Sunday, June 27, 2021

Thankful I'm A Year Younger!

 Another week, another list of thankfuls! (Did you know if you accidentally type a "K" instead of an "L" in "thankful" that you end up with an entirely different word and what would be an entirely different blog hop?) Here are mine:

1. The College Boy who became the Med Student and is now the M.D. had a birthday this week! We jokingly called it his Emancipation Day, because he is now 26 and off our insurance, but he also started orientation for his residency and now has his very own big boy insurance! He's had quite a busy spring: Match Day, wedding, graduation, moving to a different state, and now his residency beginning. So proud of all he's accomplished!

2. Trader Joe's Cholatey Cats Cookies for People. Truthfully, I would eat them if they actually WERE marketed for cats, because they're pretty darn good.

3. Well, it wasn't the stomach flu.

4. When you have a known food allergy or sensitivity and you decide to eat said food because it looks really good and then you have gut-wrenching pain that somewhat mimics the stomach flu, be thankful you figured it out and have enough sense NEVER TO EAT A BITE OF CANTELOUPE AGAIN AS LONG AS YOU LIVE.

5. A friend had a birthday the other day, and as we were talking about our ages, I said I was 61, then stopped and said, no, wait, is that right? After much debate and some hard math, I figured out that I am actually 60 (for a couple of more months, anyway). Since I've been THINKING I was 61 for some time, I am thankful I was able to make myself younger FOR REAL. 

6. One of my little nugs was drawing on the sidewalk with chalk with his mom. He wanted her to draw a picture of me, so she asked if I had straight hair or curly hair. He told her I had CRAZY hair, and I couldn't love that more! In fairness, he ALSO has crazy hair (which, by the way, interprets to curly), but he got it cut recently and it's not AS crazy as mine is currently! I sure love that boy!

7. While we started the week with cool weather, we ended it with blistering heat, followed by severe thunderstorms. Friday afternoon, it was SOOOOO hot that I wasn't going to take my littles outside again. They were playing in centers when my student worker and I kept hearing sirens. We hear them quite often, as there is an assisted living center about half a mile away, and a fire truck and ambulance gets dispatched there nearly every day, but these sirens were loud and then stopping abruptly. Finally had the sense to look out the window, and there were five fire engines, an ambulance, and several police cars parked right across the street from the school! I gathered up my kiddos and took them out front, where we sat in the blazing sun and watched the firefighters put out a small attic fire at the apartment complex across the street. Emergency vehicles are DA BOMB when you are a preschooler, and this was a terrific teachable moment, especially since it was a small fire and no one was injured. 

8. As the firefighters began to disperse, one of them came over to his truck and called out my name. Surprise! It was a boy (okay, man) my daughter went to school with from kindergarten all the way through high school. I was touched that he recognized me in a situation in which he surely wasn't expecting to see me, and the kiddos enjoyed seeing a firefighter up close in full gear (if only he wasn't about to melt from the gear plus the heat).

9. My daughter and I drove through a severe thunderstorm on the way to Kansas City on Friday. Lots of lightning and blinding rain, but no hail and no tornadoes. I was able to keep another vehicle's taillights in sight, and that made me feel somewhat safer. 

10. Don't want to jinx anything, but it is POSSIBLE that we may have found an apartment for her for the upcoming school year.

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  1. So many thankfuls, i hope the apartment is a yes.

    Smart move, taking your littles out to see the firefighters. Are they allowed field trips? When mine were in the 3-year-old class, there was always a trip to the fire station, where one of the firefighters put on full gear while they watched, and then came and shook each child's hand. They do that to familiarize young ones with what they look like in their gear. Nothing, they told us, upsets them more than knowing a child is in a burning house and hiding because s/he sees a firefighter in that gear and thinks it's something to run away from.

    1. We can't go on field trips, because first, we have no method of transportation, and second, if we did have, we would have to have car seats for each child. So we have field trips come to us! Our fire department will send a truck and crew to visit schools. And yes, it is SO important to teach children not to fear the firefighters in their gear and the importance of not hiding! When I worked at my previous preschool, the firefighters would sometimes put the gear on a teacher, so the kids could see someone they know and love in it and know not to be afraid. I was the lucky one to get dressed up one time. Holy cow, that gear is HEAVY!
      If my nugs weren't loose cannons when it comes to going potty (some in diapers, some potty trained and the potty trained ones don't know how to hold it until they find a bathroom!), we could go on more walking trips to the actual college campus across the street. There are some woods and grassy areas around the school that we can visit, and they think that's a great trip!

  2. Glad you looked out the window, so you didn't miss a great unplanned field trip. I can just imagine the stories the kiddos told their parents when they got picked up.
    The sidewalk drawing of you with your crazy hair is so cute.
    #10 Whew. I hope so.
    That whole "How old am I?" seems to throw more than one person into thinking sometime in their life that they are a year older than they are. Been there, done that, and I know of others who have done the same. It never seems to be the case of thinking you are a year younger. (???)

    1. Stay tuned for #10!
      After a certain point, what's a year, right?!