Sunday, May 28, 2023

Thankful For Our Freedom And Then Some

Last weekend's Ten Things of Thankful was really just one big thankful that I had survived what I THOUGHT was catastrophic car problems and which turned out to be, um, a little less serious than that. You can read it here if you haven't already.

This week's list will be anticlimactic by comparison, but I'm not complaining!

I'm thankful for fresh strawberries It's that time of year!

I'm thankful for strawberry shortcake made with those fresh strawberries.

I'm also thankful for strawberry pretzel salad, which is NOT made from fresh strawberries but from frozen ones, but it's rich and delicious (and not a salad at all, really), and I was able to satisfy a craving for it this weekend

I'm thankful for delightful weather this past week and weekend. Warm, sunny days. Cool, breezy nights.

I'm thankful for walks around the neighborhood in beautiful weather, especially when they include long visits with neighbors.

I'm thankful one of my favorite thrift stores has their books priced at 5/$1.00. I bought 15 books, all of them brand new and from Dolly Parton's  Imagination Library

I'm thankful for season passes to Silver Dollar City. We ran out there this afternoon to see The Cleverlys, a bluegrass band that we are very fond of and which was playing this weekend as part of the Bluegrass & BBQ festival. We're even thinking about running out there again tomorrow morning to see their first set.

I'm thankful the cats are getting along this weekend. Our grandcat Calvin has been staying with us for a few days, and we were able to nab him (actually, he's easy to nab) plus Nora Pearl and Lewis (more of a challenge to nab), load them into their carriers, and bring them with us to the lake house. They are being quite harmonious. Finn declined to join us on this trip, hiding under the bed when he realized what was going down, then slithering out to locations unknown when I tried to reach him from his spot exactly in the middle underneath the queen-sized bed. I know HE will be thankful when we get home.

Nora Pearl without a worry in the world

I'm thankful my dad has finally agreed to use a walker to get around the house instead of pushing a rolly office chair in front of him, which is obviously not a safe choice.

I'm thankful that my dad wasn't hurt worse than he was when he, and I quote him, "shot off the end of the treadmill" at cardiac rehab. He was trying to set the machine to 1.5 mph and instead hit 15 mph. He also forgot to clip himself to the treadmill. He has a scrape on his elbow and is plenty sore all over, but that seems to be the worst of it, and hopefully, he learned a lesson!

I'm thankful for all who gave their lives for our country and whom we honor this Memorial Day.

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  1. A quiet week is a gift, especially after that last one.

    I'm very glad your father wasn't seriously injured.