remember the year that Ruby climbed the Christmas tree and got tangled up and all?"
    Given the highly unlikely chance that we would have bumped into each other at the grocery store and became friends*, this internet is way, way cool.

    * unlikely that we would cross paths in a supermarket, not unlikely that we would become friends… natural affinity between scotts and clarks and all, ya know

  2. Fletcher might be the hugest cat I know of presently. Merry Christmas, Dyanne.

  3. No kitties here, but puppies, yes. (Actually Deedee is with Donna this week, so I'm down to one. Drexel doesn't seem to mind being an "only.")
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Another cute post. What a good idea.

  5. We have a kitty standing on the windowsill looking in at us. Too bad Bryan is allergic. As much as I like a barn cat, this cat doesn't seem to know where any of our barns actually are. We may have to find him a real home.
    I have a photo of Star as a four month old baby in which he looks eerily similar to that massively overweight cat.

  6. Lol rather your house than mine! I like the innocent look of having knocked the train over and pretending nothing happened.

  7. As a mom to four very furry felines I can so relate to this! We are assured of never being without plenty of laughs and loves. Your furkids are gorgeous!

  8. The "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?!" picture is amazingly frightening Dyanne! LOL
    Can't look at that picture. Yikes!
    "I need a bigger lap."? Yup. Now that's when fat cats come in handy...on cold, winter nights :D
    My how Ruby has grown. Why just yesterday she was an itty, bitty ball of fur.
    Have a fabulous, wonderful Christmas with family and felines Dyanne!

    P.S. There's a definite thing with cats and boxes and paper bags :D

  9. Are you kidding, me, Google??? Did you SERIOUSLY just eat my very good comment???
    I can't even.
    What did I say...
    I know I said I miss connecting with you lately. Need to change that.
    Cats - yes, cats and boxes. Ours do love a good box. Edgar, of course, attempted to squeeze his fatness into the smallest box in the room when we had them out to decorate. I always harass him about his fatness but when I see YOUR big He's just huge!
    Our cats have never gone up in the tree and that seems odd since most people's seem to do that. They do love being under it, however, in their little kitty cave. The minute the Hub had the tree up, all three scooted underneath.
    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I waanted a Christmas tree this year, but couldn't be sure my cat would leave it alone. So, being the creative woman she is, my mom just got me a cedar branch and attached it well to a chair. It still looks good, but Lumos can't mess with it.
    Gotta love cats though, and an entire post deovted to being thankful for them is a nice one.

  11. When we are neighbors in the home, your room will be overflowing with cats--mine with bunnies. The care takers will roll their eyes every time they have to come to our end of the hall because they will never know what ridiculous thing they might come across in one room or the other--or both. And we will be gleefully happy!