Monday, November 11, 2019

Well, I'm Not Thankful For The Cold Weather

Today there was an arctic blast that brought us, well, arctic weather. Bitter cold temps, strong winds out of the north, sleet, freezing rain, snow, and dear GOD, if this is fall, what's winter going to be like?! I am not thankful for this. I AM thankful for these:

I discovered at some point during the day that I had my underpants on inside out. That, I could live with. I'm just thankful they weren't on backwards.

My ankle is healed enough that I was able to return to the gym. Big thankful for that! (If you missed it at an earlier date, I fell down two months ago, yes, FELL DOWN, and thoroughly jacked my ankle.)

I had to get a new debit card recently, because mine may have been compromised at an area restaurant, and it never occurred to me that the auto payment I have set up on it for the gym would need to be changed. The phone call from the gym's business office made me remember REALLY FAST, but when I explained how it happened, they waived the deadbeat fee!

It was a great hair day today, even after going to the gym before work.

Last week, our downstairs furnace quit working. When I say "quit," I'm saying it wouldn't even PRETEND to do its job. Not a click, not a harumph, nothing. My husband called our furnace guy (who we have not had to use in probably 10 years, which is a thankful right there), and he's no longer in business. I got a referral from a friend, called Thursday and left a detailed voice mail message, and he never called me back. Now here we are, in the throws of the arctic blast, and no downstairs furnace (we only have hardwood floors and ceramic tile, so with no carpeting, the floors are STINKIN' COLD when there's no heat). I came home from work today, prepared to find another furnace man (I was planning to call the guy whose truck pulled up next to me at an intersection earlier today, having written down the number before the light changed). The air temperature downstairs was in the upper 50s (BRRRRR!!!), and on a whim, I turned the furnace on AND IT WORRRRRRKED!!! I don't know why, I don't know how, but I have a working furnace right now. Fingers crossed that it was a fluke that it didn't work and all will be cozy and warm.

My classroom was toasty warm all day. This is a huge change over my old room at the preschool, which had windows all along the north wall and was very drafty.

Pizza bagels for lunch today!

My electric mattress pad is turned on and my bed is getting snuggy warm and ready for me to crawl in. 'Night.....

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  1. I am so glad that your furnace is up and running again! A few years ago, we didn't have power for a week, and it was an extremely cold week. Needless to say, we were really bundled up, wearing the warmest coats we had, etc.
    Your furnace coming on again, reminds me of my comment about our TV all of a sudden working again after a weekend of not. Strange things are happening. :-)
    I am glad you are able to return to the gym again. It is always nice to be healed.

  2. I hope your furnace stays on and you can stay warm. Hopefully your weather will be more fall-like and less winter-like soon!
    I can't remember if I told you, but we had a credit card number compromised just a few days before we left for our vacation last month. It was a pain trying to change all the places that have auto-pay! I'm glad that your gym was understanding.

  3. Yay for heat and gym return! Yums and funs! We've not turned on heat. I've an electric lap blanket I'm carrying like Linus.

  4. Stopping by from my friend Messy Mimi. She participates in a group post with me. We just posted about being grateful on our BWF post.
    Dawn AKA Spatulas On Parade