Saturday, December 12, 2015

Oooh! Ahhh! Christmas Lights And More Thankfuls

Shhhh! My family is still asleep and I'd like to keep it that way for a little longer. Here are some thankfuls for the week:

1. We drove to the lake house yesterday. No one has been here since my mom fell right before Halloween, but everything was fine.

2. My parents have really great neighbors across the street. They keep an eye on the place and have a key, just in case (for example, just in case there's a tornado warning, as we have a basement and they don't). They turned on the heat and set the thermostat very low, so if the weather takes a dive, the pipes won't freeze.

3. Ordinarily, I am not a big fan of unseasonable weather, but the 70 degree day yesterday made for a really nice visit to Silver Dollar City last night to enjoy their spectacular light display. We didn't have to wear coats and hats and gloves, which meant I didn't have to carry anyone else's coats and hats and gloves when they didn't want to wear them.

4.  While there are shows to be seen at Silver Dollar City, such as a production of "It's A Wonderful Life," our plan was just to walk through the park, enjoy the lights, and get the free pewter ornaments we earned by using our season passes the correct number of times (don't ask me what that number is, because I have no idea; I just know that we qualified). I asked the kids if there was anything else they really wanted to do while we were there, and they both said, in unison, "decorate cookies" (we've only been doing this since College Boy was about 3, and I'm sure somewhere I have pictures to prove it, but I'm not where the pictures are, so use your imagination about how cute he was as a little guy, frosting a cookie with green [always green] frosting and sprinkles and devouring it.)

5. Turkeys were on sale for 73 cents a pound, so I bought two for the freezer.

6. The College Boy is finished with finals and home for a whole month.

7. He brought his (REALLY BIG) tv home with him, carefully packing it in the original packaging for the trip, fretting over making sure it stayed upright, per warnings on the box, carried it inside the house, set it in the living room, next to a wing-back chair that contained one Ruby, and was in the process of carrying some things up to his room when there was a big WHOMP from the living room. He returned to find Ruby sitting on the arm of the chair and the tv jelly-side down on the floor next to her. Hysteria ensued, and he rushed the tv up to his room to make sure it still worked, vowing there would be one less cat in the house if it didn't. It did, and Ruby's place in the family is still secure.

8. Emma and I are enjoying the perks of Area Appreciation pricing and going to see a music show tonight. (Branson is known for its music shows, among other things.) This is a big deal, because we don't go to shows; that's for tourists, as far as we're concerned; besides, tickets are pretty pricey. She and I are going to see The Haygoods, whom we love, and we will wish my Person and her daughters were with us, because we never would have gone to see them the first time if it weren't for them. Two thankfuls for the price of one!

9. I don't have pneumonia. I do have bronchitis (its name is Dayn). 

10. I didn't have to go to the doctor to get a diagnosis. We had our preschool Christmas program Thursday night, and Dayn the Cold, which started on Monday, had turned into Dayn the Horrid Cough and Dayn the Laryngitis. One of my preschool moms (yay for awesome preschool moms) is a nurse who is also studying to be a nurse practitioner. She brought her stethoscope to school the next morning and listened to my chest, pronounced that it was tight (it's been making a weird noise when I breathe), but it wasn't pneumonia. Whew!

Work hard and find some thankfuls for the week. If I can do it, so can you!

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  1. Those lights are beautiful! I think it's sweet that your kiddos enjoy cookie decorating--what a great tradition!
    I hope you can breathe easy soon.

  2. Your kiddos are still cute as a button that they resort to old tradition! Hope you feel better soon...

  3. I love the Ruby story, or is it a TV story, or a college boy story? I imagine Ruby perceived that TV in her space. Glad it turned out okay. We are going to visit a village in PA next week with beautiful lights. Hope my pictures turn out as well as yours. FEEL BETTER!

  4. hope your feeling better soon... the lights are gorgeous; I'm sure long island has areas like that I know a girl scout camp does something like that... and we have Jones beach light show ...but we get or make a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea to go get in our car and drive around the neighborhood... it's nice and cozy.

    love that your kids still wanted to decorate a cookie and that the TV is fine and that Ruby lives to tell the story....

    enjoy the show and feel, rest and drink plenty of fluids :)

  5. Oh good grief, Ruby! So glad the tv was alright, and YAY to College Boy being back in the fold for a month. The cookies story is cute, and I'm glad you all do such lovely family-tradition things together. I think this Christmas is going to be the last one for a while, where I get to be involved in family traditions! We'll see...

    I hope Dayn GOES AWAY SOOOOON! And that you keep finding thankfuls and ways to embetter other people's Christmases, and make yours the best happy one it can be xoxox

  6. I've been really enjoying our milder weather this December too - the fog not so much because laundry on the line does not dry in fog. I actually think it gets wetter.

    Bronchitis is better than pneumonia, but I hope all of it goes away for your holidays.

    The lights are beautiful. We have a display here but I've never had much luck with taking night pictures.

  7. I always loved light displays around this time of year. It's harder now that my vision has decreased, but they are still beautiful.
    Ah, mother's job is to hold her children's stuff.
    Ooh, bronchitis isn't nice, but thankful it's not pneumonia. That's perspective right there.

  8. Love your photos of Christmas lights.
    Oh, those college Christmas breaks! The best. No one came to spend a month with me this year so we descended on one of the girls for two weeks. We are now on the count down, and I don't think I will be ready to leave!