Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mice Are STILL Not Nice

An update on the ongoing mouse eradication. 

Mousies #1 and #2 got snapped in a trap. They were wittle mice, but I am not sad.

Mousie #3 went for the Smarties strategically placed on a glue board sometime after noon on Monday and before 8 a.m. on Wednesday. My assistant teacher, Melissa, found it not long after we arrived but well before the kiddos did. I knew she found something by the squawk she let out and her hasty retreat from the Mouse Cabinet, shaking her head and saying, "It's still alive! It's moving! It's not dead!"

I took a few steps toward that side of the room, saw #3 squirming, let out a shriek, and ran. From what, I don't know. It wasn't going to attack me or anything, but it's just so ICKY.

The commotion in the room (plus me screaming, "DOUGGGGGGG!!!") brought our building engineer to the room. He sauntered in and picked up the glue board, taking it outside to give it the Little Bunny Foo Foo treatment before disposing of the glue board and its, um, contents.

It was another baby, but I'm still not sad, especially after seeing what happened to my penguin.

According to Wikipedia (don't judge me), mama mouse, in her prime, can produce 10-12 mousettes at a time.



Stay tuned.


  1. Hi Dyanne!
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