Sunday, March 6, 2016

Because I've Done One Every Week For 141 Weeks

When you most don't want to write a thankful list, it is precisely the time to do one. Ten things of thankful. Go.

1. I wrote one of my A to Z Challenge posts already! Spoiler alert: it was a Pinterest winner!

2. I worked on a second A to Z project, too. I don't want to give anything away, but I'm still trying to get the taste out of my mouth....

3. More signs of spring in my yard. I sure hope this early spring is not some cruel joke that Mother Nature is playing on us.

Buds on the maple tree.

One of the somewhat pathetic
hyacinths that come up every spring.

4. I participated in Ivy's new Heart And Mind Monday hop at Carrot and in her Thursday hop, Six Sentence Stories, at Uncharted

5. Show Choir season is over, and my daughter's group did their best performance ever last night. Here's a video of their show, which is really only entertaining for parents and grandparents of the performers, but I'm putting it out there anyway.

6. I had a hella time getting the video to upload to YouTube from my phone, but I finally got it to work this morning.

7. I had a hella time with all things electronic, actually, as I couldn't get iTunes to update so I could back up my phone. I did manage (finally!) to get it to update, although I have no idea how or why.

8. And I got the phone synced and now don't have to worry if I lose any or all of the 112 notes I have on the phone (notes which range from prescription numbers to blog ideas to wish lists, among other things). 112. 112.

9. My daughter is sick with some kind of upper respiratory virus, and I'm just thankful it isn't the stomach flu.

10. The College Boy is home for his spring break, and I sleep better knowing my baby birds are in the nest at night.

I am saying a fervent prayer that the funk I'm in today will dissipate soon. I don't like feeling this way. As a Pollyanna, however, I'm pretty sure I'll shake it quickly, and for that, I'll be very grateful.

Ten Things of Thankful

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  1. Beautiful performance. I like their outfit too.

    1. Thank you so much for listening to them! The dresses look gorgeous on the stage, don't they? Apparently, the sequins scratch their armpits, though :)

  2. I'm at work and figured out that I can comment on my phone....hope you're daughter gets well soon,I'm sending hugs to get rid of your funk....(smirk that sounds weird)
    I think mother nature is having hot flashes so I don't know. ...about spring

    Hang in there

    By the way I'm impressed future posts completed, and phone synced and you use your phone more than a I must go before i get caught and do some accounting :)

    1. Thanks, she bounced back pretty quickly, once she started getting better. Viruses - sheesh!
      Thanks for the hugs. I needed them!
      I think we missed out on winter altogether, so I hope Mother Nature doesn't get her revenge on us during storm season!
      I only have ONE future post completed, out of 26 for the A to Z Challenge, but it's a start.

  3. I love hearing there are buds. Lovely sign of the changing of seasons, rebirth of spring, and all that good stuff.
    Nice job getting a jump on A to Z posts. Smart.
    Have a lovely week. Hope all illness does not last.

    1. It is so exciting to see the first signs of that new life in the spring!
      I don't know if one post is a jump, but maybe it will motivate me to get more done early.

  4. I'm guessing by the way you said it, you don't have Uptown Funk, 'cause that's fun to dance to. Hope it's gone by now.

    Nice work getting some A-Z done!! I think I'm gonna join in, and I have a theme. Just need to get started. :/

    Enjoy the week with both kids home.

  5. Looking forward to your A-Z. I have to get working on mine. I think spring is actually here. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 76 degrees (in New Jersey) on March 9. How about that?

    1. I am hoping when it's in the 90s and humid in June that I will remember how glad I was to have missed winter weather this year!

  6. Dear Pollyanna

    I'm so glad spring is springifying your yard, and that you have your baby birds back home for now, to enjoy. Hope the illness goes soon, and that none of the rest of you catch it. HOORAY for your progress on the A-Z challenge, and 112? For real?

    If I could cheer you up by taking you out for the day, I'd be there, in my white van with the tinted windows, and all the puppies and candies you could ever desire.

    From this distance all I can do is prescribe sunshine.


    1. 112. For real. I forget things.
      I will sit outside on the step and wait for the panel van to show up.

  7. No buds here but WOW Daisy got big...shes like super chicken!!!