Friday, March 7, 2014

Thankful For Photo Bombing And Other Stuff

Last weekend was a waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop weekend. The weather forecasters had warned us of impending doom in the way of freezing rain, sleet and snow. When the storm finally rolled in, it was underwhelming. Yes, we got some freezing rain. Yes, we got sleet, Yes, we got over four inches of snow. But it was not the storm of the century. And this is where I begin my Ten Things of Thankful for this week.

1. For starters, the out of town volleyball tournament that was scheduled for Sunday was postponed, and we actually got to spend three days home with no obligations.

2. We did this without killing each other.

3. I'm thankful for a house big enough that my husband, daughter and I could spend three days cooped up without bloodshed.

4. Aaaaand we had a Snow Day on Monday (although I've had enough now, thank you, and am ready to move along to SPRING).

5. I spent my Snow Day baking bread and wrote this post about it. You should read it. I think I should give up my day job and write recipes full time. You might not agree.

Fire Station I made
out of duct tape.
Impressed, aren't you?
6. We had the biggest, bestest day of preschool this week - Big Wheel Day! We set up the gym to look like a town, with roads and centers that are shops to visit, such as a jewelry shop, dress up store, grocery store, carpentry shop and beauty parlor. The kids ride big wheels or tricycles on the roads and visit the centers, and it's a MAGICAL morning! My Pre-K class had their day on Wednesday, Primary on Thursday. It is EXHAUSTING to set it all up; in fact, it took about six hours on Tuesday to do so, but it's completely worth it. There are former preschoolers in their mid-20s who still will tell you that Big Wheel Day was their best (and for some, only) memory of preschool.

This gives you an idea of what it looked like.

I hope you can appreciate how difficult it is to do this with long legs.

7. I got in an awesome photo bomb at Big Wheel Day! As I was coming down the straightaway on the riding course, I saw a dad getting ready to take a picture of his niece as she passed him. Oh, yeah, I did it.


8. Ruby is at about 98% full capacity after her kitty maker/front claw removal surgery a week ago. She is back to racing through the house full-tilt, playing with her toys in her go-big-or-go-home way, endlessly chasing her tail, preferably either on my bed or in the (empty)  bathtub, and antagonizing her brothers.

Ruby either doing her Tyrannosaurus impression
or trying to intimidate Pete.

9. Apparently concerned that I could not write this post without her help, she contributed the following (unedited):



She likes watching the symbols race across the screen....

Sorry, Ruby, it's not a touchscreen. 

Proofreading her work.

10. And the week has ended with one of the best preschool stories ever. While my Pre-K class was doing their morning work at the table, I went to the computer, located near where we have Circle Time, to type and print my weekly letter to the parents. There were a few students who were done with their work, and they were sitting in the circle, looking at books. My printer is temperamental at best, and instead of nicely printing the letter on one piece of paper, it pulled the last four sheets I had through, printing a little on each, and thereby ruining every single piece of paper I had. I took one look at it and said aloud to myself, "Well, that stinks."

Next to me, a little voice said, "It was just a toot. Excuse me."

I laughed until I cried.

Go be thankful. Right now. Link up here.

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  1. Kids totally will say the darnedest things and judging from my two they are completely normal for pre-school age, because they would so say that and then some. But have to say Big Wheel Day looked amazing and so much fun. Glad it was a huge hit. Now also wishing for spring very soon and no more snow!

  2. I'm so tired of snow days! Isn't it amazing how quickly a cat will recover from spaying? And yet women need six weeks for pretty much the same thing.

  3. Awesome post!!!!! should write cookbooks and 10012 uses for duct tape! Ruby though....oh how I do love her! I wrrote about the other shoe as well...that always intrigues me when people have the same train of thought....ccue rod serling here...

  4. I was quite glad to be underwhelmed by last week's storm. We didn't even have a delay on Monday. (As I've mentioned before, I hate delayed schedule days.)
    Big Wheel Day looks awesome!
    That really is one of the best preschool stories ever! I've worked in preschool for years now, so I know!

  5. Aw, hey Ruby! And the tricycle shot is priceless!

  6. That's an AMAZING photo-bomb! I absolutely LOVE it. And I love the pic of you in your wheelie-thing ALMOST as much as I love the one of you with For-Realz Mater.

    So glad y'all didn't kill each other in the snow day, good for your bread and YAY! for finally meeting gorgeous Ruby. Give her a pet on the head for her contribution :)

  7. I am cracking up at the toot comment! I love stories about little kids and what they say or do. I make my friends who are teachers share their stories all the time.

  8. ( my visuals went straight to ben Hur (the 1960s version in cinemascope..) when I came to your photos of the racing event at school!

    I do admire a good recipe...if you ever want to 'go pro', you should consider doing a blog "This recipe is So Fool Proof, we gave it to clark to Try..."

  9. Ruby, this is an amazing post this week. I totally agree with every word you wrote, especially 7777*************. Absolutely, totally and what an amazing writer you are. (And tell Dyanne she did okay too, and made me laugh with her preschool story and pics.)

  10. Oh my goodness, no. 10 is priceless, how adorable!!! When will Ruby start her own blog? She seems to be a talent! So glad she bounced back without problems after the surgery. That Big Wheel Day looks like so much fun! Looking at those pictures, maybe I should have studied to become a teacher after all?? Hope you have a great rest of the weekend, Dyanne!

  11. Glad the storm was underwhelming for you too...but it sounds like you got more of it than we did.

    Yes, over the snow days...oh wait...we don't get snow days ;)

    Big Wheel Day looks ah-mazing...I may have to suggest it to the school where I worked. The kiddos would love it. And I''ll be sure to tell them that you volunteered to come and set it up. You can stay at my house and we can have a sleep-over. I won't even charge you to stay at my B&B. I'm a good friend like that.

    And #10. Best.preschool.story.ever. :)

  12. Hahaha that kid is a riot, and probably doesn't even know it! OMG Bigwheel Day looks so awesome! I wanna go!! Great job! I thank goodness for a house on rain & snowy days!!

  13. I imagine that you are the favorite preschool teacher for many children and parents--you definitely keep learning fun! I had to read your cute preschool story aloud to my mom; we chuckled about it for quite a while.

  14. Although I am glad you got lucky with the weather I cannot think about anything but Big Wheel Day! That is the best idea ever and I love it! Great photo bomb, too.
    Ruby is still cute as ever and thanks so much for sharing the story of the "little stinker". I had to laugh out loud at that.....too funny!

  15. Dear Dyanne: as always! wonderful!!! Great photos and some sweet laughs!!!

  16. I thought the Big Wheel Day was the best thing on this list until #10. That was a classic!

  17. OK, Ruby is too cute being a helpful little blogger cat.
    And the stinky toot story? I'm going to laugh for like an hour because that is just really too funny.
    Have a wonderful week!

  18. HA! Just a toot!
    I love all the Ruby stuff. She is quite entertaining!
    Big Wheel day looks so fun!

  19. This is great! You totally rocked that big wheel like nobody's business. We were definitely on the same wavelength Monday because we had a snow day too and I stayed in and baked (banana) bread (with chocolate chips) as well. Your kitty is super cute and such a good writer. Looking forward to reading more from both of you!