Friday, July 30, 2021

Hot Enuff Fer Ya?

Do you get jumpy legs? When you're trying to sit and read or watch tv or work on the computer and your legs feel like they need to MOVE? Sometimes when I get this, I get it in my arms, too, and can even feel it in the pit of my stomach. It's a weird feeling.

I've got the jumpy legs right now. I'm trying to sit with my feet on an ottoman, legs crossed at the ankles, and I can't hold my feet still. I have arranged and rearranged them from left foot on top to right foot on top, back and forth, and my toes are wiggling. My arms are jumpy from the elbows down, mostly, and I have to take a break from typing every few minutes and throw them over my head and flex my hands and wiggle, wiggle, WIGGLE. GAHHHHHHHH!!!

I'm going to put together my Ten Things of Thankful list between wiggles and jumpies. My guess is the list will be jumpy and wiggly as well. Let's see:

1. Temperatures in the upper 90s with heat index up to 107 degrees (heat index, for those of you living in dry climates, is what happens when you add high humidity to high temperatures, so the physical temperature is one number, but humidity levels make it feel much hotter and like you've stuck your head inside a hot oven that has a roasting pan of water boiling inside it). But the pipes aren't freezing like they were almost 6 months ago!

2. Central air conditioning.

3. One of few times I'm thankful I'm not a spoiled house cat, because even with air conditioning, a fur coat in this kind of weather would not be welcomed.

4. The flashlight feature on my iPhone. I use it daily.

5. Ditto the notes section. I currently have 188 notes saved. 

6. It's been on my list before, but Milo's iced tea is getting me through this heat wave.

7. I love to bake, but I haven't even had the urge to do so in this weather, which is good because then I'm not eating what I baked. Bad news is I'm pretty sure I feel some homemade ice cream may be in my future....

8. My husband and I went to Sam's Club this afternoon and picked up a few things we didn't need, but when we were putting the items in the car, I realized I bought a giant bottle of cumin instead of cinnamon. Talk about something I don't need! I HAAAATE cumin; it smells like feet. I went right back inside and was able to make the switch relatively easily. Really thankful for that, because, well, cumin.

9. Cooler weather is on its way! One more day of blistering temperatures, then it will *only* be in the mid-80s for the next week. Ahhh!

10. I am thankful for Simone Biles, who showed remarkable strength and character by putting her own mental and emotional health before all else and calling attention to the world that nothing is more important than doing just that. 

Made it! My jumpies have settled down somewhat, which is a relief, and I'm going to remove the furry blanket, a/k/a Nora Pearl, from my lap and get some sleep. What are you thankful for this weekend? Link up with us! It's easy!

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  1. That wasn't such a jumpy list, i agree with the not having a fur coat part especially.

    1. It doesn't seem to bother them, well, except for Lewis, who has long hair. He seems a little uncomfy!

  2. Yes, the time I don't want to be a cat. Ice cream for the win!

    1. I haven't made homemade ice cream in several years. Hope I remember how!

  3. Awesome list! I laughed at #1. I'm sorry it's so hot though. Hope the cooler weather arrives soon. Oh and iced tea sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks, Astrid! We've had several weather extremes this year - darn climate change! I have a feeling iced tea is a very American thing. If you're a southerner it has to be sweet tea, too! Although I use artificial sweetener instead of sugar, because I don't like to drink my calories.

  4. To your first question, Yes, but not lately. When this has been a problem for me, it has usually been when I was very tired, but for some reason felt I needed to stay awake to get something done, or some other reason.
    More power to you folks who have to deal with living in areas that have high temperatures plus the high humidity. I don't know how you do it during times that you have to be anyplace without air conditioning. I have experienced it before when traveling to areas with higher humidity in the summer and it was exhausting.
    #5 made me laugh. I realized recently how many notes I had saved on my devices and went through and deleted a lot, but there are so many more that I need to still delete.
    I am glad you noticed you had cumin instead of cinnamon before you got home. Although I have a little jar of cumin, I rarely use it and it is certainly not a substitute for cinnamon. HaHa

    1. I'm usually really tired, too, when I get jumpy legs. We've had a reprieve this weeks from the hideous temps, and it's sooo nice! I have important notes and ones with only one or two words that I'm afraid to delete because they must have been important for SOME reason! Cinnamon rolls wouldn't be so good with cumin, would they?! :)

  5. I don't know what you mean...*

    The answer, for better or for worse to the eternal Summer question is "No, not it is not'. I fear the approach of September's foggy freeze (to paraphrase Mr Tull) because it is never hot enough.

    *unfortunately blogger doesn't not allow the html that would have made that first line totally, fricken hilarious

    **'ceptin, a course, that it's my mind rather than my muscles. And, as proof, I'm trusting my little formatting jokes works out

    1. Blogger has gotten very user un-friendly over the past couple of years, but changing to a different format is too hard to think about.