Saturday, June 25, 2016

Yes, It's Hot, And I'm Thankful For That!

For me, and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say this, summer officially starts the day after school ends. According to the calendar, it doesn't begin until June 21, but that's just plain wrong. The three months of summer vacation are the fastest three months of the year, and one of them has already passed without me having accomplished ANYTHING I had planned to get done - oops. Better get with it. Until then, here are my Ten Things of Thankful for the week:

1. I really, really, REALLY hate cold weather, so I'm okay with the unseasonably hot weather we've had this week (it was 97 yesterday with a heat index of 105). You know why? Because when you're hot, it's mostly a surface thing, but when you're cold, it gets you right down inside your very core.

2. We spent last weekend at the lake house - ahhh! We went to White Water, a local water park, both Saturday and Sunday (we have season passes). The water was delightful, which means it wasn't icy cold. and everyone got along.

3. I spent a good hour on Sunday morning floating around in the Lazy River in an inner tube alllll by myself. It was delightful and deserves an entry of its own.

4. I bought myself a back scratcher for the car the other day, and it was one of my best investments ever. Am I the only one whose back always itches while driving, right in the center of my back, where you can't reach it no matter how much you contort? 

It telescopes = awesome

5. The College Boy and I went to a play last weekend as partial fulfillment of a theater class he is taking on-line this summer (general ed requirement). The college has a summer program called Tent Theater, and the plays are performed in, yes, a tent. It's been in existence since 1963 (the tent, you might be glad to know, has been upgraded since then and has ceiling fans in it) and includes a mix of college students and theater professionals. We saw "Shake It Up," a musical based on the music of Elvis Presley. It was kind of like Mamma Mia meets Footloose, and we thoroughly enjoyed it, which is a HUGE thankful, because College Boy is not into musicals. We will be seeing two more shows over the next few weeks, and we're both looking forward to it.

6. It's blueberry season in the Ozarks, and I begged the College Boy to go pick with me early one morning (and by early, I mean we were AT the blueberry farm at 7 a.m.). He's a good picker, and between the two of us, we picked sixteen pounds of blueberries (for the record, I picked more than he did, and I eat A LOT of blueberries as I pick). They are now nestled in the deep freeze in recipe-ready two-cup portions.

My picking partner.

16 pounds of blueberries

7. I found out this week that there IS a limit to how many fresh blueberries I can eat. I found this out by surpassing that limit, but the good news is it didn't kill me, and I still like blueberries.

8. Wednesday, my baby boy turned 21, which does not seem possible. As he had to renew his driver's license anyway, he decided to take the on-line boating license test (even though we do not own a boat), just so he could get a little ship's wheel emblem on his new driver's license. My husband pointed out that he studied harder for the boating test than he did for the MCAT, but he passed both, so there's that.

They were having a sweet moment.

9. My daughter is a senior model for a local photographer, and he asked her if she would like to do an extra shoot for a hair salon for advertising use. She jumped all over that, so this morning, we went to the salon, where she got her hair and make up done, and the amazing Joshua Carter took pictures, and they, of course, turned out gorgeous. Just gorgeous. WHY ARE MY KIDS SO DARN GROWN UP ALL OF A SUDDEN?!

Emma getting her hair and makeup done.

The creative mind of Joshua Carter wanted
a picture on the roof with the courthouse in the
background. I knew my limitations and
did not attempt to climb up the ladder

The model multi-tasks.

Photo Credit: Joshua Carter/LifeCaptured Photography

10. I think I'm about ready to get a kitten....

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. I can't wait for you to get a kitten! They are just so much fun. My Miss Kitty has proven to be one of a kind, so I would rather vicariously enjoy your kitten than have one of my own.

    I have a big stainless steel salad fork at my desk always - it's my back scratcher!

    1. I miss Ruby terribly still, but I THINK I'm about ready for a new baby. I want another calico, so it may take awhile to find just the right one. The two boys will NOT be happy.
      My favorite back scratcher was like a fork with the tines rounded and only about a quarter inch long, but I don't know whatever happened to it. The one I got is a little rough (it's a BEAR paw, after all...), so I think I'll be on the lookout for another forkish one.

  2. oh I'm so happy about the kitten...

    i have the same one (back scratcher) but i have no idea where it is... not worried it will turn up

    my daughter and hubby bought it for me when they saw that my sister had one and i commented how much i liked it! That girl (my sister) whipped her's out in Target to use when we ran into each other! LOL

    i too love the hot weather -

    we have splish splash on the island and that is my plan that one day we'll take the kids - they can do whatever they want, all i want to do is the lazy river in a tube by basically i was there with you in spirit.

    your daughter is stunning and what a great experience for her -

    happy birthday to your son!

    1. I'm just about there with the kitten. Now to find the right one!
      I got my back scratcher at Walmart in the check out line. I use it OFTEN.
      We really utilize our season passes at White Water. It's two hours away from us, but we are spoiled and have my parents' lake house to stay at nearby, so we can go to the lake house and run out to the water park for only an hour or two at a time. Next time I'm on the lazy river, I will grab a tube for you :) DEFINITELY take your kids to the one near you.
      That picture of my daughter truly takes my breath away. She is a natural in front of the camera - thank you so much for your kind words!

