Saturday, January 5, 2013

It's A Goal, Not A Resolution

I hate New Year's resolutions. I think a bucket list is negative, since it implies that I am going to die and that's not something I wish to contemplate at this time. So instead, as one of my blogging heroes suggested, I am going to make a list of goals that I wish to achieve, if not this year, then SOME DAY. (There's a chance some of them might not really be considered "achievable" by some of you nattering nabobs.)

1. Achieve a well-toned body.  I was on my way there when the stupid cancer drugs that caused the stupid menopause and screwed up the stupid hormonal balance caused my muscles to go to mush. I WILL be back.

2. Go back to LA to visit. 

3. Meet Jimmy Carter.

4. Be a mentor for other women facing breast cancer, and especially so for women who are planning to have tram flap reconstruction. I am a wealth of information on that! 

5. Take my daughter to NYC to see plays on Broadway and see the Rockettes.

6. Make a decision on a paint color for my bedroom and then actually paint the room. It's only been 14 years since we moved here. I think it's time.

7. Finish my son's scrapbooks before he graduates this spring. And since I'm, oh, about 9 years behind, this MIGHT be considered one of those unattainable goals.

8. Move back to Nashville. In lieu of this, then visit Nashville way more often than I do now.

9. Figure out Twitter. The learning curve is a steep one for me. Although I totally didn't get Pinterest at first, either, and now I'm one hell of a pinner, so there's hope.

10. My husband recently pointed out that pretty much everything I eat has a bar code, as in I eat a lot of processed food. So, instead of just PINNING vegetable recipes on Pinterest, I'm going to make an effort to actually cook and eat them. (He also says potatoes don't count, which is a shame, because one-third of the veggie recipes I have pinned do, indeed, include potatoes.)

Ready, set, go!


  1. I like this idea of setting goals you wish to achieve instead of resolutions.

    Five years ago I did some renovations and was finally able to paint my bedroom. Prior to that it was the ugliest room ever. I love having a sanctuary in this all male household that is mine.

    1. I'd like to say it was an original thought, but I got it from Wendy Nielsen.

      The bedroom is white. Not ugly but not pretty, either. If I could only make a color decision....

    2. Buy bedding you love, bedding that makes you feel the way you want the room to feel and then paint to match.

      I ended up having to make my own duvet cover to get what I wanted. I still love it but sometimes question my decision to use taffeta - it really holds the heat in.

    3. I've been going about it backwards. Time to shop for a new comforter!

  2. Bedroom painted two years ago. Yay, me! Blinds for dining room and office - the only two downstairs rooms that face the street - FINALLY purchased AND installed (thank you very much) this year - it only took me 13 years to do it. Now on to painting those same two rooms....
    Love it - I've been thinking of an alternative to my anti-bucket list I created a couple months ago. Maybe this is a good compromise? :-)