Saturday, March 31, 2018

Pre-A to Z Thankfuls

Imma slipping a Ten Things of Thankful in here (early, for a change) before I start posting my A to Z Challenge posts, which begin tomorrow. In case you aren't familiar with the A to Z Challenge, for the month of April (excluding Sundays, except THIS Sunday, and I don't know why they chose to start it on Sunday except that it's the 1st but that makes for six days IN A ROW of posts and I'm kind of panicking a little, can you tell?!) you write one post a day and theme each post with the letter of the alphabet for that day. 

It is fun but HARD.

In the meantime, here goes the thankfuls:

1. I will be so thankful if you will follow along on my A to Z journey. My theme for the month is Pinterest Wins or Losses. I start out of the block pretty low key, but I've got some doozies planned.

2. Spring is being kind of snarky this year. It's been rainy. It's been cold. It's supposed to snow on Easter Sunday. But the flowers are popping out regardless and they are lovely.

A violet fighting its way up through the dead
grass and old gumballs.

3. My dad had to go to the ophthalmologist last week, had his eyes dilated, and couldn't drive until they UNdilated, so I made him run some errands with me rather than sit around the doctor's office. We got some items needed for my A to Z Challenge posts (it feels as though I spend several thousand dollars on the thing, although that could be a slight exaggeration), and I took him into Red Racks for his first visit to a thrift store. I think he will want to go back there, as we happened to hit it on Senior Citizen Discount Day AND he found this sign to hang up at the lake house:

He was pretty amused by this. It's
now hanging outside the front door.

4. I got tired of my hair and cut three inches off of the front and it's mostly even (or, as my mother would have said about it being uneven, "Can't tell it from a moving horse").

5. I don't shop for myself much, but I ran into Old Navy and came out with three t-shirts and two pairs of capris and only spent $50.

6. Emma got to join us at the lake house this weekend. She was going to stay at school and do homework but changed her mind and came home. (The Med School Student has a big exam on Monday, so he couldn't come.)

7. We haven't brought the cats with us to the lake house since Christmas, so they came this time, and right this minute, they are snuggling together in a chair and SOMEONE LOOK OUTSIDE TO SEE IF A LEAD BALLOON IS RISING.

Spooning kitties.

8. I have my first two A to Z posts written. Already! My usual MO is to write them and post them with mere minutes to spare before the daily deadline. A turning point perhaps?

9. After running an errand with my dad today (turn about is fair play), we ran across a couple of tom turkeys and their harem of about a dozen females. I did an abysmal job of getting a picture, but the fellas were all puffed up and pimpy and would have made a great photo if I had been quicker:

They unfluffed as they approached the road, but
they were certainly gentlemen about watching
their ladies cross the road safely.

Turkey butt.

10. This week marked the sixth anniversary of my bilateral mastectomy and free tram reconstruction surgery. Monthly self examinations are CRUCIAL, my friends! KNOW. YOUR. BODY. Annual mammograms are not sufficient. 

Now, go out and be thankful!

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  1. Aw, kitties in a chair.


    Happy Easter.

    1. Happy Easter, Kerry! Kitties in the chair together was VERY NOTABLE at our house!

  2. "Can't tell it from a moving horse," and "Look outside to see if a lead balloon is rising"--I learn so much from you! :-)

    Looking forward to reading your A-Z posts. Maybe if I start thinking about it now, I will be prepared to participate next year!

    1. Oh, the joys of talking like a hillbilly!

      I always think I'm going to plan way ahead with the A to Z, but in reality, I'm writing posts at 11:55 pm most of the time....

  3. Always congrats and happy anniversaries my friend:)
    Love the spooning felines. You might think they do that all the time, eh? :D
    I bet your dad is now a "thrifty"! Cool sign he snagged :)
    Brave woman to cut your own hair. I'm way too chicken to try it.
    Hope you are snow free today and yes! I will tag along on your A-Z journey. Good luck!!

    1. Thank you!
      That's the first time I have EVER seen those two spoon. EVER.
      He also found a shirt he liked. He just had trouble with the idea that they are not sized in any way and you just have to dig through them and hope you find a size and style you like.
      I'm thinking the hair cut thing was a REALLY BAD idea right now.
      No snow. Just some ice and it's gone now.
      It makes me SO HAPPY to know you're going on my A to Z journey with me! Thank you!

  4. " I made him run some errands with me rather than sit around the doctor's office."
    seeing how much I enjoy your TToTs, I need to share the fun this week... that line? the one in italics? By the time I finished reading it, I had a visual, "No! The next right!"

  5. How funny, I knew what I was going to say for a comment, but perused other comments on the way down. Wouldn't you know it, she (Kristi) got there first. I just have to wonder if some of my ancestors used those expressions. :-)
    Those cats look so snuggly in there chair. (I'm assuming it is their chair, or has been adopted as such.)
    Your Dad looks pretty happy with his sign, and well should he be.

  6. Testing, testing... oh my Lord, it looks like my new notebook is going to let me post on your blog!!! I am so happy I am crying! I'll be back to read more this evening when I get home! :-))

    Visit me at Josie Two Shoes

  7. Wow, I am so THANKFUL that I can finally comment on your blog at long last, it was so frustrating when i couldn't join in! :-) This is a great place to start, with a wonderful TToT! Of course, you saved the biggest and best thankful for last, there are no words to say how thankful we are that you have come thru and overcome this and can truly celebrate life! Your message is one everybody needs to take to heart.

    Of course I loved the photo your Dad found for the cabin, and the picture of your two furkids spooning (is that an Easter miracle or what?) was wonderful. Mine rarely do that, although Smoky tries his best to get the girls to snuggle, to no avail. I am so glad that Emma got to come home too, I know how happy that made her Mama!

    Excited to follow along on your A-Z experiments, I remember how much fun they were before, you are a brave soul! Delighted you are ready to start, can't say as I was and tech problems knocked me out for a few days, but here I am, let's do this! XOXO