Thursday, August 2, 2012

Singing In The Bathtub....

How, HOW can such a tiny little area cause so much FREAKING PAIN? I have a 26" incision that runs from behind my left hip bone, across my stomach (you know, the really FLAT one) and ends behind my right hip bone. It was a mere paper cut by comparison. OWWWWWWW!!!

Long, soaky baths have been a lifesaver. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed taking a relaxing bath. I used to take them a lot when I was pregnant, often taking a nap at the same time. Then I started having these weird dreams where I couldn't breathe and would jump awake, heart pounding. Even after I was no longer pregnant, the dreams continued, and they scared me so much that I quit taking baths (I SHOWERED, kiddies, so don't think I haven't been clean since I was pregnant). So far, I have fallen asleep every time I've gotten in the tub this week and have not had the scary dream, so, yay! 

My issue at this time is getting out of the tub at the end of the bath. There really is no graceful way to do it, and I'm grateful that, thus far, no one has been witness to it. After spending an hour (or two - seriously, I spent two hours in the tub last night) reclined in the tub, I then have to get myself into an upright position that my tight (and FLAT!) stomach muscles just won't allow me to do. Plus, my wittle bottom is sore, so I end up rolling over to one side and wallowing onto my hands and knees. It's a sight, I assure you.

This afternoon, while lolling about in the tub, I started playing with the faucet with my foot and was reminded me of a classic tv episode. Anyone? Anyone? Why, it's the Dick Van Dyke Show episode where Laura got her toe stuck in the faucet of a hotel bathtub, re-enacted here for your enjoyment:

Oh, that Oxycodone! What will it make me do next?

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  1. Glad you are enjoying your tubs - something we don't do enough of...don't worry about getting out gracefully - just get out safely - and I love that there is a funny scene on TV for most of our life moments. xo