Saturday, August 29, 2015

Back To Work, Back To Fall Sports, Thankfully

I went back to work this week, and even though I really think God intended me to be a lady of leisure, whiling away my days reading and writing and baking cookies and pies and stuff, my husband thinks otherwise. So while Ruby is missing me terribly, it's back to the salt mines for me (do they have snacks and recess and hugs from preschoolers in salt mines?). How about I give you my Ten Things of Thankful for the week?

1. I work with a great bunch of women, so if I HAVE to work, at least it's with people I like!

2. I could not ask for two better assistant teachers. There are what seems to be a million things that need to be done in order to get the room ready for students, and about 999,999 of them wouldn't get done without the two of them. 

I spent HOURS making frogs to go on birthday party
blowers so it would look like the frog was sticking
its tongue out. HOURS. HOURS AND HOURS.
This was the one thing I did by myself....

3. My Primary class changed rooms this year, and I'm THRILLED! The new room is much smaller than my old one, but it's next door to my Pre-K room; no more trips up and down the hall between the Pre-K room and the Primary room to get supplies or books or whatever else I forgot or needed. I'm thankful, and so are my feet!

4. In spite of many recent bat sightings in our building, I didn't have a single one all week. No lizards, either.

5. I pulled a bookshelf out in my new-to-me room so I could vacuum behind it, and what I thought was a bean from a sensory table kept trying to crawl away from the suction of the vacuum cleaner. I used my college degree to deduce that that was no bean, IT WAS A SPIDER, a BIG one, but as long as it stayed near the baseboard, the vacuum couldn't pick it up, so QUICK THINKER THAT I AM, I picked up a nearby hammer (yes, a hammer) that I had been using to fix said bookshelf and, well, I won't have to worry about THAT spider any more. (Before anyone gets all self-righteous about Living Things, I would like to point out that this was a brown recluse spider AND THEY ARE VERY, VERY VENOMOUS.)

6. Volleyball started this week. I won't say I'm thrilled with the amount of playing time my daughter is getting, because she deserves better, but it's still a joy to watch her and her team work together, win or lose (they did one of each this week).

7. My daughter is a pretty tough cookie, but she was upset about Tuesday night's game, and afterwards, one of her coaches, who is not ordinarily a touchy-feely kind of person, took one look at her face and wrapped her arms around her in a big hug, speaking kind words to her and helping take the edge off of a bad night.

8. It's Friday Night Lights time again! Our first home football game was this weekend, the weather was perfect, neither too hot nor too cold, the stands were full, I had a delightful evening with my fellow bleacher buddies, and the evening ended with a Joplin Eagles WIN.

9. One of our best football players and a good friend of my daughter's was injured during the game. It happened on the far side of the field, in front of the visitor's stands, and it took us awhile to figure out who was hurt. The trainers, coaches and the two orthopedic surgeons who are at the games were out on the field with the player, which didn't look good, but when they sent for his mom to come out, we knew it was potentially serious (a sweet note: as Joe's mom came out of the stands and started walking out onto the field, one of our players left the sideline and went over to her and accompanied her - my heart!). He was loaded onto a stretcher and Gatored over to an ambulance. The rumor mill, aka the student section, had his leg practically severed below the knee, but the good news is it ended up being a Grade 2 sprain (I have no idea what that means), and he will be out for a few weeks but should be as good as new after that. 

10. There is an awesome buy one/get one free coupon for one of our favorite* frozen custard places in town that is printed on the football programs,** so my husband and I went there after the game and had a little treat. 

*There are three frozen custard stands in town, and any one of them could be our favorite at any given time, although we're particularly partial to whichever one is offering buy one/get one free coupons.

**I may or may not have dug around in a trash can to get more coupons.

How did your week shape up? Do any dumpster diving? Kill anything with a hammer? Join us in the Ten Things of Thankful by linking your post up below.

