Thursday, January 29, 2015

Redrum, or A Shining Example Of A Pinterest Project

Christmas was but just a blink ago, we've spent January making snowmen crafts at preschool, and now Valentine's Day is looming before us

Today, I planned to have the kids in my Primary Class make valentine hearts for the bulletin board. And because I don't like run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter-type craft projects (AND because I have an assistant teacher who is willing to give any project a try, at least once), we did a valentine project for the second year in a row (because we still haven't learned our lesson) and made a craft I found on Pinterest.

We made hearts with their footprints.

Read that again. We made hearts with their FOOTPRINTS. By painting their feet red. And sticking them down on paper.

And then washing their feet, sending them home with clean, but stained, toes.

Rumor has it that brushing paint
onto the bottom of a foot TICKLES.

First person who says it looks easy to do this
with three year olds gets to come to
my class next year and prove it.

Warm, soapy water, pink stained toes.
It only LOOKS like we're cleaning up
a crime scene.

Drying the tootsies, then putting the socks
back on (because 3 year olds can take
 them off, but they can't put them back on).

Our finished product.

Our Pinterest inspiration:


One piece of advice: don't attempt this alone, Mrs. Torrance.

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Pinterest inspired! Share a pin you actually tried.


  1. Cute little heart toes!

    1. Aren't they sweet? I love their fat little Fred Flintstone feet!

  2. Cute, cute!

    (Are you known as the feet-painting preschool teacher?)

    1. I do hands more than feet....
      We've made feet snowmen already this month. In March, we will make race cars out of feet. Then, I'm done.

  3. Ha. I've made footprint ghosts and penguins, but not hearts. Cute. Did you wash everyone's feet in the same water? You can do that with kids, adults-no way. Adorable project will look great on the bulletin board and steal everyone's heart.

    1. Same water. It's a small class, and two were gone, so we only had five to do. Last year, we did twelve kids. All in the same morning. I don't know how we did it!

  4. Cute cute cute! I have been the happy recipient of many projects like this...we have hearts, ghosts, reindeer, and a whole menagerie of pretty much anything you can imagine to make from hand and footprints. I love that they are a reminder of how tiny those prints were once...
    So from a mom on the other side...thank you to you and all the other preschool and Kindergarten teachers out there who bravely take on such jobs to bring us joy.
    Now I'm freaking crying...honestly.

    1. I love to use their handprints and footprints when possible. They're just so sweet! My kids are so used to having their hands painted that, when I call them to the table to work on ANY craft, they automatically hold their hand out to be painted.
      Watch the video clip. You'll cry for a different reason - that thing scares the crap out of me!

    2. Nope. Can't do it. I've seen the movie and I can not.

  5. Whenever I have painted children's feet----is it odd that I have many, many recollections of painting feet for different projects? No, it won't be odd to you, will it?! This is my safe place! Anyway...I always find it interesting how the kids react. Seems like I always had one neat freak kid who could not believe I was asking to paint their feet! Some kids just need to loosen up!~May

  6. Ohmigosh those are so precious! As a secondary teacher I never got to do cute things like that.

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  7. Those gifts are TREASURES!

  8. Nailed it!! They turned out so cute!!

  9. Cute! I remember doing painted feet crafts once at home, and you're right - it does tickle!