  3. oh i forgot to mention the blueberries - always have some on hand - i made blueberry scones a couple of weeks ago - if you love scones out you will love home-made scones 500 x better and easy.

    1. I have a terrific scone recipe, so I guess I need to make some blueberry scones, huh? I usually make orange or vanilla scones.

  4. Gorgeous kids....none the less...real news???? KITTEN!!!!

  5. Aw, a kitten. I remember when mine was so tiny, just two years ago that was. Time does fly, with pets and with children. too.
    That lazy river morning sounds sublime. Who doesn't love a water park? So many memories at those with my own family on hot summer days. Have a lovely week.

    1. My husband and I were talking about Ruby this evening and it made me cry. I really miss that silly, beautiful princess kitty! I've started looking online at the local humane society site to see what's available, so I guess that means I'm ready for to take the plunge!
      The lazy river is wonderful, especially when it isn't crowded, which it wasn't when I was on it Sunday morning with the other heathens :) Water parks are my favorite people watching places, too.

  6. I'm so jealous that you went blueberry picking. It's too early in the season for us here although the strawberries are ready so that will have to hold me over. Sixteen pounds is impressive.


    1. Our blueberry season will be over by next week. Strawberries are in early May. I am fortunate that they don't weigh me before I pick and after and charge me for all the blueberries I eat!

  7. Kids have a way of growing up, don't they? The boating license reminded me of a family story that still makes me laugh. My brother was visiting my dad and they were going to rent a boat for a day on the lake. When me brother went to rent it, he was refused because he wasn't over 25. The hilarious thing was that he was an officer in the Navy and the government trusted him with a nuclear submarine, yet the local boat rental place wouldn't let him rent a small boat! My dad had to sign the paperwork.

    1. What a great story! I told my husband and his mouth dropped open and he declared it "perfect!" If you were born before 1985, you do not have to have a boating license. And it never expires, so if he never leaves the state, he will have a boating license if someday in the far-away future he owns a boat! You're even supposed to have one to operate a jet ski.

    2. Ha! That is hilarious! At first glance, it sounds ridiculous, but I totally understand why the boat rental place has such rules.

    3. "My brother," not "me brother." :-)

    4. Thought you were talking like a pirate :)

  8. What in the name of all that is holy will you do with 16 pounds of blueberries??!?! A family can only eat so many blueberry scones!
    The photos you have been posting of the senior photo shoot have been stunning. Jaw-dropping, really.And where did she get that jacket? And those shoes? Love them!
    I am all for hot over cold. It's a rare day that one can't simply sit in the shade and be quite comfortable, even in these 90+ degree days.

    1. I froze all of them for use throughout the year. And Emma likes to eat frozen berries like candy. Kyle loves blueberry coffee cake.
      Ohh, thank you! I love her pictures! The jacket actually belonged to the photographer. Actually, pretty much everything she wore for her pictures was borrowed from her friends, as she primarily wears t-shirts and Nike dri-fit shorts all the time.
      Except I do like my house to be decently cool, which is a problem in a very old, very draft house and with a husband who is a tightwad.

  9. Ohhhhhhh KITTEN! YAY!

    The pics you've been sharing have been GORGEOUS! Real talent on that photography team, and hooray for your daughter for being such a good sport.

    Blueberries are wonderful and that seems like a LOT of blueberrying you've got coming up, but I have faith - I reckon you'll find a multitude of scrumptious ways to use them.

    Also YESSS back-scratcher. And pleas share your warm weather? It's been thunderstormy and COLD here. I've had purple fingernails every day :(

    1. THINKING about a kitten. Still thinking :)
      Thank you! I love how the pictures have turned out! The photographer Emma chose has a great vision, and she takes direction well from him.
      Blueberry coffee cake all winter long!
      We're having a severe thunderstorm right now, which often happens with very hot, very humid weather. You're going to have to get used to that!

    2. I mind less about severe thunderstorms when the rest of the weather is hot. The rain here is COLD and MISERABLE, and the ME is COLD and MISERABLE! It's just rubbish. Thunderstorms in and of themselves don't vex me. Especially if they're resultant of HOT weather not just English Summertime having a tantrum.

      Blueberries and coffee are a mix? I never heard of that one before but I'll take your word that it's good! Did you ever try blackcurrants and mint? I think you could make muffins or something with that.

  10. I am so with you on the cold weather. It gets you to your core and nothing can warm you up except tea, a 20 minute scalding hot shower and a fire at the fireplace. Haha.
    And the model/photography portion of this: FANTABULOUS! She's beautiful! Wowow!
    And whew! June is FLYING by! I only have one month off (starting tomorrow, technically until I go back Aug. 1) so I'm trying to fit in everything I can: retreats, road trips, beach trips. Hehe. So, have fun! We'll see you soon!

    1. Being too cold is sooo miserable! I'd rather not be too hot, either, but it's better than too cold. Frankly, I'd like it to be about 72 degrees year-round!
      Thank you!!! She was so pleased that the photographer asked her to model for him for the hair salon shoot. His pictures are just so gorgeous.
      I have less than two months before I have to be back at work, and I have, thus far, accomplished NOTHING I intended to as far as organizing and planning for next school year. Better get busy!

  11. Your kids are both gorgeous. And--yes, pretty darned grown up. What's up with that?!