Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Slice: A Six Sentence Story

He stood on the sidewalk outside the diner, watching the beautiful woman through the window as the waitress slid a slice of hot apple pie in front of her, wisps of steam rising from the cold, creamy ice cream atop it, and as she immediately brought a forkful to her mouth, closing her eyes as she savored the first heavenly bite, he heard an involuntary moan come from somewhere deep in his throat.

He watched as she took a second bite, then a third before setting the fork down and dabbing daintily at her lips with a napkin, and as she raised her head from her pie, her green eyes finally lighted on his. Her left eyebrow went up almost imperceptibly, and his answering nod was hardly more than a quiver. The hint of a smile crossed her face, and she dreamily picked up her fork and continued to eat, pausing to lick a drop of ice cream from her wrist, and when she looked out the window again, he was gone. 

As the enormity of the situation sunk in, she smiled. Life was about to get interesting, she thought, and she contentedly finished her pie.

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  1. Whoa! Erotica on the SSS feed. Yeah!!!!! This is so good, and so steamy. Or am I just naughty?
    Good six, so visual, I could see the steam...and feel it! I like this a lot.

  2. Who-wee, Dyanne. I need my fan! LOL Damn, woman.

  3. Was that some spice in that slice?

  4. Once again! Eve and her apple!
    When will we ever learn the lesson... or failing that, remember the consequences!


  5. Interesting, indeed! Well written six.

  6. And she does it again! Well woven. Let's read some more :D

  7. Engrossing and pretty sultry! I liked it.