Saturday, December 28, 2019

It Was Great And I'm Glad It's Over!

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year, with food and friends and family. There's the celebration of the birth of Christ, the anticipation of Christmas morning and the excitement of Santa Claus visiting (and let's face it, you NEVER outgrow that!).

Thank GOD it's over, or nearly so! I love it, don't get me wrong, but I am exhausted.

I guess that's my number one on my Ten Things of Thankful.

I put all the Christmas decorations away today, except for the tree. Yay, me!

Global warming is real. Not thankful about that, but I am thankful the tornado warning that was issued about half an hour ago for where my dad lives was canceled without a tornado making an appearance. There should not be tornadoes in December, even if we DO live in Tornado Alley.

I called my dad as soon as I got the notification that there was a tornado warning where he lives to make sure he was aware of the situation, and he said his Red Cross tornado app had notified him. I told him to gather up a few necessities and head down to the basement now rather than wait until he had to hurry down (to which he pointed out that he could always get DOWN to the basement in a hurry; however, it might not be by going down on his feet). I told him to call me if the roof blew off the house or the warning was canceled., and when he called me a few minutes ago, he said he had gathered up his pills, a bottle of water, and the sack of caramel popcorn I made for him and was heading to the basement when the warning was canceled. Glad to see he has his priorities straight.

Both of my kids are home this week and haven't killed each other. I'm hoping they outgrow this before I die.

Last year, my husband got me the Tile tracker and it's paid for itself over and over, as I lose my phone and keys all the time (not REALLY lose, more like misplace, but still). One morning last week, I got in the driver's seat of my car after putting some items in the backseat and realized I didn't have my phone. I pushed the button on the Tile tracker on my car keys and faintly heard the merry little song that the lost item plays, but I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. After thoroughly checking my purse, my pockets, and getting out of the car to check the backseat, I noticed I could still hear the tune outside the car. That's when I got down on my hands and knees and looked under the car, aaaaaaand there was my phone, lying on the driveway under the car. Pretty thankful I looked for the phone before I pulled out of the driveway, because it would have been one squishied phone!

We got a 3" memory foam mattress topper for our bed for Christmas, and it is heaven on earth! 

I ate the last of the peanut brittle for breakfast this morning, so it will no longer be around to tempt me.

Lewis ate a Christmas light TWICE from my front door decoration, and he also ate a hole through the plastic about halfway down a 40lb bag of kitty litter, which caused kitty litter to pour out onto the basement floor, and I didn't kill him. 

He is wrist deep in about ten pounds of litter.

I love my job, and I miss my little nugs, but having this week and most of next week off is niiiiiiiiice!

Whether you were naughty or nice this Christmas, I sure hope you were thankful in some way!
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  1. It is definitely possible to be happy about Christmas and totally exhausted, too! Hope you can get some rest before you have to start back to work.
    Good job getting the decorations put away. I'm in the boxes-all-over-the-house stage. Not my favorite!

    1. With everything put away, I should be able to relax a little! All I have left to do is sweep up all the little bits of artificial greenery that are everywhere!

  2. Yes, Christmas is wearying and fun at the same time. Your kids not killing each other is a grand thing, neither did my brothers, so it's a win.

    A cat that eats Christmas lights and holes in the cat litter bag? And i thought our Link, a/k/a Linker Stinker, was mischievous!

    1. We have two more days to get through before the kids go their separate ways, so fingers crossed we make it!
      Lewis thinks he's a dog. He ate a hole in a flannel shirt I got my son for Christmas by chewing up the plastic bag it was in.

  3. The cat that ate Christmas sounds like a book idea 😹

    1. It would be a good book idea, except it doesn't have a happy ending! :)

  4. Surely the best Christmaseses are those we remember fondly.
    Have a good New Years.

  5. Oh, the 3" topper. They are heaven to sleep on! Wish my bed had one, lol
    Lewis rules! :D
    Have a wonderful and Happy New Year, sis!

    1. The 3" topper is divine! Where has this been all my life?!
      Lewis is a fluffy pain in the butt!
      Thank you, and right back at you, sis!

  6. Oh, that Lewis! He keeps you busy cleaning up after his antics!
    I was not familiar with the Tile trackers. What a great idea. So glad that you didn't run over your phone. Whew!
    Oh, I totally get it about eating something up so it won't be around to tempt you any longer. HaHa We used to have peanut brittle around during the holidays, until we had some expensive dental work that had to be done because of biting on the brittle.

    1. It's a good thing Lewis is cute!
      If I could get a Tile to attach to my big, insulated glass that I carry around everywhere (and misplace everywhere), my Tile life would be complete!
      I have a baby tooth still (molar on lower right side) that I literally baby, and I was afraid I might have done it in with the peanut brittle, because I customarily chew on that side! Of course, I chipped a front tooth on a fresh, squishy, glazed doughnut one time, so you never know what's going to cause dental problems, do you?