Saturday, September 28, 2019

Propping My Eyes Open To Write A List Of Thankfuls

You want to know what happens when you start working with one year olds? YOU ARE VERY TIRED BY THE END OF THE DAY AND EXHAUSTED BY THE WEEKEND AND YOU CAN'T MOVE YOUR FINGERS TO TYPE A BLOG POST.

I've missed two weeks of Ten Things of Thankful in a row and with this week's that would be 30 things. 

Relax. Not going to do that to you.

How about a highlight reel of the past couple of weeks of thankfuls? 

1. I'm really loving my new job! The kids are adorable (most of the time), and they love me and even when they are crying and snotty nosed, I love them, too.

2. The kiddos get fed breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack every day, and the staff gets to partake in it as well. This is very handy when I am going straight from the child development center to my job at the photo studio. It's not always the best food I've ever eaten, but it doesn't suck, either, and it's free.

3. My dad and I went to an auction two weeks ago, and I got this amazing gem:

It's enamelware. Flawless. Could be worth around $30.
I got it for $2 and, believe it or not, NO ONE
bid against me on it.

Thoroughly cleaned and repurposed!

4. It's going to be fall soon. 

5. I went to a sing-along version of "Grease" at the Alamo Drafthouse theater in Springfield, an hour's drive away. My friend Traci went with me, and we had a BALL! 

They gave us props at the Grease sing-along,
including bubbles, a comb, and candy cigarettes.

6. The Med School student got to come home for a whole 24 hours two weeks ago. My daughter came home, too, and all four of us got to watch the Chiefs game and eat game day snacks and all was good.

7. I found out I have to ride on a float in the MSSU homecoming parade with the rest of the staff at work and any kids and their parents who want to join us. My thankful is that by this time next week, it will be over.

8. We attended parent weekend at the University of Arkansas last weekend. It was also Dad's Day at my daughter's sorority. We stayed at her apartment (she gave us her room and slept in the room of a roommate who was gone), walked to nearby shops and restaurants, and walked MILES AND MILES to the game and back.

9. I fell down yesterday. Fell. Down.  Wiped out. Ate it. The last time I fell down was 12 years ago when I was a camp counselor. (I won a contest earlier this year, sponsored by the university where I am now employed, ironically enough, by writing the story of that fall, and you can read it here.)  I can promise you that falling down at 59 is worse than falling down at (59-12=47) 47, and I can also promise you that I have no intention of it happening again. I am thankful that I wasn't hurt worse than a sprained ankle, and hard whack to the knee (opposite leg, naturally, so both legs hurt), and aches EVERYWHERE. Hey, I'm tall and it's a long way down to the ground from up here. Lots of ibuprofen and ice bags, and I will hopefully be at least close to good as new by Monday....

10.  Indoor plumbing. Which I am going to visit right now.

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  1. I'm so glad you stayed awake long enough to write a post! I have been wondering how the new job was going. Exhausting sounds about right! Of course, rewarding, heart-warming, etc. also fits.

    Your new "vase" makes me laugh. I can just imagine someone seeing that and thinking, "Is that what I think it is? Doesn't she know?" :-) It does look lovely in its new capacity.

    Ouch on the fall! Hope your ankle heals quickly. My house has lots of stairs, and my goal is to learn to count to five (the number of stairs between landings) before I have a big wipe-out like yours. Both John and I have tripped/fallen in this house, but fortunately, none of the falls have been bad--except for my pride!

    1. Oh, and don't forget to link your post up to the hop! :-)

    2. Thanks, Kristi! Linked myself up! That's what happens when you haven't done so in a couple of weeks!
      I count stairs all the time! We have 17, with a two step landing located at 12 and 13! I still trip up them often, but I manage to catch myself before I hit the ground.

  2. Oops on the fall! Congrats on the win! Haha on candy smokes 😁 Happy you stopped by.

  3. Your new (to you) enamel ware will surely elicit some chuckles, but maybe only from those that know😂. Glad you thoroughly washed it and added some flowers! I see somewhat of a theme with your #3 and your #8 fall story from a few years ago, and your #10. LOL
    I hope you heal quickly and stay upright from now on. 💐

    1. Truly, my enamelware find may come in handy for more than a vase! My husband said he was going to use it, but I told him no.
      Man, oh, man, I had no idea taking a spill like that would hurt every inch of my body! You can believe I will be much more cautious from now on!

  4. I always love your posts, Dyanne! Glad the new job is making you happy and um, free food? Can't argue with that benefit. Falling is never good and I can relate. I fell this summer and face planted right in the mulch in my sister's yard. I was thankful I didn't face plant on the pavement that I missed by inches. Other than some days of soreness and some seriously purple and sprained toes, I was none the worse for wear. But damn it was a much more difficult recovery than the last time I fell which was probably about 20 years ago. Also a face plant, now that I think of it. LOL
    Glad you're OK.
    Love the enamelware! Great piece! xo

    1. Thank you so much, Lisa! I'm still shocked at how physical my new job is! I'm picking up and holding little bodies (occasionally two at once!) and crawling around on the floor, and I'M OLD. And with my left knee bruised and my right ankle trashed, getting up off the floor is an ordeal! My husband said he wished he had video of me falling - true love, right? Glad you're recovered from your fall. Gives me hope that I will, too!
      Let me know if you need to borrow my "vase"!