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  1. I, too, prepped my room for back to school this week. Good luck in your new school year:)

  2. I was working in my shed today, and every time I saw a spider scurrying away I would think "I hope that wasn't a brown recluse spider". Personally I take great joy in killing any and all spiders - you should see me dancing around in joy while I'm spraying spider ban and watching all those nasty shitting spiders do their death drop. Yes I said shitting, because that's what they do on my siding and once on my arm.

  3. The frogs weren't real but the spiders were? Yuck. Dumpster diving sounds like a great way to cap off the summer.

  4. I did not kill anything with a hammer, but my daughter's friend was bitten by a brown recluse this year and it was a HORRIBLE bite! I will not chastise you for your hammering.

  5. I love those frog blowers. Starting school and prepping the school year is so much fun. Especially when you have creative assistants. Hope it's a good year and you still have time to share a Six Sentence Story.

  6. Luckily i had no call to kill anything with a hammer or otherwise but the bugs are just starting to come inside. The season is young.

  7. Good job on the frog thingies! And congrats on getting a better primary class room! It's all about being comfortable, right? :D
    Living in FL, I was always afraid of coming in contact with a recluse. The stories were really scary. Luckily I never did. But the spiders that were around? They were so big you could hear them coming LOL

  8. so you're in (a) part of the country where that culture archetype is real? (the Friday Night High School Football Game as part civic, part social and part entertainment).
    hammers are good… with the risk of bouncing back as the tendency (when killing spiders) is, once committed to the action, to put as much force into the blow as is physically and emotionally possible.

  9. I most assuredly would take hammer to a brown recluse. I've been spider-bitten before and those little buggers are not funny.
    New location for classroom, less walking for forgotten items (did that a thousand times when I was a "floater" way back when), great people to work with, no spiders...if it were that great where I was, I may have stayed. And no bats or lizards besides? That's a winner week!
    It's back to school for Zilla next week...I'm sitting here being excited and teary-eyed all at the same time. Good lord.

  10. So glad you killed the spider..I hate when they get away and you don't know where they are ! I do hear that Brown Recluse are bad news. I just don't understand why God couldn't make the earth awesome without bugs and flies, etc. Hopefully one day I will get to ask him that ! Sounds like a good beginning to a new school year for you. I am glad your daughter has a good coach. It is good to be competitive, but hard to let it all go sometimes and realize it just doesn't matter !

  11. I will not get self-righteous on you about the spider. Hammer away.
    Now I want frozen custard. On top of pretty much a liter of gazpacho.
    I was definitely meant to be a lady of leisure. And by that I mean not leisurely a bit but busy with my own self-monitored projects.

  12. Wonderful tens - I hope you have a great school year...your daughter has an awesome season, and I am almost sure that Ruby will eventually enjoy the quiet time...LOL

    we had frozen custard a weekend ago, we have one in our town; I had coffee with was yummy....go for all the coupons however you can its so worth it

    Hope the football player is okay and wishing a speedy recovery...a year ago this weekend Amelia broke her toes and my gosh everything about it it is still imprinted in my body...

    one more thing now that we are headed back to games and school and games I am looking forward to your bleacher picks. LOL :)

  13. Where was Lizzi when this spider was sighted?
    She would have made friends with it.
    I on the other hand would have just curled up in a ball and died because spiders and phobias and they're secretly carrying swords and they're ugly.
    I hope that the football player is ok. What a bummer to be injured so early in the season.
    I'm thankful that your first week is going good for you at school -- new class for the win!
    Kill all the spiders! Just don't tell Lizzi

  14. You know, I so wished Violet to have you as her teacher.. And Calvin in a few years as well.. Wanna come over?? Pay is rotten, but you'd get to teach the sweetest little stinkers ever (makes me remember, Violet farted on my leg tonight during story time..).

  15. A good coupon is worth going through the trash for!
    Injuries are the worst. There was one in my daughter's soccer game today, so scary!
    Glad the week was bat free!