Sunday, November 20, 2016

Pre-Thanksgiving Thankfuls

'Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving, and I HAVE A COLD. I have a cold EVERY SINGLE YEAR  at Thanksgiving. 

This is a by-product of working with small children.

I am not thankful for this. The cold, not working with children. They're pretty fun.

Job perk.

How 'bout a list of what I AM thankful for? Hmmm?

1. Since my nose is stuffed up like a Thanksgiving turkey, I'm not wanting to eat much. This could work in my favor.

2. Two day work week.

3. Believe it or not, I'm actually thankful the weekend is OVER. I had to bake desserts for two nights of a show choir fundraiser AND for a Project Graduation fundraiser. I is tired.

This tired.

4. I went to the oncologist this week. Only five more monthly injections until I am DONE. 55 down, 5 to go. That's manageable!

Funny story about that visit. The morning of my appointment, I didn't eat anything until snack time at preschool. We had cupcakes, and I ate one, and it was good. As I was about to leave preschool and head for the doctor, I grabbed a handful of candy corn out of the cabinet, just because I saw it there and thought, hey, candy corn. As I was getting out of the car at the doctor's office, brushing candy corn crumbs off the front of my shirt, it hit me that I probably should have rethought my breakfast and lunch choices when I was about to get bloodwork done. I gave my doctor the head's up about what I had eaten, just in case my blood sugar came back a little high.

So, the next morning, I got a voice mail from the doctor's nurse, and she is laughing. Apparently, the doctor had noted what I said on my chart, and my blood test did, indeed, come back with a high reading on my blood sugar, as in it was 198 when it should have been in the 80-100 range.  Whoops! Fortunately, I am now sufficiently burned out on candy corn for the season. Can that be another thankful?

6. I got all the fall decorations put away.  Now I just have to get the College Boy to get the Christmas decorations down out of the attic.

Gratuitous kitten picture, because she's cute.

7. My husband did all the laundry today. If he would put away my stuff, I could make this into two thankfuls, but alas, he just leaves it in a stack on the bed.

8. Did I say two day work week?

9. Obama/Biden memes.

10. This:

They've been talking about singing this for three years, and they picked Senior year at the show choir fundraiser to do it. Yes, I cried. 

Don't wait until Thanksgiving to remember there are thankfuls all around you.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! The memes are hilarious, and the song is beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. What a beautiful song! I can understand why you cried. I'd seen those memes and they are so funny. That is one very relaxed cat! Only five more injections is definitely good and just in time for Christmas. Yeah for you. I hope that you get over your cold quickly and are able to enjoy the holidays.

  3. well, traditions are... (I was going to say, 'good' but, I've never quite gotten the tradition thing).
    yow! even as children, we all had an intuitive respect/fear of candy corn. who, as a child hasn't suffered 'sugar burns' from an over-indulgence of the delightful tooth-shaped confection? now you provide scientific proof!

  4. Ha, ha to that bloodwork caveat. Enjoy the season in spite of your cold. The girls did a great job with the song.

  5. With Thanksgiving having been last month already here in Canada, I might be tempted to forget there are always things to be thankful for, if it weren't for the TToT.
    I was never a cc fan myself, but brave and helpful of you to tell all to your doctor. More people need to try that.
    It's just a fact that once you can take down one set of decorations, then it's time to put up the next set.
    I see my niece and nephews had colds again this week. I am sure, though fun to work with, the germ thing is the least fun thing you get from your job.
    Oh, and a gratuitous kitten photo is always welcome. Have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Those Obama/Biden memes have really been making me laugh. I hope your cold is better in time for Thanksgiving xoxo