Sunday, August 15, 2021

Thankful For The Downgrade And More

THIS week went by in a hurry! Whoosh! I am currently waiting to find out if my daughter can get out of Pensacola, Florida, before hurricane-turned-tropical storm Fred makes it there. Not looking good, but hopefully, this whole debacle makes it to the Ten Things of Thankful for NEXT week, and until then, here's this weeks list:

1. I'll start with being thankful the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm. 

2. Backtracking to earlier in the week, I managed to get my classroom clean, organized, and ready to start the new school year in time for Open House on Monday evening. Yes, there are still some loose ends to tie up, because I'm a loose end leaver, but the room looked good, the little nugs were excited to visit that night after a break, and the new school year is going to be fabulous!

3. My knees are improving after my little fall a week ago. They are still tender and bruised, but most of the swelling is gone. 

4. I have spent my life tripping over my own feet, but now that I know what happens the one time you aren't able to catch yourself, I have a newfound respect for gravity.

5. To make life even more fun, I have plantar fasciitis, so my right heel feels as though I'm constantly walking on a rock, and sometimes, it's a rock with razor blades embedded in it. My friend loaned me a special boot to wear at night that's supposed to help improve it. Trial run of wearing it for an hour had a positive result. Tonight I will try to sleep in it. Stay tuned for results.

My foot might be a little too big for the boot.

6. I'm thankful to my sis, Denise, and Six Sentence Stories. I have enjoyed getting back into writing them. You should check them out sometime, too.

7. This past weekend, our family held a committal of my cousin Terry Anne's cremains. She passed away a year and a half ago, but logistics and Covid prevented this from taking place sooner. Her son, Alex, along with my brother, created a lovely service, attended just by family members in the little country cemetery where many of our ancestors are also buried. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot, and we all shared stories about her and laughed and remembered.

8. My brother and sister-in-law let my husband and me stay at their house yet another weekend. We have definitely worn out our welcome this summer, with so many stays for apartment hunting for my daughter and. subsequently, moving her into one. We will give them a break until Thanksgiving.

9. Minsky's Pizza. A Kansas City original.

10. My cats are glad to see me when I get home. They greet me the same if I'm gone five minutes or five days.

Lewis, Finn, and Nora

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  1. I am really glad the hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm too. Still, I hope your daughter made it back from Florida safely. Also hoping the boot for your plantar fascitis will be a success. I loved your list, thanks for sharing.

    1. The tropical storm ended up hitting land further east than where my daughter was, but they STILL couldn't get a flight out! They finally had to rent a car and drive! The boot so far has only made my toes fall asleep. I have ordered a different style from Amazon and will report next weekend on its effect!

  2. A good list, i hope that in spite of everything the school year goes well for you and your daughter.

    1. Thank you! Daughter has made it as far as Dallas now by rental car. She will fly from there to KC. What an adventure she has had!

  3. I can imagine how concerned you must have been about your daughter's safety and knowing there wasn't any way to help her.
    It is too bad that we have to learn respect for gravity the hard and the painful way. That is quite the boot. I hope it will help your foot to heal.
    Being able to finally get together with family and share stories, laugh, and remember the life of your cousin on a beautiful not too hot morning sounds like a perfect day to honor her.