Sunday, November 15, 2015

Five More Reasons This Is STILL A Crappy Week Plus Some Thankfuls

More reasons why my week is crappy:

1. My cold is still raging. Upper lip chapped and swollen. Nose dry and flaky from endless blowing. Head ache. Intermittent fever, punctuated by an occasional hot flash. Tickle in my throat that makes me cough until tears are streaming and I am gagging. That's a fun one. 

2. I still don't have tickets to see President Clinton.

3. I can't wear shoes with a back in them, thanks to the retrocalcaneal bursitis in my heel. Clogs are currently not a fashion forward look, apparently, and it seems I bought the last pair in town when I got my tentative diagnosis six weeks ago (made when my friend took a picture of my heel on her phone and texted it to her husband, who is an orthopedic surgeon, who then stressed this was not an OFFICIAL diagnosis). I'm sick of wearing the same damn pair of shoes every day. I guess if it rains or snows, I'll have to tie trashbags onto my feet to keep them dry.

4. One of the cats pooped on the rug in front of the toilet in the downstairs bathroom. It was discovered by the crabcake daughter when she stepped in it after school and then walked across the floor several feet before noticing it (in her defense, the rug is brown...). I got to clean that up (my cold does NOT inhibit my sense of smell, or not enough, anyway) while my husband retched in the background. Let me tell you, nothing caps off your week like using a toothbrush to scrub cat poop out of the tread of a pair of athletic shoes.

5. I weighed this morning and saw that I had lost four pounds in one day. That was both exciting and a little improbable, even though I have been sick, so I got off and got back on again. Ten pound loss this time. Tried it a third time and had a one pound GAIN. Changed the battery in the scale and got on one last time, and it was status quo. Cruel, cruel scale. Cruel, cruel week.

Maybe listing Ten Things of Thankful will make it all seem better....

1. I worked three different nights at my side gig with a local photographer. I used about a gallon of hand sanitizer and am pretty sure I didn't give my cold to anyone. Or at least to anyone I know, or I would have heard about it by now.

2. I bought some beef jerky at Target when I was desperately hungry and didn't have time to go home and eat anything between jobs. It smelled like gasoline and had the texture of an old shoe, but it didn't kill me.

3. Our ice maker is choosing this week to make ice instead of be in its usual state of constipation, which was nice, since I've been using a lot of ice while I've been sick.

4. I set a bag of frozen chicken breasts in the refrigerator to thaw without putting it in a bowl, and the plastic bag leaked chicken water all over the bottom shelf of the fridge. The good news is it only dripped into ONE of the vegetable crisper drawers and not both of them.

5. Ruby has tentatively resumed the game of Bathtub Ball after I ruined it for her a week ago by using her arena to take an actual bath.

6. Ruby has also found a little piece of greenery (actually orangery) that fell off of a swag of fall leaves I have hanging in the living room and has engaged me in near-constant games of fetch. Day. Night. While I'm using the bathroom. Or sleeping. Or on the computer. Whatever. She doesn't care; she just pops up with the piece sticking out of the side of her mouth like a cigar and wants me to play with her. And I do.

Ladies don't smoke cigars.

That's my leg a/k/a playing field

7. I didn't have to go anywhere Friday after I got home from preschool, and I was able to put on my comfy clothes (i.e., jammies) and feel miserable from the comfort of my home.

8. I spent the entire day Saturday making freezer meals and only burnt myself once.

9. I baked three of the ugliest pumpkin pies you'll ever see, but they still tasted good.

10. It's going to be cold and rainy tomorrow and my car is out of gas, but since I'm already sick, what's it going to matter if I have to stand outside in the elements and fill the gas tank and then get into a car with no heater and drive to work? It's only a mile drive. Who needs heat? Or gas? Wait, I do. I need gas.

Yeah, that helped. My week isn't so crappy anymore. OH, WAIT, THAT'S BECAUSE IT'S FINALLY OVER.

On a more serious note, we live in a very scary world right now. Je suis Paris. We're all in this together.


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  1. Je Suis Paris. That you can find thankful in a stick of beef jerky or a leaky bag of chicken breasts proves you are extraordinary. But I already knew that. God bless you. (for the sneeze and the car and the cat poop).

  2. Ugly pumpkin pies.
    Scary world, yes, but at least we can count on one thing in it: awful colds with runny noses and sore throats.
    Hope you are starting to feel better.

  3. Still crappy! But some glimmers of sunshine, right? I mean, no burns, at least.

  4. Sorry to hear the cold is still lingering. My antibiotics are helping, but I still have issues. Like yesterday. As the first reading in church was being read. Snot keeps getting stuck in my throat, and I have to cough something awful. A full on coughing fit where I think I'm going to die on the spot, drowning on my own snot. I had to leave church for a bit before I grossed out the entire place.
    I really hope this week goes better for you.

  5. Scales being totally unreliable usually do need new batteries, sad but true, especially if it means one gains back those 10 pounds lost. Trying to keep feet comfy is a trial all its own. Hope you don't have snow, or least have to walk in it while wearing clogs. Your cat has such pretty markings, and that red "cigar" adds a measure of cuteness.