Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Winning Week!

This week was much better than last week on the school front, largely thanks to Conscious Discipline. That's a pretty okay way to start out a list of thankfuls, right? Here's why it was better:

1. I employed the breathing techniques I teach my children on myself when my class was not making safe choices. They aren't going to be calm if I'm not, so calm I was. Most of these behaviors were happening during circle activities, so I just sat and breathed deeply until, one by one, they joined me. What you focus on, you get more of. When I focused on what I wanted them to STOP doing, we had chaos; when I focused on what I wanted them to START doing, we got calm. 

2. I didn't hyperventilate from all that deep breathing I did. 

3. We held a Spirit Week in preparation for the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl. We dressed like Mahomes, Taylor, and Travis. We did football drills (how I wish I could post the video I took of my class doing my version of drills!). We did cheers.

4. Probably my very favorite thing to do with my kids is to sit on the floor with them and sing right before breakfast. They crowd around me, and we sing our favorites, such as "How Much Is That Doggy In The Window," "Down By The Station," "I Have A Little Turtle," and, oddly enough, the theme from "The Mickey Mouse Club," which I introduced them to and they fell in love with. This time of playfulness and touch helps create a bond between all of us.

5. I get so many hugs in a day. Some are stealth hugs from a passing child. Some come from behind me and I have to wait until they finish to see who it was. Some are wrapped around my leg so I can't walk. Some nearly knock me off my feet. Nearly all of them include "I love you, Dillon!"

6. It was warm enough to play outside!

7. I am changing my approach to tattling by teaching the kids to use their "Big Voices" when they sense injustice. Example: 

    Child 1: Child 2 pushed me!
    Me: Did you like it?
    Child 1: No!
    Me: Tell Child 2 "I don't like it when you push me! Next time, walk around me."
    Child 1 to Child 2: I don't like it when you push me! Next time, walk around me!
    Child 2 (maybe not always meaning it, but it's a start): Okay! I'm sorry.

This week, I have heard two different children use their Big Voices WITHOUT HELP FROM ME! Progress!

8. We learned how to paint with watercolors, and we now have beautiful Valentine art to show for it.

On non-school related thankfuls, we are in Kansas City this weekend, as we had tickets to see comedian Nate Bargatze Saturday night, so I got to attend church live and in-person this morning, AND I got to meet our new associate pastor Rev. Stephen on his first Sunday at our church. My heart is happy.

Oh, and HOW 'BOUT THOSE CHIEFS?! Two Super Bowl wins in a row! 

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  1. small humans do seem to offer the opportunity to see the world differently (besides, all up hill) lol
    have a good 'week'.

  2. Glad this week went better. I knew the game yesterday would help!
    BTW, I don't know what is happening with comments on my blog. I've gotten email notification about comments (from you and others) but then the comments never show up on my blog--and they aren't in the "awaiting moderation" folder, either. Some comments show up, some others just get lost in the blogosphere. But yes, my mom and I would love to see you this fall!

  3. I'm glad the week was better and congratulations to your team.

    Conscious Discipline sounds a lot like training children toward the behaviors you want and away from those you don't. It works.

    I'm glad the "Big Voices" is working. Have you ever heard of the Montessori Peace Rose? Similar idea.

  4. Glad to see this week was better. Breathing as a conscious exercise is very therapeutic as well calming.