Monday, April 27, 2020

W is for Wax

W day, w day...wuh... wuh... wuh... weather... wink... winter... winston... winstons taste good like a (pum pum) cigarette should... ooo, candy cigarettes! I haven't had those in--STOP! wuh... wuh... wuh... wicked... wuh... wuh... wuh... watermelon... I really need to pee, but I don't want to get up... wuh... wuh... wuh... weasel... pop goes the weasel... geez, that's a cruel toy for kids... wuh... wuh... wuh... work...water... weight - ugh! don't want to think about that... wuh... wuh... wuh... wax... wax lips... wax bottles with syrupy juice in them... we used to chew the wax when we finished the syrup to get every drop... wuh... wuh... wuh...

Such is the thought process of an A to Z Challenge blogger at 4:00 a.m., desperate for a topic, but it worked:

Many years ago, when I lived in Nashville, I knew a fellow who was a studio musician. He was very tall, probably close to 6'5" - lanky and leggy.

He had twin boys, and around the time I knew him, they were preschool age. 

As is not unusual for preschoolers, one day, the boys wanted to "help" their mom by cleaning the house. Imagine how cute they must have been, pretending to scrub the parquet floor of the entry hall! It also kept them quiet and busy for some time (probably TOO quiet...).

Fast forward to later that same day, when their dad came home from a long day at the studio. After kicking off his shoes in the bedroom, he headed out of his room and across the house in his sock feet. As he crossed the entry hall flooring on his way to the kitchen, his feet went out from under him, and next thing he knew, he was lying flat on his back on the floor.

It seems mother's little helpers had found and used a can of furniture polish to "clean" the parquet floor. It took quite a bit of REAL cleaning to remove all the waxy residue and return their temporary indoor skating rink to an entry hall floor.

Have you ever been coating a pan with cooking spray and, unbeknownst to you until you stepped on it and your foot slid, overshot the pan and gotten some of the cooking spray on the floor? And as you grabbed the edge of the counter to steady yourself, you let out a sigh of relief that you saved yourself from completely wiping out? Whenever I do that (and that's more often than I care to admit), I think about this little story of the furniture wax, and now you will, too!


  1. oh many memories came to mind as I ready your post today. I haven't ever sprayed something where it didn't need to go, but I do remember my youngest daughter putting a jar of vaseline in her hair at age 3. I didn't think we'd ever get that stuff out of her hair...All I can see right now is that image of her when she walked in to our bedroom and this look on her face, saying, 'mommy -my hair is pretty'. OH mY, oh MY...haven't thought about this memory in many years.

    Now for those wax bottles with juice - oh yea, and those candy cigs...too funny!!!

  2. This is a visual that will definitely stay with me the next time I slip on my floor. Weekends In Maine

  3. When we were kids, my brothers and I used to take sheets of wax paper to the playground and use them to slide down the slippery side until it was nice and waxed! Worked a little too well at times because I went flying off the slide and landed on my bum in the dirt more than once.

    And on a side note... I've been known to take wax paper and rub it on the shower curtain rod so the rings slide better.

  4. I know somebody who did that as a little kid too! And I'm not talking about my kids. Yikes!