Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Quick List of Thankfuls

Think you're too busy to post a Ten Things of Thankful post? Think again. I'm happily busy with my Person and her daughter, who are here visiting from Nashville. We are staying at the lake house and doing a lot of talking and eating and laughing, and yet I'm able to put together a little list of my thankfuls THISFAST. 

Start time: 11:34 p.m.

Good hair days.

Big scary turtles that turn out NOT to be the kind that eat people. Allegedly, anyway. I'm still not entirely convinced.

Good times with good friends.

The nice men at Goodwill who take the donations out of the car and carry them in for you.

The look on a preschooler's face who sees you for the first time since pre-k graduation two whole weeks ago.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

Diet Coke from the fountain at Zipz convenience store at 22nd and Connecticut (highly specific and only really meaningful to anyone from Joplin, but seriously, the best tasting Diet Coke EVER, and I do know my Diet Coke).

Salt water taffy.

Automatic ice makers (anyone remember those horrible aluminum ice cube trays with the lever you pulled up to loosen the cubes? The sound of the aluminum scraping against the ice cubes makes my teeth hurt to think about).

Silly selfies with my daughter.

End time: 12:01 (and that included moving pictures from my phone to my laptop and then adding them into the post).

No more excuses that you don't have time to write a post. IT'S EASY.

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  1. And also you look so lovely and happy in that pic with your daughter, and I'm glad you didn't get eaten by a vicious terrifying turtle and SO HAPPY you get to see your person.

  2. Whew! Dizzy-ing! You guys are so cute!

  3. (lets see, …11:34 minus twelve midnight….carry… ) 16 Minutes!! yow! very excellent postationing!!

    #5 caught my eye … it is one of life's seminal moments… Teacher (very significant life figure) existing in 'the real world'!! (very much, the pre internet experience of personal realities making themselves obvious) very cool (although… if you had a real sense of humor, when you met the former student, you would have spoken nothing but an entirely made up language ….to see the expression on his face)

  4. Amazing photo of you and your daughter. That turtle looks pretty big, but he seems more shy than man eating.

  5. The first weeks of summer vacation. Love it. All good, fun things, besties, selfies, and I'm with you on the ice makers. Remember when you'd pull the lever and the lever would move but the ice wouldn't open. Eeeeek! I am going to attend the HS graduation party of one of my Kindergartners. Have fun and enjoy every minute of the summer.

  6. You tell 'em, er us, Dyanne!
    Thanks for the reminder that a TToT doesn't have to be a "production" :)
    Turtles are amazing. Have you ever seen an alligator turtle? Yowzer!
    Yes! I remember those trays. What a pain the the butt!!
    Sounds as if summer vaca is off and running!! Enjoy!

  7. absolutely I will work on my list soon I promise...wonderful week daughter, bestie, diet coke oh and a turtle....awesome

    I know a guinea pig wants to be a turtle or would love a pet turtle check out the video. LOL

    :) LOL

  8. When you can come up with 10 Thankfuls that fast, you know you've had an excellent week. :D So glad! And these are great ones. :)

  9. Okay so I have been thinking about your harmless invader. I bet I could "cook" up a story that would make him not so harmless. Like he stumbled upon some grass that was watered with water from the nuclear plant that was messed up in the earthquake so now it has brought out his murderous side and you could in fact be in danger from him.

  10. Magic erasers are truly magic; this being said from the mom of two wall artists, whose place does not sport washable silicon paint :-) Love the selfies. Took one of me and the girls waiting at the red light on the way home from the fair last week. It's still sitting in the camera, waiting for me to move them :-) I hope you have a great time at the lake house!!

  11. I much prefer slow turtles to fast bats. But speaking of fast--you sure posted your list quickly!

  12. At the lake WITH your friend? Sounds like a perfect vacation!

    How in the world are you afraid of a turtle in the grass?? Surely you can outrun the blasted thing.

    Wow. That was fast.

  13. Very impressive thankful efficiency!

  14. BOOM you did it! Love.
    Killer turtles? Yikes.
    You and your daughter are simply gorgeous.
    And Mr. Clean Magic Erasers? YES!
    Happy week. Miss you. Catch you later.

  15. For the life of me, our WalMart stocks the Magic Erasers in some obscure location other than in the cleaning aisle. It drives me batty. I can never find it. EVER. And it is always cheaper there. So I have to hunt someone down and then the next time I need one, they've moved it. Why isn't it in with the cleaning stuff....whyeeeeee?!
    In other related news, we had to buy a fridge with an automatic ice maker because my husband was too lazy to put water in an ice cube tray :)
    I love that picture of you and your daughter. So beautiful.

  16. You did a quick list! I like quick lists! Your daughter is lovely! She looks like you BTW. Magic Erasers are pretty much the bomb of magic. Hope this week is superior!