Sunday, June 4, 2017

Thankful For Free Stuff And A Few Other Things

Proof that a thankful list doesn't have to be elaborate, here's mine:

$1 drinks at Kum & Go stores all summer.

Every seventh drink at Kum & Go is free.

My husband and I use the same Kum & Go Rewards account, and I scored the free drink twice in the past two weeks.

I found $3.00 on the floor at Walmart, and there was no one nearby and no way to know who dropped it; therefore, I scored $3.00.

In working on cleaning out the basement at my dad's house (that flooded a few weeks ago during torrential rains), I found some fun treasures. Details later in the week.

My dad set off his medical alert monitor today not once, not twice, but three times while sitting in his recliner and eating a bowl of hash brown casserole and resting the bowl on his chest and accidentally hitting the button. I'm thankful nothing really happened, because that's just plain funny! 

My dad's neighbor got a phone call from the company when the cancellation process didn't work properly, and she called me. I called my dad, at which time I found out what he had done (by the way, it had only happened twice at this point - HE DID IT ONE MORE TIME), and she was able to let the ambulance that was dispatched know all was fine. This is especially good, because he wasn't even home at the time; he was at the lake house when all this went down.

My dad spent the night at my house the night before he had to go back to his doctor for knee replacement follow-up. He tucked the monitor in his shoe and stuffed his socks into the shoe, because he didn't want to tempt Nora by leaving it on a table overnight where she might find it. Guess what? She found it anyway. I'm thankful he was able to get to it when he heard the voice talking to him (it detects falls or perceived falls when a kitten is playing with it), since we now know they send an ambulance to your house.

Nora LOOOOVES my dad's shoes and socks.

I am thankful he wears the monitor. It gives both of us some peace of mind, in spite of a few snafus.

Blueberry season has begun.

This week was a difficult one for making a thankful list, as a 12 year old girl we know drowned this week when the inner tube she was riding on during a family float trip on a rain-swollen creek overturned. It took three days for rescue workers to find her. My heart aches for the family. Rest peacefully, sweet Brooke. You are much loved.

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  1. Not only does that monitor give you both some peace of mind, at the rate he is going it may turn out to be a great way for him to meet new people!

  2. Like May said, that monitor sounds like a good thing for many reasons.
    Love reading you again!
    Dollar drinks? Awesome.

    1. Dollar drinks! 44 oz Diet Dr Pepper = $1!

      Thank youuuu!

  3. Yes, my dad had one of those alert buttons when he lived alone and it did give us some peace of mind. The accidentals are funny in your case, especially Nora adding to the hilarity. Have a good week. Can't wait to hear about the treasures your found in your Dad's basement.

    1. After the ambulance got sent to the wrong house, the company said they would make sure to check the GPS before dispatching. I hope they remember that, in the horrid chance it's a real alarm. He learned quickly to tuck it into his shirt, because if he bends over and lets it dangle, it thinks he fell down.

      Ohhh, that basement!

  4. (I can hear the conversation, "...The emergency call at morning glory circle was a false alarm. Nora!!")

  5. Oh my, three times! Those monitors are tricky. A few years ago, my Mom had a very gentle fall as she was trying to get out of bed. She just slid down to the floor very slowly from the side of her bed and didn't make a thump. She may had one of those little mini strokes. Her monitor didn't go off and she forgot to push the button. Since I called her about that time every day, I knew something might be wrong when she didn't answer. When we got to her house, we found her on the floor unable to get up. The alarm company explained that if a fall is very gradual, the alarm won't go off! Hopefully the monitors are better now.
    Blueberry season isn't quite hear yet for us. We need some warmer weather. I remember one year we began picking blueberries in May from the same bushes. It will more likely be July this year.

    1. My dad's monitor seems to be VERY sensitive!

      I'm blueberry picking again in the morning. Hoping for a better haul!

  6. I love simple lists, and this TTOT was a great one! :-) One dollar drinks and free drinks are awesome summer rewards! And then you found three dollars yet, this was a good week for you!

    I am eager to hear about the treasures you found in your dad's basement, I sometimes surprise myself by finding treasures in boxes I've put in the storage nine years ago when Papa Bear and I got together, and we still haven't got them sorted out! LOL

    I am so glad that your dad's medical alert went off for that reason, I'm also really glad that he wears one. I am a firm believer in them for all seniors. Had my stubborn sister and one of my disabled friends been wearing one when they should have been, they would have suffered much less from injuries sustained by falling! Nora is really one incredibly talented furkid, nothing is safe from her detection, and everything is fair game for play! I am glad she didn't summon the ambulance at least!!!

    I've never eaten at blueberries fresh from the bush, but I do love them so I'm sure they're delicious!

    I have been following your heartbreaking Facebook posts regarding Brooke. I cannot imagine the pain her family is going through, her friends, and the community as well. Something very similar happened to a high school classmate of mine, and it is very difficult to except the loss of one so young with so much life ahead of them. I am thankful they were able to find her, my prayers are with her family. I know they were helped by the great outpouring of love and support from your community.

    I think you are amazing for being able to think of some positive things to share in such a heavy and heartbroken time. This is when we really find out what it means to have a thankful heart. XOXO

    1. Free drinks are da bomb!
      It was my dad's idea to get the monitor, and he chose one that had the fall detection on it and used the interweb. EVERYTHING is a toy for Nora - she woke us up about 5 am knocking things off the bedside table while trying to get a GINORMOUS brown recluse spider that was on the lampshade - yikes!
      I wish you could come pick blueberries with me. Blueberries eaten straight from the bush, warm from the sunshine, are amazing! They really should weigh me before I pick and after, since I eat so many as I pick!
      Brooke's death has been gut-wrenching, and all prayers have been very much appreciated by the family. It was such a blessing that she was found relatively quickly. She was the younger sister of one of my daughter's friends, and they are part of a friend group who was close to the Spencer, who died in March from a freak accident. It's been a rough time for all those kids.
      Thanks, Josie, for always being supportive and knowing just the right thing to say!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks! She certainly knows her place as Princess of the House!