Sunday, October 31, 2021

Goodbye, Halloween!

End of the week, end of October - already! The days and weeks really snowball once you get to September, but that's okay. We will get our time back in January, which seems to last about three months, and February, which spouts that "shortest month of the year" hype that it can't live up to. Whatever. We'll be here with the Ten Things of Thankful weekly blog hop no matter the month, because we are DEDICATED to recognizing that we all have thankfuls in our lives Here are mine for this week:

1. I sold a boat. I know this was in last week's post, but it bears repeating, and if you read the post about it, you will understand why I feel this way!

2. Halloween is over after this weekend. I am not, nor have I ever been, a big fan of the holiday, but children love it and can't think of anything else for the entire month leading up to it. If you've never been in a classroom the last week before Halloween, you cannot imagine the level of excitement they reach, including 2 and 3 year olds, who really don't have a clue exactly what it is they're anticipating.

3. Having said all that in #2, you might find it interesting that I put on a Trunk or Treat event for our little nugs at school. Due to Covid, we couldn't have our annual pumpkin party shindig, so I suggested doing a trunk or treat and inviting departments at the university to participate. The idea was immediately approved and I was promptly volunteered to be in charge. I had over 15 departments, groups, and individuals sign up, and it turned out to be a terrific event for everyone!

4. Did I mention that I have never been to a trunk or treat event myself and didn't really have a clue what I was doing? I am SOOOO thankful that the trunkers either had before or did a little research, because they KILLED it! I just walked around and offered extra tape and they truly did all the real work.

5. Did I also mention that I offered prizes and snacks to entice them? I think they would have participated regardless, but a friendly little bribe never hurts.

6. My husband and I went to Kansas City for the weekend to visit our daughter. We couldn't leave until the Trunk or Treat event was done, so by the time we got on the road, it was after 6 pm and dusky. We were on the interstate (it's a 2 hour and 15 minute drive through a very rural and very flat part of Missouri), when a deer bolted across the road in front of a pickup truck that was just ahead of us. The pickup hit the deer (the deer kept running - those things are hardier than you might think) but didn't lost control, we didn't hit the pick up, and my husband perked up and took his position at shotgun a little more seriously the rest of the trip.

7. Miraculously, we saw no more deer on the rest of the drive.

8. Daughter was at a law school Halloween party when we got to town, but there is an electronic entry on the building and her apartment, so we don't have to have a key to get in. 

9. Her cat, Calvin, was happy to have our company.

10. We had a fun weekend of eating, talking, and visiting thrift stores. Treasures were found by all three of us!

Gonna paint it.

Touted as "best burger in KC". Good,
but maybe not best. Will continue to
research that.

How often do you find an enamelware urinal
for sale? For me, it's twice, as I got one at
an auction a few years ago and use it as a vase.

How was your week? Are you ready for Halloween to be over and to move on to MY favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving? Link your thankful post with us below. The link is open from Friday mornings through Monday evening. You can find the time!

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  1. Whew! Close call, but you made it without have an accident. Those kind of events tend to cause the drivers to perk right up for the rest of the trip.
    Glad your trunk or treat was a hit!
    I'm guessing the last item was an antique. That black rim on white enamel was used a lot in the old days. Did you add it to your collection?

    1. We could smell burning tires from that truck hitting the brakes for miles and miles afterward.
      I DID add that urinal to my collection. I think it's from the 50s or even 60s. So not THAT old (says the one born in 1960), but still a fun piece to repurpose!

  2. fricken deer! they do it just to reassure us drivers that our adrenaline system is properly functioning. thankfully I've never hit one (here in the 'civilized section' of the country, there's like trees right to the road... the better to surprise us drivers. lol good that you didn't hit any larger semi-stationary objects

    1. The deer population here is ridiculous. And they have never evolved to have a fear of roads, as they should have! I got hit by a deer two summers ago. Came out of nowhere and ran right into the side of my car, leaving a deer-shaped dent.

  3. Congratulations, again, on the boat sale.

    Lots of great thankful things, your trunk or treat sounds like it was a huge success and i am very glad the deer and everyone else got scared and nothing much more.

    1. Thanks! I still can't believe it's finally gone.

      I've had so many parents come up to me and tell me how much they enjoyed the trunk or treat! I hope the departments at the college will be willing to do it again in the future.

  4. Because what you call a 'trunk' we call a 'boot' in Australia, I was expecting something involving fake elephants and sweets. :-)

    1. Hi, Doug! Fake elephants and sweets would be quite an event as well! How about I say you decorate the boot of your car and hand out candy to the trick or treaters! Better? :)