Monday, March 24, 2014

Meh Monday

Want to know what the worst kind of Monday is? It's the one right after a week of vacation.
Because even though I love my job, it's still hard to get up and get ready and wear pants and go to work after 10 days off for Spring Break.

There are some people who have never worked at a real job their entire lives and don't even know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, speaking of wearing pants, after I got to work this morning, I walked over to the kitchen to get some ice. As I was walking, I had a rather odd sensation in my britches. I reached back there to check it out and pulled out a pair of panties. Yes, they were mine. Extra ones, as I didn't forget to put any on. Guess they either found their way in there when I was rummaging through my suitcase early this morning, trying to find a pair of jeans without turning on a light, or stowed away inside the jeans when I did laundry.

If I had unpacked last night when I got home from Nashville, the whole underpants debacle would never have happened. 

This is the time of the school year when I get weary of getting up for work and lie in bed entirely too long after the alarm has gone off, snuggling under the covers with a kitten curled up next to me, ignoring how much I need to go to the bathroom, cursing that Daylight Savings Time makes it so FREAKING DARK in the mornings, until I glance at the clock again and, seeing how late it is, bolt out of bed and feverishly get ready. Which is how I managed to put on a pair of jeans without noticing there was a pair of underpants in them. At least they didn't fall out my pants leg at a meeting, which is precisely what happened to someone I know but won't mention (Melissa).

It's cold outside, and it's supposed to be spring. 
I think they're shivering.

Last time to mention the panties. I put them in my purse after I found them, so I could take them home some other way than tucked inside my jeans. Forgot they were there when I went to a birthday lunch after work, pulled out my wallet, and very nearly dropped them on the floor of the restaurant. Then I ran by Aldi to get a few groceries. Same song, second verse.

Even though I strive to be cheerful and optimistic at all times, I reserve the right to feel sorry for myself sometimes.

The previous statement has nothing to do with pulling a pair of panties out of my jeans at work, because I actually found that to be hilarious.


Being a cold, overcast NOT spring Monday after what was a lovely Spring Break makes me think of this song by Ingrid Michaelson, which starts out with, "The sky looks pissed/the wind talked back." Yep, that's today. Listen:

Isn't she wonderful?

Today is Meh Monday? Let tomorrow be Terrific Tuesday.

I will it to be so.


  1. my former boss once had one of his wife's knee high nylons zipped into the front of his pants... hanging our rather strategically... he apparently hadn't noticed them static clinged to the inside and use the bathroom and wallah! Lucky for him only two of us were there when he stepped out of the bathroom... Of course there was the time I accidentally stripped off my shirt in ikea .... nuff said....

    1. So who told the boss about the knee high nylon, or did he discover it for himself?

      My skirt fell off in the grocery store on Easter Sunday. Thank God for slips (it was the late 70s).

    2. THe same person who told the chick at the wedding that her breast had fallen out of her

  2. Lucky you this happened while you were still at home. I remember walking my son to school one morning and my undies (which got stuck in the pants via the dryer) fell onto the sidewalk. I about died. So did my son!! LOL!

    1. It actually happened at preschool, but it was in the kitchen and I was alone when I pulled them out. So you totally win with yours falling out on the sidewalk in front of your son. How old was he? Was he ruined for life?