Sunday, August 28, 2022

Clicking Away At My Thankfuls!

My new leaf flipped over already, but it's early on Sunday, not minutes before midnight, so I guess you could say I'm early-ish for the Ten Things of Thankful!

First and foremost, I am writing this with much more ease than I have in the past, um, two and a half years. My husband got me a new laptop for Christmas 2019, and a couple of months after I got it, the left clicky thing on the mouse pad broke. It still WORKED, but it was loose, and sometimes it slid under the edge of the computer or under the right clicky thing, and I had to scoot it out. I finally told him the other day that it was broken, and he Googled a way to fix it (involving some foam he harvested from the inside of a laptop bag and has been using for fishing hook storage, so if my computer smells like trout, I'll know why). So far, so good!

I got to spend the last two Sundays at in-person church! It always makes my heart happy to be there.

I wore a blue knit dress one of the Sundays, and when I got back to my daughter's apartment, my husband immediately pointed to a place near the neckline and said, "What did you spill on your dress?" Obviously, I didn't know I had spilled ANYTHING on the dress, or I wouldn't have worn it. After closer observation (and I couldn't see it until I took the dress off), it appeared to be where a bit of chocolate ice cream dripped onto it one day after school when I was self-medicating. I know Rev. Shanna noticed it when we were talking before church, but she was kind enough not to stare at it while we spoke (I would have noticed THAT, or at least, I THINK I would have).

A few weeks ago, I woke up to what sounded like a critter running back and forth across our attic floor. A thunderstorm had just passed through, and at first, I thought it was tree limbs scraping the roof, but the more I listened, the more I heard scampering, and I woke my husband up by saying, "There's something alive in our attic." We have not heard it since, and I am hoping this means (a) the critter didn't like our attic or (b) it never was a critter in the first place.

We're a little jumpy, including the cats, but nothing will make you jump more than to get up in the night and see what looks like a skunk in your bedroom, only to have it turn out to be Finn.

All three cats trying to lie where they
can touch me. Finn was the lucky
winner of the lap. 

My husband just brought me my glass of ice tea that I left in the kitchen and as he handed it to me, he said, "Add this toy our list of thankfuls." Here it is.

Oreos. Specifically, double-stuffed Oreos.

Really good hamburgers.

Fun co-workers.

My little nugs at preschool. Sometimes, they are pickles, but most of the time, they are my sweet babies, and regardless, I love them to pieces.

Looking at a caterpillar

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  1. In person church is best. You can't have discipleship or bearing with one another in love and learning to get along with each other through a computer screen.

    Love your list, and your husband is right, iced tea and a husband who brings it to you are thankful things.

    1. I hate that I found a church I love so but is 160 miles away, so it allows me to be thankful for livestreaming on YouTube! What's interesting is the folks who watch on the livestream have a terrific relationship via the chat feature. Not the same as being in person, but it does make it more personable when you can "chat" with fellow church goers.